Haunted Abilene: Beware The Shadowmen of The Whitten Inn

The Whitten Inn is located in Abilene, Texas.

Residents of the town do not seem to recall when the building was first constructed.

The Whitten has been a part of the town for as long as they can remember.

Abilene: Beware The Shadowmen of The Whitten Inn

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Unfortunately, the much rumored haunting of the Whitten Inn has been a relatively new development.

Entity Frightens Guests at the Whitten in Abilene

Rumor has it that a guest burst into the lobby, shrieking about an invisible figure that seemed to follow her in the hallway.

Many people who overheard her outburst simply believed she had experienced a nightmare.

But in the months following, it’s been said that other guests came forward.

Many confessed to a poor night’s sleep, due to the fact that the light in their bathroom kept turning on and off uncontrollably.

A few others had found their favorite trinkets to be found in the most unusual of places within their rooms—necklaces found in the mini fridge, a beloved bible found in the shower.

When paranormal enthusiast Dale heard of these happenings, he wanted to experience them firsthand.

“I’ve got a blog some locals follow, and I knew they’d be interested in my findings, even though they might be skeptical,” Dale told us.

“I was excited because I somehow knew I’d be able to capture something while there.

“Even so, I did not anticipate just how up close and personal my experience would actually be,” he said, shaking his head in disbelief.

Why don’t you start from the beginning.

“I checked into a room and intended to stay for at least four nights.

“I set up night vision cameras and EVP recorders all over the room and left them running day and night.

“I only left to grab food to bring back to my room,” he said.

“I did this for the first two days, but even as I slept, nothing seemed to happen.

‘I don’t know why, but something in the back of my mind told me I should offer something up to the spirits,” he shrugged.

A Night Spent with the Dark Cloaked Figure

“I purchased some fruit, and some incense and I placed them in my room as a sort of shrine.

“…That night a lot of things started happening.

“My personal items started falling off the furniture.

“Snippets of whispers registered on my EVP detector.

“I started to get very excited and recorded my findings on my blog.

“On my last night, I decided to record a live session from my room.

Entity Frightens Guests at the Whitten Inn in Abilene, Texas

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“I had already discovered that some entity had been whispering, ‘he’s coming’ over and over again, and I wanted to capture whatever it was on video.

I sat at the desk in my room, in front of my computer when the door to my hotel room slowly opened behind me.

“I carried on with my video, all the while subtly watching behind me in the video preview.

“A dark figure started to form in the doorway, tall and imposing.

“It donned a long dark robe, and a deep hood kept its face hidden underneath.

“When my video started malfunctioning all of the sudden, I knew that it wouldn’t just remain in the doorway,” Dale nodded slowly.

“I managed to get one quick screenshot before the entity began to float toward me at a frightening pace.

“It smothered me in its dark cloak and everything went black.

“I woke up from a coma in the hospital three days later.”

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