Haunted Orange County: Dark Confrontation at Black Star Canyon

Black Star Canyon is located in Orange County, CA – close to the Santa Ana mountain range.

Not too far from where I grew up.

It has a dark and haunted history filled with battles between Native American tribes and settlers, trappers and the Spanish, and terrifying paranormal phenomena.

Haunted Orange County: Dark Confrontation at Black Star Canyon

Photo credit: flickr/Andre G. Antunes

Updated 2/10/2020 – We didn’t learn a whole lot about it in school, it’s the sort of thing you needed an interest in if you wanted to really find out what happened there.

I’ve heard many stories of people being chased away by locals, so I wanted to keep a low profile but I still wanted to see everything I could.

I wanted the full experience, first hand.

My husband didn’t want me to go alone.

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My husband I hit up the path during the day.

Straight away it became apparent that we were not alone.

We heard strange knocking sounds coming from the trees.

We couldn’t see any animals and I began to grow uneasy as a cold blast of wind came from nowhere.

I decided that I wanted to go and explore, just to shake off the jitters, but my husband was a little apprehensive.

There were many trails but we decided to use the most worn track and soon found ourselves at a small bridge.

We both could sense an invisible force field and we stopped at the same time, then looked at each other.

At that moment, the wind picked up and we heard freaky, ritualistic chanting – coming from the other side of the bridge.

Without telling me, my husband started walking across the bridge.

Then I saw a dark figure walk through him!

I was stunned and struck mute, as my husband didn’t react.

It seemingly travelled through him like he was a ghost.

The figure was draped in a black robe and stood at least 7 feet tall.

It was making a bee-line straight towards me.

I shuddered as I saw right through the apparition

Haunted Orange County: Dark Confrontation at Black Star Canyon

Photo credit: tumblr/honeyonmyskin

I could see my husband walking away from me on the other side of the bridge – like he was in a trance.

For reasons I can’t explain, I could not scream.

When the figure approached me – my feet finally sprang into action.

I raced over to the bridge but could still feel the impenetrable, invisible wall.

Confusion washed over me.

No longer able to follow my husband, I stood at the edge of the bridge and tried to call out to him.


I turned around and couldn’t see the dark figure.

When I turned back I was face to face with a terrifying specter.

It was like an apparition made of smoke – forming and reforming with a face rushing at me – over and over.

I opened my mouth to scream but a sudden gust of chilled wind blew right down my throat – freezing me inside.

The face of the ghost was still rushing in and out, scratchy and smoky in turns, almost mocking me.

I felt like icicles were forming in my mouth and throat.

Then the ghost started circling around me – wrapping me up.

The darkness was palpable and I feared for my life.

Finally I began to scream, feeling like icicles were shooting out.

That’s when my husband grabbed me and spun me around.

He hadn’t seen anything apart from me freaking out!

In no time at all, we fled the area.

I can’t explain what happened and don’t want to find out!

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