There Is a Ghost That Will Creep You Out At the Russ House

Built in 1895, Russ House has been the site of many historical events, including the Battle of Marianna.

Many soldiers died on the site a few decades before the house was built.

Furthermore, Joseph Russ Jr., the man who built the house, committed suicide there during the Great Depression.

A Combination of Creepy Evidence

Updated 2/10/2020 – Today, the house is used for the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, as well as the county’s visitor center.

Many people who have been to the historic house believe it is haunted.

Cami, a native to Marianna, grew up hearing stories about the notorious Russ House.

As someone who has always been interested in the paranormal, she decided to visit the building with an EVP recorder.

“I’ve seen countless ghost hunting shows where paranormal investigators manage to capture disembodied voices using one of the devices.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to take one to the Russ House to see what I could uncover,” she smiled.

“When I arrived at the visitor center, the entire building was well lit, and there were a handful of people in the building.

Overall it felt safe and ordinary, and I began to wonder how anyone could claim the building was haunted.”

Cami reminisced and her smile slowly began to fade.

“Things definitely began to feel more eerie as I ventured towards the other side of the building where the Chamber of Commerce often meets,” she whispered.

“Nobody was around, and I began to smell this strange odor in the air.

It smelled like perfume, which in itself isn’t weird, but I wasn’t wearing any and nobody was around me at the time.

Marianna Soldiers Haunt Russ House

There may be a strange visitor in the room.


“I kept walking, and I started to feel like I was being watched by somebody.

I kept checking behind me and off to the sides, but I still didn’t see anybody.

With growing trepidation, I pulled out the EVP recorder as I walked around.

‘Is there anybody there?’ I asked and then I hit the record button.

‘If you’re there, please give me a sign—any sign,’ I continued.

All of the sudden I heard a deep thudding noise as though someone had slammed a door.

“It scared the crap out of me,” she admitted.

“’If that was you, please give me another sign,’ I said.

All of the sudden I felt this rush of cool air surround me.

“Now, it could have been the air conditioning, but the timing of it and the way I felt like I was being watched just gave me the creeps.

I held up the EVP recorder and whispered, ‘Please give me one more sign.’

That is when I heard yet another thud.

“Isolated, the events were nothing but in combination I was totally spooked.

I decided to head back home.

It took me a while to calm down, but after a while I finally worked up the nerve to review the recordings from the EVP device,” Cami nodded.

“I recorded the banging noise after the first time I asked for a sign, but the second time I did, I heard the fainted noise and it sounded like a distant gun shot.

I definitely think Russ House is haunted by Marianna soldiers.