Seek This Haunted Tree at a Port Isabel Cemetery at Your Own Risk

Port Isabel is often forgotten and overlooked because of Padre Island, a more popular tourist location, stealing the spotlight.

Regardless, the bay town is beautiful and small – you can literally walk anywhere you want.

Updated 2/11/2020 – Mainly a fishing community, everyone knows everyone in Port Isabel.

It’s peaceful and calm, and it sounds like the perfect place to visit.

If your path ever takes you there, and if you are not easily spooked, visit the Port Isabel Cemetery.

With a dash of luck and bravery, you might discover the secrets hiding beneath the trees.

Discovering the secrets of the haunted tree can steal your sanity

A curious woman decided to travel to Port Isabel.

“I was tired of listening to my Grandmother describing the tale,” she said, “so I went to see by myself.”

The cemetery is dotted with trees, so she did not know which tree was the haunted one.

“I believe all of the trees are haunted, or maybe I just got lucky.”

The woman did everything per her grandmother’s instructions.

She went to the cemetery after midnight, braving the quiet and the dark.

The moon was full; the night was warm.

“I checked every calendar to make sure I was there at the right time.”

As she waded through the cemetery, she kept her eyes and ears open for the ghost of the Sybil Child.

She thought she had the strength to face the child without going crazy.

“I don’t think I managed it,” she said.

As she approached a nondescript tree in the middle, she shivered, despite the heat of the night.

She knelt before it, avoiding not to walk over anyone’s grave.

“Grandmother told me to avoid doing that, lest I wake them up as well.”

As she knelt and waited, she felt the urge to close her eyes.

“As if two small palms pressed against my eyelids, closing them slowly.

There was no one at the cemetery but me.”

The woman closed her eyes.

And then, she saw…

“Flashes and glimpses, too fast for me to process, played against the back of my eyelids.

My eyes were closed, but I knew that the skin on my arms and neck had become the color of moss.

“I was sick.

My skin turned to moss, then my flesh, and finally, my bones showed through.”

Though she did not hear the voice of the child, suddenly, she knew things she had never known before.

The Child showed her cities bathed in writhing green moss, as the illness became a plague and spread like wildfire across the world.

The woman screamed and opened her eyes.

“I was fine.

The night was calm.”

Every night since, she sees the same vision.

Her arms, turning into moss, bones showing through.

“I don’t know how long I will last like this,” she said, “I feel like I am going crazy.”

The Ghost of the Sybil Child haunts the cemetery in Port Isabel, Texas

The Ghost of the Sybil Child haunts the cemetery in Port Isabel, Texas

The cemetery is the permanent home of people from all religions.

Though locals loathe telling the story, the ghost of the Sybil Child is among them.

When the Sybil Child lived, centuries ago, she was a prophet.

Every full moon, she would go into a trance and walk around town, eyes blank, telling tales of doom.

One morning after the full moon, she disappeared.

They say some people were scared; others thought she was a witch, and that the girl, a mere child still, met a violent end.

The Port Isabel Cemetery is where her spirit resides, and she welcomes brave souls to share her gift and See things yet to come.