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10 Most Haunted Hiking Trails Near San Francisco

At night, exploring haunted hiking trails, alone. Hiking in a haunted place can be a thrill or a terror. This is the choice you face – hike on in the face of fear and the paranormal? Or, should you turn around for the comfort of your own, familiar surroundings? Updated 9/19/2019 – Your answer to […]

The Sanger River Road Witch

Scary legends and urban myths are everywhere, and nowhere more than in sleepy little towns like Sanger, CA. Who didn’t grow up telling stories of the strange white-garbed woman in the haunted house up the road, or of the weird cries coming from a shadowy spot in the park? The frightening thing, though, is that the […]

A Myriad Of Horrors Haunt This Old California Cemetery

Up in the hills of Placerville, lies the Pioneer Cemetery. The beautiful multi-colored trees and scenic views of the landscape belie the dark power that lurks amongst the graves. Over the years, many people from all walks of life have breathlessly spoken of the “lady in burgundy”. Updated 9/19/2019 – Gliding gracefully through the cemetery […]

The Gruesome Ghost Terrorizing J’s Amusement Park

Amusement parks are meant to be places of happiness and fun. Everything is expertly engineered and constructed to give guests the best time possible. Of course, they’re also full of heavy machinery and bored employees, and with partying thrill seekers taking a few too many chances. Updated 9/19/2019 – When things go wrong at an […]

Have You Been to Sunnyvale’s Haunted Toys”R”Us?

Toys”R”Us is “The World’s Biggest Toy Store”. It’s where kids of all ages exclaim “I don’t wanna grow up” when faced with shelves on shelves of playthings. However, like Disney, Toys”R”Us has a little darkness entwining with all the glee and cheer. Updated 9/19/2019 – In fact, the store located on 130 East El Camino […]

Lonely Men Can’t Resist California Hotel Haunted By Dead Prostitute

In 1908, Alturas, California was in desperate need of a hotel. The town was quickly expanding, and visiting businessmen and developers needed a place to stay. Within a year, the Hotel Niles opened its doors to the public. The Most Beautiful Hotel in Alturas Updated 9/19/2019 – Despite having many years of financial strain and […]

A Friendly Spirit in Black Diamond

Spirits abound across California. It’s a very large state with an eventful history, and it’s no wonder restless souls appear so often. Some wish us harm, but others do not. Black Diamond was formerly a coal mining town and is now a Regional Preserve in Contra Costa County. In the 1800s, Black Diamond was home […]

The Legend of Stow Lake Ghost

A popular spot for picnics, strolls or cruises in a pedal or rowboat, Stow Lake is the largest body of water at Golden Gate Park. Dating all the way to 1893, it gave the people of San Francisco the chance to escape from the city to a more peaceful, natural setting. However, it can also […]

The Terrors Haunting East 8 Mile Road

Located in San Joaquin County, Stockton, California, The East 8 Mile Road may seem like another road. However, it has attracted many paranormal enthusiasts and para psychologists through the paranormal activities taking place there, most of which are possibly caused by the three ghosts thousands of people have sighted while traveling on this spooky road. The […]

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mansion, today known as the Winchester Mystery House, is almost too well-known as a center of paranormal activity in San Jose, California. After all, the place’s whole raison d’être these days is to host an endless parade of ghost tours and spooky sleepovers. Updated 9/19/2019 – Sometimes, though, mainstream attractions are popular for […]

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