This is My Most Profound Astral Projection Experience

Discover two profound astral projection experiences.

Discover two profound astral projection experiences. Photo: Carrington and Muldoon

Interested in Astral projection experiences?

You’re in the right place.

Projecting astrally is also known as:

  • Out of body experiences (OBEs)
  • Near death experiences
  • or lucid dreams.

They can be considered a sort of telepathy and take place when the soul or consciousness separates from the physical body and explores the astral plane, that light-filled space between heaven and hell filled with spiritual beings.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Types of Astral Projections Experiences

There are as many different kinds of astral projections experiences as there are people.

Often, people find things like meditation, hypnosis, or speaking with a psychic can help, and there are many techniques that you can use if you would like to try to have an OBE, yourself.

Have you experienced astral projection?

Have you experienced astral projection? Photo: flickr/Maxim B.

Today, we’re describing two distinct different astral project experiences so you can learn more and decide if it’s something you’d like to try!

Experience 1) Something Good Out of Something Bad

Jeff Finley is a mystic, author, and starseed.

His first experience with astral projection happened in 2013, after months of learning to meditate.

He believes, in fact, that it was the meditation that helped him increase his awareness and become more mindful, something that’s incredibly important since a lucid dream is less of a “how-to” and more of a state of being.

Jeff explains that he had struggled with night terrors for most of his life, waking up and feeling paralyzed by fear from no known source.

Only when his wife woke him would he be free from them.

One day, after a meditation experience, Jeff had his first OBE.

While lying on his bed, Jeff saw in his mind a black box and felt an immediate “sucking” of his spirit towards it.

He explains that the feeling was unmistakable.

The feeling of projecting into another plane of existence is unmistakable.

The feeling of projecting into another plane of existence is unmistakable. Photo: flickr/Paul Anglada

Where he was tempted to fear, as in night terrors, this time, thanks to his meditation experience, he was able to go with his fears.

In a moment, his fears were completely gone, and he felt a cool, rushing sensation across his legs and arms.

He recalls starting to feel light and beginning to tip to the left, and then just like that–he was floating!

With a full consciousness, Jeff was able to navigate through his hallway and through his wife without making her aware of him.

Since then, Jeff has continued to have astral project experiences and has learned techniques to help him have even richer, fuller experiences.

Experience 2) The Answers to Life

Many people feel they find the answers to life after projecting.

Many people feel they find the answers to life after projecting.

Astral projection experiences aren’t just for you to enjoy…

Many people also report that OBEs are where they find hope, answers to questions that plague them, and insight into life and the universe.

Robert Monroe was one of the first to apply rigorous scientific methods to these kinds of projections and has made sharing them with the people who need them his life’s work.

A half a century ago, Mr. Monroe had his first astral project experience.

It was completely unexpected, and in fact, he spoke to his doctor about it.

His doctor believed he was simply stressed and recommended rest and medication!

Robert’s first experience began with vibrations that would come consistently.

He didn’t understand them and simply learned to wait till they stopped.

One night, as he was waiting for them to stop, he realized that he was bumping against the ceiling!

Utterly confused by the light fixture in the wrong place, he could even see his body lying in bed next to his wife.

The experience terrified him, and he fought to get back into his body as quickly as he could.

Are you ready to experience something like no other?

Are you ready to experience something like no other? Photo: Palomar Observatory.

Robert continued to seek advice from the established medical community.

After ruling out insanity, brain tumors, and more conditions, his psychologist began to point him to lucid dreaming and Robert began to study the art of astral projections.

Parting Words

Astral projection experiences can be complex and interesting, but they don’t have to be just confusing or strange.

The projection for example, even involves visiting with spirit guides who helped to protect and guide the projector, and many others simply have fun being outside Earth’s normal physical laws!

As we mentioned earlier, projections are deeply personal and can be experienced by everyone.

The important question is, are you ready?