10 Best Mediums on the Hollywood Psychics Website (Real Readings)

Best Mediums on the Hollywood Psychics Website

This list of the best Hollywood Psychics, will show you exactly who to talk to.

Wondering who to get on Hollywood Psychics?

You want to talk to the psychic that's best for you, right?

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When you need answers for your problems and questions, you don't want to talk to just any advisor.

You want to speak with the one that best matches with you.

There are a lot talented mediums with a variety of skills and levels of experience, so it can be hard to choose. But you're in the right place because we’ve done all the legwork for you.

Read on to discover the top mediums on Hollywood Psychics.

Best Hollywood Psychics Readings - Quick Picks

If you're in a hurry, and want to know exactly who to get a reading from on the Hollywood Psychics website, here are our two favorite psychics in this review:

  • Judy - Accurate and compassionate
  • Susan - Gifted Tarot reader

The 10 Top Hollywood Psychics to Get a Reading From

1) Mattie

Mattie - Hollywood Psychics

Mattie is a renowned medium with 36 years’ experience and has maintained a 5 star status since 2012. Her specialties include issues or questions related to mind/body/spirit, career, finances, relationships and sex.

Using her spirit guides, dream interpretation and Numerology, she incorporates an expressive, empathic style to guide her clients and she is also a pet psychic – with the ability to link into their auras.

2) Aiko

Aiko - Hollywood Psychics

Aiko can also perform readings in Spanish, using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot along with her gifts of empathy and clairvoyance. With 30 years of experience and 5 stars since 2012, Aiko focuses on areas including sex, relationships, money, work and issues dealing with mind/body/spirit.

This medium is a lifetime student of Comparative Philosophy and Religion, Science and Metaphysics – as well as facilitating events, lectures and workshops.

3) Susan

Susan - Hollywood Psychics

One of the top-rated mediums on Hollywood Psychics is Susan, with 36 years’ experience and a 5 star rating since 2008. Using tools such as Numerology and Tarot, along with her clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts, she will answer your questions on relationships with family and friends, as well as your sexual and financial concerns.

Susan prefers to use the Rider Waite deck as it speaks to her.

4) Robbie

Robbie - Hollywood Psychics

Maintaining 5 stars since 2013, Robbie has over 29 years of experience under his belt and uses his spirit guides to assist his clients with questions about finances, career, sex and relationships. Along with his gifts as an Empath, he also utilizes clairsentient and clairaudient skills.

He realized his psychic talent when he saw his brother after he crossed over to the other side.

5) Cambria

Cambria - Hollywood Psychics

An empathic medium who likes to use the Tarot to help her clients, Cambria has received a rating of 5 stars since 2011 and has over 30 years’ experience. Her specialties include career, finances, relationships and sex. She’s had out of the body experiences since she was young and often sees things before they happen.

Cambria also relies on Astrology to help answer her client’s questions.

6) Alex

Alex - Hollywood Psychics

Alex is an excellent medium with an impressive 61 years’ experience and a 5 star rating since 2010. Focusing on issues including relationships, mind/body/spirit, work, money and sex, he uses the Tarot and his spirit guides to provide a meaningful reading with wisdom and compassion.

He believes that there’s no such thing as bad news, seeing as it all depends on attitude when it comes to problems in life.

7) Terri

Terri - Hollywood Psychics

Maintaining 5 stars since 2009 and with over 18 years’ experience under her belt, Terri has a knack for assisting clients find lost objects and answers questions about family, friends and other relationships, as well as sex, mind/body/spirit – using her gifts as an empath, clairvoyant and clairsentient delivered in a direct style.

She is so sensitive she can feel her client’s pain – physical, mental and spiritual.

8) Clair

 - Hollywood Psychics

Clair has over 44 years’ experience as a successful medium and has maintained 4.5 stars since 2013. Using her skills as an empath, clairvoyant and clairsentient, she communicates with her spirit guides to assist her clients with questions about problems such as relationships, sex and mind/body/spirit.

She knew as a teenager that she could see into the future and also uses Tarot, Astrology and Numerology.

9) Hope

Hope - Hollywood Psychics

With a rating of 5 stars since 2011 and 32 years of experience, Hope has a direct style and answers questions about a variety of issues, including relationships, sex and mind/body/spirit. She uses her empathic, clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts along with dream interpretation and Tarot in her readings.

Hope has been communicating with spirit and working with spiritual energy since her parents died at an early age.

10) Judy

Judy - Hollywood Psychics

Judy has over 37 years’ experience and has maintained 5 stars since 2009, making her one of the best mediums available on Hollywood Psychics. Her specialties include career, finances, relationships and she also helps with concerns about pets.

Her tools are cartomancy and dream interpretation, with special gifts like clairsentience and clairvoyance. Her background has a long line of psychics in the Native American heritage from her father’s side.