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The 6 Best Military Watches: Tactical Styles for Men (2020 Review)

A rugged military watch you can depend on. Photo: Carlos Tonka/flickr Interested in the best military watches? The type you can depend on in various weather and terrain? We hear ya. When looking for a watch that is durable and offers features and functions you’d need for wilderness adventures, it makes sense to consider a military style watch. Fashion […]

The 6 Best Walking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis (Men’s & Women’s Top Picks)

spodhopper/flickr Do you have plantar fasciitis? You’re not alone. One in ten people will develop this condition in their lifetime; it is the most common cause of heel pain. Aside from the pain, repeated stress can worsen the strain. Fortunately, we have researched the best walking boots for plantar fasciitis so that you can protect your feet while still […]

The 6 Best Lightweight Hiking Boots For Women (Top Picks For 2020)

Discover the joy of lightweight hiking boots. Photo: laura bell/flickr Calling all adventurous women! Your hiking boots weighing you down (literally)? Well if the weather is just right you need to discover the magic that is lightweight hiking boots. But if you don’t know where to even start, we’ve got you covered because we have tried and tested […]

The 6 Best Coolers For Car Camping In 2020 (Essential Review)

The right cooler is critical for camping. Photo credit: Let’s be real: A great cooler truly makes or breaks a camping trip. This is no time to pinch pennies. Sub par containers will turn your food into a melted foul mess and worst of all turn your beer lukewarm (gasp!). We can’t have that! But don’t fret, we have […]

The 6 Best Tents For Windy Conditions (Strong Tents That Hold Up)

East-gate of Sarek. Courtesy of Fabian/flickr Looking for a tent that holds up in strong winds? Windy conditions are definitely something to consider. Because should you encounter strong winds when camping, you want to feel confident that your tent has the strength to remain standing (and not be blown down!). We’ve researched what aspects of a tent are […]

The 6 Best Backpacking Tents For 2020 (Essential Review)

Looking for a great backpacking tent? Itching for your next adventure? We get it. Backpacking offers the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness without the hustle and bustle of a campground. The thing is…it can be hard to know where to start when choosing the right tent for your needs. But fortunately, we have done the research and narrowed the […]

The 6 Best Hiking Boots For Women (In 2020)

Looking for the best women’s hiking boots? Are you ready to toss out your tatty old hiking boots and spring for a brand new pair? Yes? Well, we know how you feel. But hold on, you can’t just order the first boots you spot. With our guide and review you’ll know exactly what to look for in your new […]

The 6 Best Hiking Boots For Men (In 2020)

Looking for some new hiking boots? Well, men, you’re in luck because we’ve tested, and reviewed, the latest and greatest hiking boots on the market. Plus, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about selecting the right fit, with the right traction, and fabrics for your adventure. Read on to discover the best hiking boots for men […]

The 6 Best Tactical Hiking Boots for Men (Top Picks for 2020)

Those in the military wear tactical boots for long hours in unpredictable conditions. If military boots can handle tromping in the desert and swamps during combat, they should be tough enough for your long treks outdoors. We’ll show you what to keep your eyes out for, along with our picks for best tactical hiking boots in ​2020. – […]

6 Best Hiking Boots & Shoes For Bunions (Women’s & Men’s)

 So you have a bunion. Or two. Finding trail shoes that fit and are comfortable is a challenge in itself. Choosing a hiking boot when you have a bunion or are prone to them is worse. We know this because we have bunions too; even the founder of this site has a bunion! So helping you find the right footwear is ​near […]

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