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Art Imitates Death As Ghosts Appear At This Haunted Texas Museum

In 1965, a few residents of Midland, Texas believed their town was in need of their own museum. In the months following, the Junior League pledged their support of this endeavor, and with additional support from the Midland community, a new museum was underway. The Museum of the Southwest opened the following year. Today, it […]

This Historic Texas Building Will Leave You Breathless In Fear

Located in the heart of the historic district, the Amarillo Natatorium has evolved many times since it first became an establishment. When it was built in July of 1922, the Nat was the site of a large indoor swimming pool. It served the community for four years. The Amarillo Pool turned Roaring Dance Club In […]

The Dead Will Tell You Terrifying Stories At This Schulenburg Hotel

The Von Minden is a hotel in Schulenburg, built in 1927. The hotel is clad in charming, antique furniture, and retains a rich historic environment inside. But furniture and décor are not the only things that remain ancient and alive at the Von Minden. The Schulenburg Suicides Since the hotel has opened its doors, it […]

What You’ll Discover In These 6 Texas Ghost Towns Is Truly Creepy

Broken windows, discarded furniture and the empty shells of buildings are the tell-tale signs of a town long forgotten by its former inhabitants. Whether due to financial crises, or changes in technology, many towns scattered across the nation have been abandoned over the last two centuries. Frozen in time, ghost towns are eerie in their […]

The Malicious Spirits At Lake Brownwood Will Try To Drown You Slowly

In Brownwood, Texas, Flatrock Park is the place to be. Every summer families flock to the park to enjoy recreational sports, the beautiful scenery, and a refreshing swim in Lake Brownwood. But Flatrock has been the site of many tragedies over the years. Vacation Turned Nightmare in Brownwood, Texas Several people have drowned in Lake […]

Violent Lake Creature Might Snatch Your Baby At This Haunted Austin Lake

Every year, tourists flock to Austin, Texas, hoping to temporarily experience what it is truly like to live in the deep south. Those who appreciate mother nature often find themselves at the River Place Nature Trail, relaxing by the park’s large pond, or hiking along the park’s trail. Those who do visit especially enjoy the […]

Your Sanity Will Slip Away When You Face The Evil At This El Paso Homestead

No paranormal adventure to El Paso is complete without stopping at the Magoffin Homestead. Built in 1875, it was home to Joseph and Octavia Magoffin. Joseph was a star member of the community. Not only was he the mayor four times, he was the county judge, founder of the Union Pacific Railroad, and the co-founder […]

Lonely Dead Girl Wants To Meet You At This Texas Apartment Complex

Kingsgate Village seems like an ordinary apartment complex in Houston, Texas. Compact apartments are stacked side by side, and on top of each other on a square property. But unlike most apartment complexes in the area, Kingsgate is supposedly haunted. Rumor has it that residents have caught glimpses of a little girl wandering about the […]

Indian Ghosts Seek Revenge For Terrible Treatment At This Texas Park

For students in Austin, Texas, it is commonplace to learn about the horrific Indian Massacre that took place in Shoal Creek Park many many years ago. Elliot (Name changed for privacy), a local freelance photographer, recalls hearing the stories in high school and feeling ashamed of his ancestors. “It was awful, the way Native Americans […]

Only The Murderous Spirits Remain From This Former Haunted Texas Mansion

There once stood a small mansion in Slate Shoals, Texas. Built among the slate hills that the town is named after, the Slate Shoals Mansion saw many families come and go before the house was destroyed. In the early 2000’s a fire burned the house to the ground. Only a few chimneys stand as testament […]

Are These Texas Apartments Built On An Old Forgotten Graveyard?

Many spirits are claimed to be in El Paso, Texas. It seems that if one person has an odd encounter, word spreads like wildfire, and the place, from that point on, is considered incredibly haunted. But there are some other places where hauntings just can’t be denied. One of those said places is the Kennedy […]

The Sad Ghost of a Murdered Little Boy Haunts This Texas Mine

While the San Miguel Lignite Mine in Christine, Texas isn’t that old as far as mines go, it has recently developed a rather notorious reputation. According to local rumors, two teenaged boys decided to break into the mine a few years ago. As they explored, they began to discuss a pretty girl at school. Murder […]

Vengeful Poltergeist Bullies Workers At This Texas Office Complex

Every once in awhile, residences and public buildings become subjected to strange, paranormal phenomena. Doors open and close, messes are made when no one is around. Not long ago, an office complex on Briarhills Parkway in Houston became haunted by a dark entity. Is an Entity Causing Trouble for this Houston Based Building? A handful […]

This Haunted Texas State Park Has a Secret Sinister Past

Bastrop State Park is known for being surrounded by the Lost Pines Woods, which are estimated to date back to the Pleistocene era. Only a few years ago, the park suffered floods and forest fires. As a result, the park is currently in a state of rebirth – new trees are planted in certain areas, […]

Did An Otherworldly Priestess Cure This Texas Man’s Mysterious Illness?

