5 Simple Ways to Select the Best Tarot Deck for You

Tarot decks are highly personal.

Tarot decks are highly personal. Photo: David Goehring

Interested in Tarot?

Want to get the right deck, but a little confused by the options?

We understand.

Many people mistake tarot decks as having magical powers that will tell someone their future.

While people can have either an open or question reading when they have their cards read, the cards are meant to help people take a closer look at their inner self.

Cards are never meant to “guarantee” what will happen in the future but rather help a person make decisions about their life and use the reading for guidance.

Choosing a deck of tarot cards can be a little overwhelming at first, especially if you’re a newcomer to the world of tarot.

Decades ago, the only deck to buy was the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

While this is known as a classic or standard deck, today there are several styles to choose from and some decks may be better suited than others.

Updated 10/11/2019

Some Tarot Card Basics

There are many decks to choose from.

There are many decks to choose from. Photo: Meg Lessard

If you don’t know much about tarot cards, it’s important to discuss the basics before you buy a deck.

Many beginners wonder how many cards are in a tarot deck.

Regardless of the deck’s design or the card size, there are always 78 cards.

The list of tarot cards, such The Fool, Strength, and Death, are always the same regardless of the deck; the design will be the only thing that’s different.

Many people who are new to tarot cards wonder if there are essential decks.

Some tarot readers will tell you that some decks are considered more essential than others, but your choice in a deck should be based personal preference and meaning.

5 Tips for Selecting a Tarot Deck You’ll Love for Years to Come.

1) Choose A Deck That Speaks To You

Can a card “speak” to you?

Just like anything else that you may purchase for your everyday and personal use, whether it’s a piece of artwork or clothing, the tarot cards should speak to you.

There are tons of themes and pictures to choose from, but you should pick a deck that’s appealing to you.

Can you see yourself using it for a long time?

Does it just “feel right” when you look at it?

Depending on who you talk to, some experts might insist that you buy a certain type of deck.

Keep in mind that it’s a deck that you will be using.

While advice may always be welcome, follow your intuition.

If you’re planning on attending a broadsheet tarot reading, you may want to purchase the same cards used so you can follow along more easily but still, choose the cards you like the best.

2) Consider Your Experience Level

Some people believe that you should never buy your own tarot cards and the only deck you should use should be a deck that given to you as a gift.

Understanding the basics of Tarot is important.

Understanding the basics of Tarot is important. Photo: Pearlmatic

Most will agree that this shouldn’t be a worry when it comes to selecting cards because why should you wait around to receive a deck?

If you have used tarot cards in the past and are relatively familiar with them, you may be more interested in choosing a different style of deck.

If you’re new to tarot and are unfamiliar with how to read the cards, it’s best to pick the classic deck that comes with an instructional booklet.

Again, if you do see a deck that feels right, listen to your feelings and buy the deck regardless of your experience level.

3) Selecting The Right Size

Tarot cards should feel good in your hands, neither too big or too small.

Comfort and ease of use are not only crucial for when you’re doing your own reading, but if you get into tarot reading for others, you don’t want to fumble with the cards.

4) Oracle vs. Tarot Cards

Some people assume that tarot cards and oracle cards are the same.

While they are similar and an oracle deck derives from a tarot deck, they are different.

If you’re not sure what you want, do a little research on oracle decks before you buy a tarot deck.

In fact, here’s a video that will help you decide between Oracle and Tarot cards:

5) Buy High Quality Cards

A deck of tarot cards gets handled a lot, and if you find a deck that you really love, you’ll want to make sure that they withstand normal wear and tear for a long time.

A high-quality card should be made of a thick cardboard and should not bend or rip easily.

Even it means spending a little more on a better deck; it’s worth it in the long run.