Naked Ghosts of Soldiers Haunt This Historic Texas Aircraft Carrier

The USS Lexington is an aircraft carrier that served for 48 years, making it one of the longest serving ships in the world.

Docked permanently at 2914 North Shoreline Boulevard in Corpus Christi, Texas, it was decommissioned in 1991.

Updated 2/11/2020 – What makes the USS Lexington so special is that the Japanese claimed that they sank it several times.

After the Americans debunked their claims, infamous radio propagandist Tokyo Rose went on air to state that the dark blue carrier must be a “ghost ship”.

And that’s how the ship earned the name ‘The Blue Ghost’.

Little did anyone know at the time that this was actually a very fitting name.

The Ghosts on Board the USS Lexington

The staff has gotten used to hearing compliments about the guide of #2 Engine Room.

The “handsome, young sailor with bright blue eyes” is known for being very thorough while explaining the workings of the engine and showing them around the room.

However, there aren’t any tour guides on the ship.

What the 200+ visitors to the engine room have encountered is the helpful ghost dubbed “Charlie”.

According to the staff, he’s one of the nine sailors killed after a Japanese torpedo struck the engine room in 1943.

Known for never leaving his post, he continues his duty even after death.

Also holding their post on board the docked USS Lexington are other World War II soldiers who died when planes crashed into the ship.

A man visiting the mission briefing room came across one of them when he accidentally knocked a chair there.

The soldier disappeared as fast as he appeared.

But not all ghosts are as spooky.

Some are downright scary.

A woman exploring the bridge alone came face to face with a vision from her wildest nightmares – a naked soldier whose lids seemed to have been glued shut.

His face had several scars, including a big gash on one side of his mouth.

When she finally recovered her voice, she screamed.

The ghost lunged towards her and had disappeared when she came to.

Other Reasons Why Corpus Christi Locals Fear the Blue Ghost

Ghosts aren’t the only entities terrifying this Corpus Christi museum ship.

The staff and visitors alike have some wild ghost stories to tell.

In addition to voices, screams and cries in places soldiers died in, many have heard the sounds of weapons being fired in the distance.

A visitor claims to have smelled food being made in the lower kitchen.

There are also many stories of people falling ill, experiencing shortness of breath, or feeling uncomfortable in the switch room and other areas in the ship.

And that’s why you should think twice before attempting to head to Corpus Christi’s USS Lexington on your own.