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10 Florida Waterfalls Where Drowned Children Call Your Name

Florida might be the flattest state, but the Sunshine State is also the home of some of the most wonderful waterfalls. Hidden like gemstones, these waterfalls are scattered across the flat state, but are a must-see if you’re visiting Florida. That is, if you don’t mind maybe disappearing? Because these waterfalls are also among the […]

Devilish Ghosts Grasp For The Living At This Haunted Astor Car Camping Site

Lots of folks enjoy taking camping trips but are unable to afford lavish RVs and trailer homes. As a result, car camping has become fairly popular, and Gobbler Road Campsites offers the best car camping in Florida. Dominic, who loves to spend practically every weekend living out of a tent, figured car camping was the […]

Ghosts Warn Of A Living Nightmare At This Haunted Williston Garden

If you are ever in the Williston, Florida area (hint: it’s near Gainesville) and you want to go hiking, it won’t be hard for you to find some lovely trails.  You can jog along leaf-strewn paths and watch the shifting patterns of dappled sunlight as you make your way through the trees of this one […]

Scary Ghost Encounters With The Flesh Rippers of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, by itself, is not a very scary place. But, there is a place north of Jacksonville where fear takes on a tangible form. The place called Riverside Motel. Riverside Motel has been abandoned for years. Casual passersby can find the place near the Georgia/Florida border, along the U.S. 17. There are two buildings […]

Trickster Spirits Haunt This Lakeland Playground

Lakeland is a charming city in Polk County, Florida, that does its name justice with the numerous lakes and water bodies it offers to its residents and visitors, both inside and on the outskirts of the city. With all of these possibilities in one place, Lake Parker Park is the perfect choice to have some fun outdoors… as […]

Paranormal Lake Worth: Are People Being Abducted by Aliens?

When it comes to cemeteries, certain things often come to mind: tombstones, mausoleums, and sinister looking trees. Often times, horror writers and directors rely on the creepy associations most people make when it comes to cemeteries in order to provide natural (and inexpensive) scenes for their work. Daniel (Name changed for privacy), a young professional […]

A Ghostly Message in the Bradenton Burial Grounds

In 1925, two gentlemen by the names of Harry Kellim and George Thacker purchased twenty-seven acres of land in what is now Bradenton, Florida. The land became dedicated as a burial ground, and the two men had many plans to expand and grow their services. By 1945, a crematory was added, and by 1957 Harry […]

Dark Creatures Hide in the Shadows at This Florida Park

If you have a dog, or if you have a fervent love for the beach – or both – why not get yourself down to Bayview Park in Pensacola, Florida and spend a little time having some fun in the sun?  With lots of walking paths winding through wooded areas nearby, you’re bound to find […]

Evil Is The Driving Force On This Haunted Florida Road

Oak Hill is a small beach town in Florida that, at first glance, does not appear to have anything out of the ordinary going on. The shores of the Atlantic allow for fishing and other water sports, but even then, the population is less than 2000, despite its lovely location. However, what Oak Hills does have […]

Watch Out For The Strange Ghost Waiting At These Brewster Benches

You look up from the cracked macadam laid out like the world’s flattest murder victim just beyond the illuminated edges of your phone (which has served you these past terrifyingly dark minutes as your only source of both time and man-made light), and hope against hope that the bus which was supposed to be here […]

Ghosts of Victims Plague This Forgotten Kerr City Cemetery

Kerr City is one of Florida’s many ghost towns. Time seems to have stopped on the lonely post office, while the area surrounding it appears to enhance the otherworldly feeling. Back in the day, Kerr City was not on a path of flourishing. Serving merely as a stop for people traveling to Ocala, it’s not […]

Haunted Miami Campground: The Ghosts of Larry and Penny Thomson Park

Larry and Penny Thompson Park is always a great choice for those who are looking to spend a few nights away sleeping in a tent. This Miami campground has 270 acres of forests, a freshwater lake to swim in and several trails for avid hikers or horse riders to enjoy. Along with all that, it […]

Ghost of Dead Boy Lures Children in This Florida Park

While many people from out of state tend to flock to Florida’s many picturesque beaches and resorts, those who live there try their best to enjoy the natural beauty of their state without dealing with tourism. For citizens who live in Fruitland Park, one of those lesser known beautiful landmarks is right in their backyard. […]

Albino Ghosts Want Your Blood At This Haunted Florida Playground

Florida is a state known for its varied and numerous outdoor parks, and the small city of St. Cloud, in Osceola County, has its own piece of green land with lakes and hiking paths where you can enjoy a great, family barbecue any weekend of the year. This area on the southern shore of East […]

Beware The Evil Entity Lurking In This Florida Barn

Micanopy is a sleepy town in Florida, sometimes even called “The Town that Time Forgot.” With old buildings and a population of less than a thousand people, the name is not surprising. Despite that, Micanopy has a charm of its own. With nearby trails like the Chacala Trail and a yearly art festival, Micanopy attracts […]

