Is The Granbury Opera House Really Haunted by John Wilkes Booth?

Granbury, Texas is home to the beautiful Granbury Opera House.

This facility hosts Broadway plays, concert events and various performances for the public.

Smaller, more frequent shows are put on the stage by the Granbury Theatre Company.

Is The Granbury Opera House Really Haunted by John Wilkes Booth?


Granbury Receives a Drastic Makeover

Updated 2/11/2020 – The beautiful and historic Granbury Opera House underwent extensive renovations in 2014, that cost a whopping 3.5 million.

Many locals believe that the paranormal activity on site first began during construction.

Despite the fact that John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at the Ford Theatre in Washington, D.C., several residents of Granbury claim to have seen the ghost of Booth at the opera house.

Ben, an aspiring actor, spends much of his free time seeing shows that circulate at the opera house.

He has been going to shows since the renovation, and never believed that the Granbury was haunted by any spirit, let alone John Wilkes Booth.

“It just never seemed likely,” he said, shaking his head.

“But everything changed for me last week,” he added quietly.

“I wasn’t at the opera house seeing a show, I actually went to turn in a resume for a potential job.

It was a quiet night…they were prepping for an upcoming show backstage, so there weren’t a lot of people hanging around in the lobby.

I had turned in my application when I gave in to the desire to explore the house on my own.

“It was just so quiet and enticing, I couldn’t resist.

So I made my way up the stairs and snuck into the back of the theater.

It was soothing, listening to the racket happening back stage,” he laughed.

“I was just sitting there, taking in the atmosphere when I heard the sound of footsteps approaching.

I crouched down low, afraid that I had been spotted by a security guard.

The steps got louder and louder until I was sure that someone was standing right over me.

Let the Games Begin…

Not everything is as it appears...but some things certainly are.


“I swallowed quietly and remained as still as possible.

It felt like ten minutes passed before I dared to look up from the sticky floor.

But nobody was there,” Ben said, confused.

“I looked all around the balcony, but nobody was there…and it’s not like I had heard that person, whoever it was, walk away from me, either.

It was freaky, but I was mostly just relieved that I hadn’t been caught.

“I made my way back down to the lower level.

As I descended down the last step, I remember feeling as though I had walked through a pool of ice water,” he said with a quick shiver.

“I looked above me and saw an A/C vent, but it definitely didn’t seem like it was on at the time.

“At this point, things were just getting a touch too weird for me.

I figured it would be safest to just not press my luck, especially because I wanted a job.

I tip toed across the empty lobby floor until I made it to the front doors.

“’Hey!’ I heard behind me.

I probably leapt a foot in the air and turned to face what I assumed was a security guard.

But that isn’t who was there…,” he murmured.

“Standing on the last step of the darkened stairwell, I saw an emaciated figure standing there, watching me.

No apparition …just a full on withered figure made of flesh and bone.

“I quickly rubbed my eyes, and the figure was gone in a matter of seconds.

I stared at the darkened stairwell for a moment, then looked up at the bright lights that flooded the lobby.

I thought maybe, just maybe, it had been a trick of the light and that my eyes were just adjusting.

“I really don’t know what was actually there…but I am definitely now convinced that the Granbury Opera House is haunted.”


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