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. For nineteen year old George L. (Name changed for privacy), this is certainly the case. His encounter with the supernatural continues to baffle experts in the field. “I think it was about a year ago when my cousins moved to Marshall, Texas,” he informed me. “I was bummed at […]

Haunted Doll Drives Poor Girl INSANE At This Texas Apartment Complex

When looking at residential hauntings, many have a tendency to appear in apartment complexes. Temporary housing facilities see many people come and go throughout the years, and many are home to the elderly or sick who cannot or do not wish to invest in a permanent, costly home. All of these factors make apartment complexes more […]

Texas Man Falls In Love With Ghost From Local Urban Legend

Rio Frio is the home of a most ghastly tale. On the banks of the Frio River, the ghost of a woman is said to roam, crying for what will never be. As terrifying as this spirit is, some locals believe the story of how this ghostly woman came to be is even more terrifying. […]

Headless Dead Baby Can Still Cry at This Old Texas Cemetery

Llano County, Texas is the home of a little known tragedy. According to local legend, it all began in the early 1850s. Local settlements were warring with the Native Americans who lived nearby, until one tribe decided to seek revenge. Violence in Llano A couple of Native Americans snuck into one of the settlements in […]

Everyone Knows This Rural Texas Home Is Haunted By A Dead Kid

Those in the Paris, Texas community have grown up hearing about an evil house off of FM 195. This abandoned house is said to be haunted, but many are not sure by what. These rumors are spread from generation to generation, and many speak of the house as though they have been there. But for Tony R. (Name […]

This Texas Lake Is The Epitome Of A Paranormal Hotspot

There is a lake in Woodway, Texas where true evil seems to lie. While out of towners like to visit Rainbow Lake for its refreshingly cool water and recreational possibilities, many locals have avoided this area for years. Why? The Scariest Place in Woodway Over time, residents of Woodway have begun to report paranormal activity […]

These 8 Urban Legends In Texas Will Keep You Awake At Night

In Texas, you go big or you go home. This applies to everything in this state, including its urban legends. Yes, urban legend in Texas are known to be the most terrifying across the country. From roads you shouldn’t travel to a revengeful headless spirit, there’s just so much you should fear while moving around […]

Naked Ghosts of Soldiers Haunt This Historic Texas Aircraft Carrier

The USS Lexington is an aircraft carrier that served for 48 years, making it one of the longest serving ships in the world. Docked permanently at 2914 North Shoreline Boulevard in Corpus Christi, Texas, it was decommissioned in 1991. What makes the USS Lexington so special is that the Japanese claimed that they sank it […]

Blood Thirsty Dead Nuns Haunt This Texas Hospital

The Yoakum Community Hospital was opened to the public in 1922. Yoakum residents were in agreement that their town was in need of a local hospital, and with a substantial land and cash donation by a resident named John Huth, the building was possible. The city provided the remaining necessary funds. The First Hospital In […]

The Crying Ghosts Of Dead Children Are Haunting This Texas State Park

Old Tunnel used to be a railroad tunnel of the Fredericksburg and Northern Railway up until 1942 and became a State Park officially in 2012. Today, it is frequented by tourists and is a popular school trip location. It is the home of a variety of birds and other wild species. Benches surround the entrance […]

Ghost Of Neglected Puppy Saves Lives On This Texas Bike Trail

Shelby lived in El Paso, Texas for five years before she heard about the Lost Dog Trailhead located near town. She had been an avid hiker and backpacker for many years, and was excited about the unique challenges that Lost Dog had to offer. “What most people don’t know about this particular trail is that […]

Terrifying Ghost Of This Texas Library Is Inspired By Edgar Allen Poe

Houston, Texas is home to one of the most beautiful libraries ever built. The Julia Ideson Library was built in 1926, and remained Houston’s primary branch until 1976, when more space was needed. The building was designed in the Spanish Renaissance Revival style, and is now listed as a historic landmark. While hundreds of people visit the […]

10 Haunted Day Trips In Texas That Will Make You Tremble With Fear

Who would expect to encounter the paranormal when deciding on fun things to do, like day trips in Texas? These haunted locations will have you thinking twice before venturing into the unknown, even though the lure of thrills and chills might be more powerful than the fear of coming face to face with nasty ghosts. […]

Why Are There Hideous Creatures Haunting This Former Texas Theater?