Beware The Haunted “Ghost Shack” At This Old Florida Cemetery

In 1853, the Sylvan Abbey Cemetery was built in Clearwater, Florida. Now called the Slyvan Abbey Memorial Park, the cemetery is home to the county’s oldest recorded burial. But history is not the only thing this memorial park is steeped in. The Clearwater Pitchfork Murders According to local legend a small, dilapidated shack is on […]

This Fernandina Beach Park Is a Mecca For Life-Changing Paranormal Encounters

Perched on 2601 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, Fort Clinch State Park is a mecca for history and Pokémon lovers. It is home to a 19th-century brick fortress (and a bunch of rare Pokémon). Moreover, it offers a range of recreational activities such as surfcasting, pier fishing, and wildlife viewing. Locals and visitors alike are also […]

Hellish Spirits Want To Make You Choke On Your Ice Cream In Miami

Are you in search of the best ice cream in Miami? Be sure to check out the Azucar Ice Cream Company. But those who are faint of heart should be forewarned…Rumor has it that the ground this delicious ice cream parlor sits on is notoriously haunted. Ready For The Best Ice Cream in Miami? The […]

Wicked Spirits At This Florida Lake Will Have You Questioning Your Sanity

North Central Florida is home to many pristine lakes perfect for a quick vacation, fishing, boating, and family outings. Located near the charming historic town of Hawthorne, Little Orange Lake is the jewel among these lakes. Midway along the western shore of the lake, there is a public boat ramp that one can use for […]

Grisly Apparitions Might Run You Off The Road On This DeBary Interstate

Most folks who live in DeBary, Florida live an ordinary life. Over the years, they have slowly forgotten the eerie tales that surround Interstate 4—a supernatural highway that crosses through town. These days, only school children speak about the headstones that were paved over, and the ghostly figures that appear along the road after the […]

You Can Have A Terrifying Alien Encounter at This WEIRD Waterfall in Gainesville

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls ever formed in the United States. In fact, many Florida natives make yearly trips to visit these formations, including the Devil’s Millhopper site in Gainesville. But not everyone visits this particular waterfall because of its beauty… Hunting for Ghosts in Gainesville Phil (Name changed for […]

The Ghosts At This Florida Pizza Joint Might Try To Slice You

Looking for a tasty and unique pizza joint while in Florida? Look no further than Moon River Pizza in Jacksonville. Not only does this place offer up fresh, homemade pies, but it’s said that ghosts like to linger outside the restaurant and cause mischief. Just ask Holly Williams (Name changed for privacy) and her family. […]

A Kind Old Man Swears Bigfoot Lurks At This Florida Campground

Many Americans acknowledge that thousands of senior citizens have flocked to Florida over the last couple of decades. It’s mild temperature and seasons make it an ideal location for aging Americans. The small town of Wewahitchka is no exception. Walk on the Wild Side The area has many parks, freshwater lakes, and lots of wildlife […]

Is The Best Burger in Tampa Really Worth Seeing a Terrifying Ghost?

Mermaid Tavern is a charming and artsy establishment in Seminole Heights, Tampa. The menu changes with the season, but customers rave about their unique burgers and craft beers. On the surface, the blue-walled tavern has delighted guests with its glass interior, mermaid-themed chairs, and outdoor seating area. Mermaid Tavern appears to be the perfect place for […]

9 Haunted Florida Oceanfront Restaurants That Are Guaranteed To Spook You

From fresh seafood to authentic American cuisine, oceanfront restaurants in Florida have something for every palate. Even the most finicky eaters can rest assured of satisfying their food craving with delicacies from both the land and water. But what you may not know is that some of the finest eateries on the Atlantic Ocean are […]

Terrifying Witch Seeks Revenge On Predators At This Florida State Park

As the seasons shift and change, many Florida residents enjoy exploring the natural beauty that is the St. George Island State Park. The park provides a serene, and beautiful landscape to enjoy time with friends or significant others. But what most Florida natives don’t realize is that the land itself is shrouded in a mysterious, […]

Who Is Responsible For The Black-Eyed Children At This Florida Beach?

Every couple years there’s a storm that is on the verge of making history. For people with Astraphobia, the crippling fear of storms, it seems that every storm is on the brink of destroying everything and everyone they love. Fifty-four year old Nancy (Name changed for privacy), a resident of Ormond Beach, has always been […]

Does the Devil Himself Live in This Florida State Park?

While many people flock to Florida to enjoy their white, sandy beaches, there is no denying that the sunshine state has many lush parks scattered throughout the state. One of those parks is the Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park in Keystone Heights. Gold Head consists of over two thousand acres of lakes, sand […]

Malicious Dark Shadows Have a Mind of Their Own at This Florida Cemetery

In 1958, construction began on the Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery in Doral, Florida. The initial construction took two years to complete, and mass was first held on Memorial Day in 1960. Since that time, the cemetery has continued to be an important part of the Doral community. Photographing the Dead From Catholic mass to […]

Ghost Hands Will Reach For You Under This Old Florida Bridge

During the 1830s, the town of Marianna was the site of a horrific tragedy. Legend has it that a woman named Elizabeth Bellamy lived in a farmhouse nearby. On the day of her wedding, Elizabeth woke up, proceeded with her morning ablutions and then put on her wedding dress. A Heart Breaking Marianna Legend Not […]

Beware The Bloody Hanging Ghost At This Florida Theater

The Falk Theatre, once known as the Park Theatre, is a live concert and performing arts center in Tampa, Florida. The theater first opened its doors in 1928. For many years, Falk was used to film movies and vaudeville shows. The Most Engaging Theater of University of Tampa The theater slowly evolved its purpose, and […]

Why Does An Angry Spanish Ghost Haunt This Florida State Park?

