Only The Ghosts of Children Can Find This Hidden Waterfall in California

The Hidden Falls Regional Park, located near Auburn, California, is a 1,200-acre place that offers numerous recreational activities for visitors throughout the year.

The park has over 30 miles of trail as well as two observation decks with waterfall views, picnic areas, and swimming and fishing access.

Only The Ghosts of Children Can Find This Hidden Waterfall in California

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Updated 2/11/2020 – The most known paths in the park are the South Legacy and North Legacy Ways.

The Poppy and the Hidden Falls Access Trails also attract many hikers.

However, beyond these, there are over twenty, less used marked routes that visitors can follow… along with what could be a hidden waterfall kept secret by the ghosts of dead children, as some of the unlucky visitors dare to say.

Evil Little Ghosts of Auburn

More than one person that has visited the Hidden Fall Regional Park has come out of it with a true frightening story to tell: that the spirits of children roam certain parts of the park luring hikers to follow them to a mysterious waterfall only they know how to find.

According to several people, one of whom describes herself as a spiritualist psychic, who have had the misfortune of running into them, these ghosts seem to show up during the warmer months, the blossoming days of the wildflowers apparently being the worst.

They wander out of the trails, near the blooms, waiting for those who walk off the path to pick up flowers in order to convince them of strolling along in search of the hidden waterfall.

Whether the waterfall they speak of exists or not is still in question, although it appears to be a trap for the hikers to follow them into the woods.

Some people have experienced their presence only as voices, or hearing children laughing between the trees; others, having followed where the little voices come from, have had terrifying encounters with the horde of kids.

Hidden Waterfall or Vicious Trap?

Ghosts in the form of little children shows up in the park.

“It didn’t seem to me as if they would be taking me anywhere nice,” says Robert, a once constant hiker of the park.

Since the children’s ghosts appeared before him, he stopped being such a frequent visitor, especially when the wildflowers are blooming.

He affirms that the day he saw them, the land was covered with Californian poppies and purple lupines.

“The ghosts show up in the form of little children, all calling you out to go with them off the trails where they’d guide you to a secret waterfall that cannot be found on any map of the park,” he continues.

“I didn’t like the sight of all of these strange-faced kids, and as soon as I started stepping back, their invitation wasn’t very polite anymore.

Their faces and smiles became evil and threatening”.

Robert remembers running back to the marked road and hearing them following him close behind, many little children laughing and screaming all along.

When he found his way back to the trail, they became distant, like listening to them from afar.

As several of the people who have encountered the children recount, these don’t seem to show up on the trails, so those who stay on the path should be safe enough… unless they leave the road to pick up wildflowers on their blooming days.