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Island Hotel: The Kissing Ghost of Majestic Cedar Key

The Island Hotel is a historic inn located on beautiful Cedar Key. What was once just a natural island became a place of developmental interest during the mid 1850s. Major Parsons and Francis Hale saw a financial opportunity and purchased property there in 1859. The First General Store of Cedar Key Within a year, the […]

Dead Clown Haunts the Wakulla Suites Hotel in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, Florida is home to a little slice of paradise known as the Wakulla Suites Hotel. Many vacationers come to this resort for the pool, the fun and the white sandy beaches. But an unfortunate few have had strange paranormal encounters that they had to share. The Unknown Suicide in Cocoa Beach A few guests […]

The Dead Will Speak To You At This Haunted Florida Mansion

The Herlong Mansion of Micanopy, Florida was not always a mansion. The house had humble beginnings, built as a simple pine farmhouse around 1845. The farmhouse was built by one of the original settlers in the area. A few years later, Zeddy Herlong and his wife Natalie moved to the area from Alabama. Zeddy became […]

The Third Floor Of This Florida Hotel Is Haunted By Evil

Hotel Blanche is a historic hotel located in Lake City. Built in 1902, the hotel was once considered a luxurious place to stay, full of posh furniture and amenities. The hotel was the first building in Florida to have an elevator. One of the oldest hotels in Lake City Many famous figures stayed at Hotel […]

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Florida [Warning: Ghosts Inside!]

When one thinks about Florida, pristine beaches, romantic hotels, glamorous cities, and yearly family vacations often come to mind. What most people don’t consider is that Florida is home to many spirits—a majority of which can be found in hotels all around the state. Many hotels have been studied and the ones below are considered to […]

The Choking Ghost of the Infamous Hollywood Beach Resort

Much like the famous Hollywood sign in California, the Hollywood Beach Resort is an iconic part of the Hollywood, Florida landscape. Built in 1926, the hotel has seen many notable stars stay within its doors. Among the most famous is Al Capone, who once called the Hollywood Beach Resort his home. But over the last few years, […]

Haunted Ocala: The Woman with Rotted Flesh at the Seven Sisters Inn

Charles Rheinauer, born March 5, 1846, became a prominent businessman and leader in Ocala, Florida. During the 1890s, Charles and his brother established a clothing store that became very popular in the community. In 1906, Charles had been so successful and so involved with local organizations, he became the mayor of Ocala. There’s a Dark Spirit Lingering […]

Haunted Apalachicola: The Cursed Sisters of the Gibson Inn

What is now known as Apalachicola, Florida was once called Cottonton. The area first began as a British trading post in the early 1800s. By 1827, the area had attracted several residents and the name of the town was switched to Apalachicola in 1831. The Evil that Transpired in Cottonton… As the area grew, a hotel was […]

Sadistic Spirit Stalks Tourists at Clewiston Inn

The Clewiston Inn, known simply as The Inn by locals, was established in Clewiston, Florida in 1926. Passed along from owner to owner within the sugar cane business, The Inn survived two large scale hurricanes in 1926 and 1928.However, a fire in 1937 destroyed a majority of the building. Despite this setback, The Clewiston was restored […]