Ybor City is a historic section of Tampa that has met with many unfortunate fates. Once a blooming, industrial sections of the city, Ybor was once considered one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the world. However, many of the little city’s inhabitants grew sick with Tuberculosis during the early 1900s and passed away. A […]

The Tortured Spirits In This Florida Distribution Center Deserve Better

Many years ago, there was a company that operated out of Winter Haven, Florida. Scotty’s was a massive distribution center where hundreds of employees worked amongst the shelves in the warehouse. One day an employee was operating a forklift as he navigated around the massive building. Winter Haven Death Toll But something went terribly awry. […]

These 8 Urban Legends In Florida Will Keep You Awake At Night

Sun, Surf and Sand – these are the three factors that make Florida one of the exciting travel destinations in the U.S. Or so you would think. There’s another ‘S’ factor that may tempt you to plan a trip there sometime soon: Supernatural. From spooky trees to blood-filled rivers and all the way to flesh-eating […]

This Is The Only Restaurant In Florida Where You Can Meet Lucifer Himself

There are certain corners of the world where the devil likes to roam. Some of these places fall on ley lines—natural areas where the Earth’s electromagnetic field seems to operate differently. Other places are known for historical tragedy and depravity. Where the Devil Roams And others seem entirely random. One such seemingly random place is […]

Historic Florida Ghost Doesn’t Realize How Terrifying Her Presence Is

Among the houses on the Daytona Beach coastline, one house, in particular, stands out among the rest. Lillian Place, a sprawling yellow Victorian home, was built in 1884. Today, the house is the oldest home located beachside in Daytona. The Infamous Daytona Beach Ghost, Lucille It’s magnificent interior and exterior architecture makes it an ideal location for […]

Demon Stalks Hikers Along The Eastern Continental Trail In Florida

While more adventurous folk look to the Appalachian Trail as a means of challenging their physical and mental stamina, the Eastern Continental Trail, which spans from Key West, Florida all the way to Belle Isle, is another rigorous course in which to test one’s mettle. The trail itself is 5,400 miles and typically takes the […]

Does An Angry Bigfoot Actually Live At This Florida State Park?

For Florida residents who live in White Springs, the Big Shoals State Park is a beloved community landmark and is often visited multiple times throughout the year. Many people enjoy scenic walks along the paved trails, reunited with nature in a calm, easy going manner. Others prefer running and biking along the dirt trails, ready […]

Don’t Let A Little Dead Girl Scare You Away From This Florida Theater

During the 1960s, the townspeople of Titusville had two local theater groups called The Mask and Hammer Players and the Titusville Little Theatre. In August of 1965, the two groups decided to pool their resources together and become one large theater organization. The two groups didn’t have a penny to spare between them but resolved […]

Flesh-Ripping Ghost Family Terrorizes Cars On This Florida Road

In 2001, parts of a movie were filmed in Dunnellon, Florida. That movie, Jeepers Creepers, went on to become an instant classic for the horror industry. Many locals are unsure whether the area was picked because it was previously a site of paranormal activity… …Or if the activity began after the movie was completed. No matter the […]

10 Haunted Day Trips In Florida Where You’re Guaranteed To See At Least One Ghost

Florida has everything a vacationer could want: warm weather, rich history, and breathtaking sights. Even if you can’t afford going on a full-fledged vacation, you can try planning day trips in Florida without compromising on the fun factor. But before planning your trip, know this: Florida is one of the most insanely haunted states in […]

This Florida Cemetery Is Overrun With Vicious Ghosts Of Dead Animals

Around 1820, the Coon Hill Cemetery was established in Santa Rosa, Florida. The cemetery was built for the nearby Santa Rosa community which was made up of a general store, church, blacksmith and post office. Having originated around the time of the first settlers, Coon Hill is steeped in rich history. Rumor has it that many history […]

Enemy Spirit Terrorizes Poor War Veteran At This Florida Bridge

Once a well-known landmark in the Daytona Beach area, the Orange Avenue Bridge (also known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge) has been the site of a recent renovation project, which began on June 6, 2016. The beloved bridge has been demolished, and a new bridge is being constructed over the period of thirty-two months. Dave […]

Beware The Ghostly Terror Lurking At This Florida Intersection

Spook lights are a phenomena in haunted areas where inexplicable orbs of light are spotted floating through the sky. These phenomena have been recorded not only all over the country, but all over the world. Spook lights in near Graceville, Florida have tormented drivers at the intersection of Jones road and SR 2. Some people believe these lights are […]

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