The 10 Best Psychics on Kasamba (Get the Answers You Need Now!)

Kasamba best psychics

Wondering who the best psychics on Kasamba are?

We get it.

In life, we travel through a variety of circumstances and relationships, where we often feel confused, especially when it comes to making decisions.

Sometimes we, we need, answers immediately.

We don't want to waste time filtering through search options because that whole process can be downright frustrating...

"Just show me the best psychics on Kasamba!"

​Well, you're in the right place. Because this list will give you exactly what you want.

So you have less stress and more clarity - right now.

And here's something that you'll be happy to hear: You can speak to one of their psychic's on the phone for no charge. Yes, that's right: The first 3 minutes are free!​

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Now then, let's get to it!

Advisors Quick Pick

If you're in a hurry, here are our two favorites:

  • Truth and Light - Our #1 pick. Contact him if you have questions about love or relationships

Updated: 6/28/2018

Aqua Marine - Spiritual guidance with compassion and honesty

Aqua Marine is a professional who gives you compassionate, spiritual guidance with accuracy and honesty.  

If you desire insights about your loved ones, other people in your life and the various situations and relationships you find yourself in every day, let her know; she wants to help you.

2) Watchman Aquiya - Powerful and clear insight

Watchman Aquiya - Powerful and clear insight

Watchman Aquiya has over 20 year’s experience and many certifications from different spiritual systems.

She is a prophet who is down to earth, accepting, and will give you deep insight into money matters.

If you have questions about money, career, or finances, contact Watchman Aquiya.

3) Love Stefans Psychic Soul - A true spiritualist

Love Stefans Psychic Soul - A true spiritualist

A friendly approach and loads of experience doing spirit and soul work, Love Stefans will help you achieve and listen to your soul’s urge to create a beautiful future. 

If you're interested in using spells and other magical workings, it’s time to connect with Stefans.

4) Truth and Light - The #1 psychic on Kasamba

Truth and Light - The #1 psychic on Kasamba

With over 12 years of experience, Truth and Light will reveal what matters most.

Deeply passionate about interpersonal relationships, he possess a special gift when it comes to matters of the heart.

If you're stuck in a rut or need help with love, relationship, or family, get in touch with Truth and Light.

5) Cali - Genuine tarot reader

Cali - Genuine tarot reader

Cali truly cares about helping and healing people.

With Tarot, Numerology and over 12 year’s experience, this service can cover a broad range of situations and questions with excellent compassion and listening skills.

If you want help from someone who is especially sensitive to your thoughts and feelings, Cali is the one for you.

6) True Love Connection - Powerful Medium abilities

True Love Connection - Powerful Medium abilities

True Love Connection is a psychic medium who uses clairvoyance and powerful intuitions to provide you with genuine predictions.

She is a seasoned astrological practitioner who has a Masters in Psychology.

If you want someone to guide you through your life and help heal your suffering, chat with True Love Connection now.

7) Sophi Reunite Lovers - No bias or judgment

Sophi Reunite Lovers - No bias or judgment

Sophie Reunite Lovers is a mystic with over 17 years of experience.

She clears your doubt, giving you compassionate guidance by giving you a tarot card reading and revealing secrets with Numerology.

This open-minded professional won't judge you.

If you need help finding your life-path, Sophi is just a click away.

8) Joelle - Answers and solutions, no fluff

Joelle is one Kasamba's premier psychics

 Channeling messages from the Spirit realm, Joelle guides you along the correct path and uses automatic writing, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience among many others.

If you’re feeling lost and you’re seeking answers to clarify your life, then Joelle is the psychic to contact.

9) Divine Spiritual Timing - Honest, accurate, and caring

Divine Spiritual Timing - Honest, accurate, and caring

Divine Spiritual Timing has a wealth of experience - over 30 years!

She's gifted in remote viewing, spiritual guidance, psychic visions, Reiki and meditation. This also includes Divine Timing guidance, Balancing the Chakras and more.

If you want to find your life path, and prefer blunt answers over sugarcoated replies, Divine Spiritual Timing is the psychic for you.

10) Love Psychic Michael G - Reveals spiritual truth

Love Psychic Michael G - Reveals spiritual truth

Specific and direct, Michael G uses clairvoyant energy to reveal your spiritual truths.

His background experience includes over 10,000 calls with clients from around the world.

If you want lightning-fast answers, with a strong dose of compassion, reach out to Michael G.