Who Else Wants To Hike Fern Canyon And Spot Bigfoot?

Fern Canyon is an amazing place that a lot of people visit when they want to be surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Can you imagine going to a narrow canyon in which the walls are blanketed in ferns and moss?

This place is such a natural wonder that even Steven Spielberg, the famous film director, decided it was a place that he’d like to shoot his film: Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World.

Who Else Wants To Hike Fern Canyon And Spot Bigfoot?

Photo credit: flickr/sanu29

Updated 9/19/2019 – In the summer, foot bridges are actually installed for hikers that allow them to be able to cross over the creek, so the trail will be much easier.

This is also a great option for people that don’t want to get wet from the roaring creek water.

However, if you’re brave, and don’t mind getting your feet wet (literally), you can cross the creek at any point during the year, without the aid of a bridge.

At the end of the canyon’s trail, you can simply walk out of the canyon via stairway, or a simple left-hand turn will lead you around the canyon’s rim.

Fern Canyon is such a wonderful place to visit that thousands of tourists go there every single year for a little hike, but you always have to remember that the woods don’t belong to us – they belong to mother nature, and therein lies the problem.

Bigfoot Sighting At Fern Canyon

Alleged Bigfoot Sighting

Photo credit: John Stoneman

As humans, we’re attracted to beautiful pieces of land like this to take in an amazing experience, take pictures to show our friends, and just kill some time.

However, some animals and cryptids call Fern Canyon home, and some people believe that Bigfoot is one of the residents.

An avid hiker recently stated that as he was hiking off trail he could see something moving about in the woods.

Upon first sight, he thought that it was possibly a family of bears, as he could see what he described as being “cinnamon colored” fur from head-to-toe on the creature.

He remained at a safe distance, but moved a little bit closer to see if he could maybe get a picture of the animals.

That’s when he realized something was very different.

This wasn’t a group or a family of bears he was looking at.

Instead, these “things,” naturally stood on two legs, and had arms that hung below their waist – like a human.

He described the creatures as being absolutely huge; taller than any professional basketball player.

He guessed the height of the creatures would range anywhere from 8 – 9 feet tall.

They could have easily maimed him and left him for dead if they pursued him, but he was able to quietly sneak away undetected.

He said the whole experience lasted what felt like a lifetime, but realistically ended after 30 – 40 seconds.