2012 Breezer Thunder Sport Mountain Bike Review (26″ Hardtail)

Get ready to take the trails after reading this Breezer Thunder Sport Mountain Bike Review.

Get ready to take the trails after reading this Breezer Thunder Sport Mountain Bike Review.

The 2012 Breezer Thunder Sport has become a classic in a few short years.

Mountain bikers of all stripes love it for its slim aesthetic and easy handling.

However, it’s not necessarily the bike for anyone and everyone.

There are many considerations that go into choosing the correct mountain bike for you.

Where do you plan on riding?

How much experience do you have riding?

Are you interested in challenging trails with steep hills to traverse and sharp turns to navigate?

Choosing a mountain bike is much more than cosmetics.

I’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you in this 2012 Breezer Thunder Sport mountain bike review in order to compile an honest look at the bike that highlights the benefits, drawbacks, and everything in between.

Let’s get started!

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A Critical, In-Depth Review of Breezer’s 2012 Thunder Sport Hardtail MTB

Things to Consider Before Buying A Budget-Level Bike

If you’re searching for a budget-level bike, you’ll need to first understand that budget shouldn’t simply mean “cheap.” The goal is to hit the highest value point where you wind up with a dependable, versatile bike without breaking the bank to get it.

Who Should Buy One

A budget-level bike makes the most sense for riders with less experience who are less likely to take on more challenging trails and terrain. Bikes like these are good options to get your feet wet without being too bare-boned or too close to the “newbie” side of the spectrum.

Buying a budget-level bike isn’t for beginners only. Bikes in this range make the most sense for riders who have general experience and are looking for a quality bike, but aren’t looking for all of the bells and whistles that accompany higher-end models or bikes designed for the most challenging trails.

Who Should Not Buy One

Budget-level bikes make less sense for more experienced riders who plan on riding on trails that are much more difficult to navigate. Riders in this category are likely to end up unhappy with their purchase once they realize that their bike isn’t as maneuverable or comfortable as they need it to be.

No one should spend more than they need to on a mountain bike, but it’s also important to be sure that your bike is going to be able to withstand the rigors of your riding tendencies.

What Is The 2012 Breezer Thunder Sport?

The 2012 Thunder Sport is a mountain bike made by Breezer Bikes. This model was designed by legendary bike designer Joe Breeze. Breeze is often considered the father of the modern mountain bike, and this model shows just how true that is.

The Thunder Sport is engineered for maximum performance and just as much fun. It promises to give you a lightweight, responsive bike that is ready for any trail. It’s a perfect balance.

Many people compare the 2012 Thunder Sport with the 2014 Thunder One. However, it is important to understand that the 2014 Thunder is a single-speed mountain bike while the 2012 Thunder Sport is a 3×9 speed.


From handlebars to rear tire, the 2012 Thunder Sport is decked out with incredible specs. Here are the basics:

Frame: Breezer D’Fusion hydroformed custom-butted 6066 aluminum

Tires: WTB Bronson 26×2.1″ Comp

Drivetrain: Shimano Acera 3×9

What we like: Responsive, great price, stylish design

What we don’t: Older model, rear disc brakes can be hard to access

Ready for adventure?

Ready for adventure?

What Is It Used For?

The 2012 Thunder Sport is a bike of all trades. Whether you’re looking to descend from a mountain at full speed, climb up the steepest trails, or take corners like they are nothing, this rig will go with you. It’s perfect for daring rides through your favorite ridges.

The Thunder Sport is also great for showing off in style. Its design catches the eye and feels as great as it looks.

Its engineering makes it comfortable and just-plain fun to maneuver.

The 2012 Thunder Sport may have you trying new trails, but this is a bike for someone who wants full control of the ride. Unlike it’s Breezer cousins, the 2012 Thunder Sport is equipped with many gear settings.


  • 6066 allow frame distributes weight evenly to improve your pedaling efficiency
  • Shimano drive train is smooth so you can switch gears easily
  • Tektro Novela brakes enable you to brake right when you need to
  • Sleek and stylish design turns heads
  • Easy to handle on any trail


  • There are newer models available
  • It can be difficult to perform maintenance on the rear brakes
  • Not suited for those who prefer one-speed rigs

Features and the Benefits You Get

The basic specs don’t fully capture what this bike is. When you purchase a 2012 Thunder Sport, you get a bike that is filled with awesome features. Below are some of my favorite parts of this model.

Good Looking

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to ride a bike that I don’t want to look at. The 2012 Thunder Sport checks the “style” box with a modernized version of a classic design. It just feels great when strangers notice and compliment your rig.

Great Frame

Of course, I wouldn’t love a bike that’s all style and no substance. Luckily, the 2012 Thunder Sport backs up its perfect design with a body that performs as good as it looks. The hydraulic disc brakes, 6066 aluminum body, and integrated head tube all make for excellent handling, even around tight corners.

It’s also great for pushing through tough climbs and rising to the top. It can maximize your efficiency and keep your going for longer.

Smooth Shifting

If you’re like most mountain bikers, you absolutely hate getting stuck in a gear when you are trying to shift. Of course, this only happens at the worst possible time. That’s less likely to happen with the 2012 Thunder Sport.

This bike comes loaded with a Shimano 3×9-speed Acera drivetrain. This renowned drivetrain makes switching gears simple, so you don’t get stuck at the wrong time.


