Dead Alumni Still Gather At This Club In California

In 1911, women in the Suisun City area decided to form a non-profit organization.

The group aimed to improve various endeavors within the community.

This organization, thereby known as The Wednesday Club, built a makeshift headquarters in order to host meetings and local events.

Dead Alumni Still Gather At This Club In California

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One of the Oldest Organizations in Suisun

Updated 9/23/2019 – Now, the Wednesday Club is still alive and well.

The organization provides scholarships for students who wish to attend college, especially for individuals who wish to become nurses.

The facility can be rented out to the public, and is primarily used as a wedding venue and for live performances.

For many years now, guests have reported that the club is haunted on a regular basis.

Several people have experienced hearing disembodied voices throughout the facility, especially female conversations and loud laughter.

Nobody can recall former members ever passing away in the building, but nevertheless the haunting has become well known throughout the community.

When Heather (Name changed by request) decided she wanted to use the Wednesday Club for her wedding reception, she was well aware of the building’s paranormal reputation.

While she conceded that people thought they knew what they had seen, she had no prior experience with the hauntings herself.

“A couple of my friends tried to talk me out of using the venue because of the supposed hauntings,” Heather admitted.

“But I wouldn’t hear a word of it.

I got the place rented for an incredibly cheap price, and I had never experienced anything remotely creepy in the building before.

Ghosts in the Kitchen

Ghosts in the Kitchen


“After I booked the date, I went back to the Wednesday Club a couple of times, so I could decide whether I wanted the ceremony inside or performed on the lawn.

I met with a club official in the dining room to go over some paperwork,” Heather said.

“She had just run off to make a copy when I heard muffled voices coming from behind me, in the kitchen.

“There were two women in there, and while they weren’t arguing, per se, the discussion was clearly heated.

When the club member came back into the room, the voices quickly died down.

‘Ma’am, is there an event going on tonight?’ I asked.

“’No, not tonight,’ the woman replied, handing me a copy of a document.

‘The place will be as quiet as a mouse today—I actually plan on locking it up as soon as we finish these papers,’ the woman added.

‘And the women in the kitchen…?’ I asked.

“She looked at me with a strange, but not altogether surprised expression.

‘There’s nobody in the kitchen.

We are the only ones here,’ she said.

After a few more minutes, all of the documents were signed, and she was locking up the club behind us.

“She left quickly, but I decided to take one last look in the backyard.

I strolled around to the back of the building and saw the most peculiar thing,” Heather said, shaking her head.

“There was a cluster of women in vintage attire, admiring the foliage around the property.

“I was so startled, I stumbled over a tree root and fell to the ground.

I was surprised to see them, but so relieved since that meant there really HAD been other people there.

But when I sat back up, they were all gone.

“I told myself that I was just stressed from all the wedding plans…But I don’t really think that’s true.

I think Suisun City really is haunted.”