For several decades the Schulman family opened up many movie theaters in and around Bryan, Texas. One such theater, known as the Schulman Theater, was the alleged home of a tragedy while it was in business. Rumor has it that the young man was at the theater with his partner when the couple struck up […]

The Crying Ghost Babies At These Texas Apartments Will Haunt Your Dreams

There are some haunted places around the world where seemingly no one has been able to find a possible reason for paranormal activity. The Park Lane apartments in Arlington is one of those types of places. While nobody can find a record of foul play that occurred there, many people agree: this apartment complex is […]

What In The Hell Is Going On At This Haunted Texas Bridge Lately?

There is a bridge in Maxdale, Texas that looks like a setting straight from a classic horror film. The steel truss bridge, originally constructed in 1916, has become a hotspot for paranormal legends for the last few decades. These stories are further aided by the fact that the bridge was built not too far from […]

Haunted Doll Holds Child’s Soul Hostage At This Texas Hospital

Throughout the years, hospitals sometimes close. One such hospital is located in Pampa, Texas. While the Worley hospital is no longer in operation, the building still stands as testament to the lives and patients that have come and gone. But of course, some never left. The Most Popular Hospital in Pampa Today, the empty building […]

Beware The Evil Terror That Lurks On This Road In Texas

Not long ago, residents of El Paso, Texas believed a road that went through town was supernatural in origin. Most of Thunderbird Drive seemed normal enough, that is until you reached a little hill in the road. Over time people came to fear this road and its hill as they did not understand it. The […]

10 Rivers In Texas As Beautiful As They Are Haunted

It seems strange to some that beautiful locations can be haunted, but in the afterlife, there are no rules about where ghosts can roam – and that includes the wonderful rivers in Texas. Most people ignore the warnings about frightening places but you might want to take note if you plan to expose your immortal soul. […]

9 Haunted Parks In Texas Where People See Real-Life Ghosts

The National and State parks in Texas offer a wide variety of fun things to do and see, along with breathtaking scenery, wildlife and historical sites. While visitors travel in droves every year, the hidden stories about the many hauntings going on don’t seem to be turning people away. However, many who do encounter the […]

Haunted El Paso: The Crying Ghost Bride of Sacred Heart Church

In 1892, Father Carlos Pinto decided to build two new churches as a gift to the Diocese of El Paso. One of these was a English based Catholic church called Immaculate Conception, while the other was a Spanish based Catholic church called Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart was officially dedicated on June 9, 1893. Legend of […]

Texas Governor’s Mansion: Haunted by Tormented Ghosts

Located in Austin, Texas is the fourth oldest executive residence in the U.S. This beautiful mansion was built in 1854 and has been continuously inhabited by Texas governors since 1856. The Texas Governor’s Mansion was declared a historic landmark in 1962 and in 1970 was listed as an actual “Governor’s Mansion” in the National Register […]

10 Haunted Roads In East Texas That Will Make You Piss Yourself

East Texas is considered one of the most haunted areas of the entire United States. Historical cities and towns such as Houston are now riddled with spirits, from the bloody Civil War and beyond. But not every ghost resides in a house or public building. There are some specters who like to appear near the […]

These Haunted Apartments In Texas Will Chill You To The Bone

The city of San Antonio has its fair share of haunted locations. From public buildings to ancient houses, the city has a long standing history that has led to lingering spirits. But some of the most haunted places are not what you may think. The Ghost Child Enter Spanish Main Apartments. From the outside, this […]

A Dreadful Terror Haunts This Creek in San Antonio

Many creeks in and around San Antonio, Texas have very literal names. Catfish Creek, Brushy Creek and Mud Creek all exist within Texas and do not exactly bring a scene of beauty to mind. Scattered amongst these not so inspiring creek names is the Woman Hollering Creek. A San Antonio Mexican Legend Many locals believe […]

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Bike Trails in Texas

There’s so much to choose from when looking for the best bike trails in Texas and you’d be forgiven if you said that you had no idea about the more sinister, haunted locations. Evil sprites with gnashing teeth, a red-eyed demon who likes to push people and many other nasty spirits lurk around these trails. […]

Horrific Evil Lurks on These 9 Haunted Roads in West Texas

There’s so much to see in West Texas, including the haunted roads, streets and avenues which may not be on your travel itinerary. Then again, you might not want to visit these sinister locations as there’s a good chance you might lose your sanity – if not your life or your soul. Many different entities lurk […]

Dead Patients Lurk at the Haunted House in Diboll

Many native Texans have heard stories of a residential home in Diboll that is haunted by malevolent spirits. Believed to be a former nursing home, the house was eventually converted into single family living. Many locals have driven by the house, hoping to catch glimpses of spirits lingering within the house. The House That Is […]

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