The Ghost of the Dead Hero of La Bahia Fort in Goliad

The beautiful Presidio La Bahia Fort in Goliad is an important and integral part of Texas history.

La Bahia is a fort that was originally built in 1721 by the Spanish Army.

The fort was relocated twice before it’s permanent site on the San Antonio river in 1747.

The Infamous Goliad Massacre

Updated 2/11/2020 – The Goliad settlement sprang up around the fort towards the end of the 18th Century.

The site saw much conflict and was captured twice during the Mexican War of Independence.

It was also the site of blood and strife during the Texas Revolution.

Mexican soldiers held La Bahia when the Battle of the Alamo commenced.

Texan soldiers had been caught and held prisoner during the attack.

On March 27, 1836 the captives were taken just outside La Bahia’s walls and were shot to death.

Given this savage history, it’s not hard to believe that many visitors of the fort believe the site is haunted.

Among these witnesses, Arnold does not feel afraid but rather blessed to have made contact with what he believes to be the spirits of Texan soldiers.

“I will never forget the experience,” he said.

Colonel Fannin: Never Forgotten

Given this savage history, it’s not hard to believe that many visitors believe the site is haunted.


“As it has been written down in history, most of the executed soldiers were shot and beaten to death just outside of the stone walls of La Bahia.

But their leader, Colonel Fannin was made to suffer especially.

His death was saved for last,” Arnold murmured soberly.

“By order of Mexican President Santa Anna, Colonel Fannin was placed in a chair right outside the chapel on the grounds.

He did not beg for his life to be spared.

All he asked for was that his body be buried in the Christian tradition.

“But the Mexican soldiers did not respect his wishes.

They shot him in the face, took his possessions, and burned his body.

And I think it is for this reason that Colonel Fannin’s spirit lingers on at La Bahia.

“Anyway, I visited the fort last year.

I consider myself a sensitive when it comes to sensing spirits of the dead around me.

I stood outside the chapel and tried to gauge whether or not Colonel Fannin was nearby.

“Some people feel a cold spot, or suddenly get goosebumps when a ghost is close.

But what I feel is energy, and there was quite a lot of it hovering around the chapel that day,” Arnold nodded.

“’Colonel, is that you?’ I asked softly.

“Suddenly the energy intensified.

It feels almost as if you’re near something electrical, and the wattage gets increased.

It was a very surreal experience.

“That night I experienced a very clear vision.

I dreamt of Colonel Fannin sitting in that fateful chair, waiting to be executed.”


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