Because it’s made of aluminum, this bike can be quite lightweight. Of course, this depends on the tires and accessories you choose. The lighter the bike, the faster you can go.

D’Fusion Tubing

Mountain biking can cause stress on your joints and your bike. That’s why the geniuses at Breezer included D’Fusion tubing on this and other models. This tubing spread the stress wider so that no one part of you or your bike gets all the heat.

By defusing the stress, this bike keeps you going for longer and helps you avoid burnout. Plus, your bike and its parts can last longer. This revolutionary tubing is a must-have.

Breeze-In Dropouts

You can find plenty of signs of the Breezer brand throughout this bike. One of the best touches is the Breeze-In dropouts. This protective shell make your bike firmer without adding any weight. In fact, these dropouts are lighter than other, less protective ones on the market.

What Makes This Bicycle Unique

Plenty of bikes can boast these features. So what makes this one so special? It offers plenty of benefits that are sure to satisfy.

Great Price

When it comes right down to it, you shouldn’t pay more for a bike with the same features. No matter where you buy, you can typically find a 2012 Thunder Sport for a reasonable price compared to others. A great price is especially important to new mountain bikers who may not be ready to commit to a more expensive ride yet.

Climb Faster

If you’re struggling with your climbing, the 2012 Thunder Sport may help. Its light weight and great engineering make it a great climber for steep trails you have yet to conquer. You can finally reach your highest peaks and smash your goals.

Corner Better

Nothing sucks quite like eating dirt from taking a corner all wrong. This bike is relatively easy to handle, so even inexperienced riders will have an easier time cutting corners. You can stop wiping out and start taking corners with style.

Descend Faster

If half the reason you climb the mountain is come descend quickly, you’re in luck. This rig like to go fast. By shifting gears, you can get the control you want on the downhill.

The easy handling makes that a little safer, too. The 2012 Thunder Sport responds to you, so you can go down the mountain with confidence.

Great for All Experience Levels

Whether you’re brand new to mountain biking or an old pro, you can find something to love in the 2012 Thunder Sport. It’s look, feel, and handling appeal to people of all experience levels.

Sizing Chart

Breezer Thunder Sport Mountain Bike Size Chart

This bike comes in XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes. It’s essential to get the right size Thunder Sport for you. Consult the sizing chart below for more information on which model is right for you.


The low price might just be the best part of this bike, in my opinion. You can grab a 2012 Thunder Sport for just $499. It’s hard to believe you can get such a great ride for such a relatively small price.

Of course, that dollar amount isn’t exactly chump change. However, if you want to get some bang from your bike, this is a great one to spend your bucks on. You get superior handling without paying a premium price.

Alternatives to the 2012 Breezer Thunder Sport

Although the 2012 Thunder Sport is a great bike for an even better price, it isn’t the only option. It’s important to think over all the bikes you could get and make an informed choice for yourself. Below are some alternatives to consider.

  • Breezer Thunder One: If everything about the Thunder Sport sounds great except the gears, the Breezer Thunder One might be the right bike for you. Like it’s multi-gear cousin, the Thunder One is lightweight and easy to maneuver. However, some people prefer no gear options.Some people find that single-speed bikes are simply more fun. However, they can be more difficult for the inexperienced biker. Ultimately, it’s a choice you have to make for yourself.Click or tap here to learn more about the Breezer Thunder One.
  • Breezer Storm 29 Comp: For only about $100 more, you can get the Breezer Storm 29 Comp. This is a great bike with 29” alloy rims, slightly larger than the Thunder Sport. The bigger wheels may result in some loss of handling, but users say this bike turns surprisingly well.Many mountain bikers prefer the larger wheel size because once you get going, you have more momentum built up. They can also offer better traction of slippery trails. However, these wheels and tires do weigh more.Click or tap here to learn more about the Breezer Storm 29 Comp.
  • Breezer Squall Sport Right Fit 2018: If you’re the kind of mountain biker who is always on the lookout for the next new thing, ditch the Thunder Sport and grab a Breezer Squall Sport Right Fit 2018. As the name suggests, it’s six model years newer than the 2012 Thunder Sport, and technology has come a long way since then.The Squall Sport is designed with beginners in mind. Plus, you can choose the size of the wheels based on your preference. Without a sale, it can come at a slightly higher price point, but that might be worth it for some riders.Click or tap here to learn more about the Breezer Squall Sport Right Fit 2018.

Review Conclusion

Updated 2/9/2020 – Breezer has been making amazing bikes for decades, and the 2012 Thunder Sport is no exception. With its incredible style, genius design, and great add-ons, it can keep you smiling along trail after trail.

This bike is meant for someone who loves trail riding and wants better handling. It is full of features that help you enjoy the ride more and worry less. Plus, all its parts are durable, so you can feel confident that your ride is reliable.

There are other Breezer bikes to consider. If you’re looking for one gear, big wheels, or a new model, you might choose a different bike. Consider the Thunder One, Storm 29 Comp, and Squall Sport models for different features.

However, if you’re just looking for a solid multi-speed mountain bike, the Breezer 2012 Thunder Sport could be the one. Overall, this is one of the best mountain bikes on the market for its price. Beginners and experienced riders alike can love it for a long time. If my 2012 Breezer Thunder Sport Mountain Bike review has piqued your interest and you’d like to learn more, click the button below.

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