The Best Fish Sandwich Recipe In Florida Is Guarded By The Ghost Of An Old Mariner’s Wife

Many people in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida seek a romantic place to have dinner with their significant other.

Henry (Name changed for privacy) was one such individual just last month.

It was his five year anniversary with his wife, Patricia, and he wanted to find the perfect restaurant.

The Best Fish Sandwich Recipe In Florida Is Guarded By The Ghost Of An Old Mariner's Wife

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Dinner and Romance

Updated 2/10/2020 – “My wife had changed jobs earlier this year, and it had caused her a lot of stress and anxiety,” Henry admitted, adjusting his glasses.

“I wanted to take her someplace fancy, someplace elegant.

I had read that 619 Ocean View Restaurant had the best fish sandwich, so that’s where I decided to take her.

“We are both big fans of seafood.

Anyway, the evening started out great.

We discussed our future over candlelight, as well as the rest of our plans over the course of the weekend.

“There was a natural pause in our conversation when all of the sudden my wife gave me this mischievous grin and said, ‘Are you feeling daring?’

We both turned fifty two years ago, and when we both lamented about how old we felt, Patricia and I made a pact that whenever either of us was feeling that way, we would play a game of truth or dare with each other.

It’s childish, I know,” Henry grinned.

“But, hell, it keeps us young.

So we played for a couple minutes, with both of us picking truth for the most part, until I decided to bite the bullet and select a dare.

Patricia gazed all around the swanky restaurant until she got a dangerous glint in her eyes.

‘I dare you to sneak into the kitchen and ask one of the chefs for the recipe for my fish sandwich’ she whispered.

“I argued that we would get kicked out of the restaurant but she only laughed and told me that I should have selected truth if I was that chicken.

So, what else could I do but down the rest of my cocktail and try?

Terrors Over The Best Fish Sandwich

“I got up and looked all around as though I were trying to figure out where the bathroom was.

I slowly weaved my way through the restaurant until I saw the double doors that led to the kitchen.

I put my hand out to push the door open when I felt someone’s presence beside me.

“I glanced around, thinking that I was about to be caught, but instead of a chef or a waitress, I saw an opaque woman in an ancient looking dress glaring at me.

I could at once see her expression and her dress, but I could also see the wall behind her through her body,” Henry said, gesturing wildly.

“She continued to glare at me while I stood there, dumbfounded.

“She then made this low guttural sound in her throat that had me whimpering and running back to my seat in a hurry.

My wife took one look at my pale, sweaty face and believed what I told her.

On the car ride home she theorized that perhaps it was the ghost of the man who once owned the restaurant, and she was somehow protecting the property.

“Since it was one of the best sandwiches made with fish I had ever eaten, I didn’t find this theory so hard to believe.”