California Psychics Reviews by Sarah Baker

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Searching online for a reputable psychic is challenging. There are hundreds, if not thousands, on independent psychics operating across America.

So, how do you know that you’re dealing with a reputable psychic that has genuine talent? Forking over your hard-earned money to a con artist will leave you with a poor impression of the sector, and you’re likely to throw in the towel with your search for someone who can connect you to the divine.

California Psychics is a professional network of readers, mediums and clairvoyants that you can trust. Are you wondering if this site is the real deal?

Well, the fact the you’re reading this article, California Psychics Reviews by Sarah Baker, means you’re in the right place to learn the truth.

Are you ready? Great, let’s begin.

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Who Is Sarah Baker?

Hey there :-) I’m Sarah, nice to meet you!

My name is Sarah Baker, and I know a ton about California Psychics. I’ve been getting psychic readings online for the past 9 years and in that time have had numerous readings with California Psychics, plus many other services.

It’s safe to say, I’m a “psychic-junkie”!

Because I have so much experience, my friends and family often ask me if I recommend that they get a reading with California Psychics.

My friends, family, and new friends online (like you!) trust me enough to ask for my advice. And I value that trust.

And so, I created this review to give everyone the real scoop. It’s written by me, but it’s for you.

Keep reading to discover the scoop about California Psychics and whether they are the perfect fit for you!

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California Psychics Reviewed by Sarah Baker

Sarah's thoughts about California Psychics

California Psychics is an online network of psychic professionals founded in 1995. Over the last 25-years, the site built its reputation as one of the leading platforms for contacting reputable and experienced psychic professionals.

Since its inception, the site is responsible for delivering over 5-million readings to people all around the country. Reviews and client testimonials suggest that millions of satisfied clients use the professionals in this network for spiritual guidance, with positive results.

California Psychics offers you access to qualified and highly-vetted psychics, 24-hours a day. The site puts all of its vendors through a stringent vetting program to ensure the integrity of its reputation as the best psychic network online.

Using the site gives you access to life-changing psychic readings. You can expect to find qualified professionals that can provide you with guidance and answers in every area of your life. From relationships to your career, and even dream analysis, California Psychics has everything you need to satisfy your spiritual needs.

How Does California Psychics Work?

You’ll love the easy navigation of this site, allowing you to find what you need with a few clicks of your mouse. If you’re unsure what service you need, then the site has plenty of interesting articles to help you settle on the psychic service that’s right for you.

The site has a network of hundreds of readers with varying specialties. All you need to do is run a search using the site’s tools to find the vendor that’s right for you. You can filter your results for popularity or experience level, as well.

When logging onto the site, you have the option of creating a user account or selecting a psychic using a guest account, which requires no registration. While the guest user option still connects you to an operator that can find you a psychic, you get so much more value by registering for a free account.

After registering for an account, you’ll have the opportunity to browse the profiles of psychic readers in the community. You can also read customer reviews, and you get access to an archive of psychic information.

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The Types of Readings Available

After registering for your account, you have the option of selecting your psychic from a list of categories.


These psychic professionals can provide you with guidance in finding your destiny and purpose in life. A clairvoyant can see into the future, giving you the advice to achieve the best outcome in your life by adjusting your thinking and actions.

Relationship Readers

These professionals can guide you on your love life, helping you with finding the right partner to suit your personality. They can also offer advice on current relationships, as well.


These psychics communicate with spirits and the realm beyond this world. A medium can connect you with individuals in your life that passed into the spiritual realm, helping you find closure in your relationship. Mediums can also see into the future, providing you with guidance on your actions.

Tarot Readings

Live tarot readings provide you with details on your past, present, and future. The psychic reads the cards and interprets them into events that may occur in the future, based on the past and current events in your life.


These psychics specialize in understanding your physical and mental state through the power of empathy. An empath looks into your soul and helps you find clarity in decisions that changed or will change your life.

These psychic professionals create a deep connection with your mind and spirit, showing you the possibilities that lie ahead.

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Why Choose California Psychics? Sarah’s Thoughts

This psychic network has plenty of benefits for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual nature, and connect with the supernatural forces in this world and beyond. 

Free Trial – You can create an account on the site and ask a psychic professional a question, for no charge. If you decide to connect with the supernatural, then you get an introductory offer for your first reading that works out to an affordable $1 per minute.

Your Daily Horoscope

Get insight into what lies ahead in your life. Your horoscope contains information you might find useful in your love life, career, or relationships.

The ‘New Psychics’ Area

Browse through all of the new service providers on the site. California Psychics has a rigorous vetting process on all new physic applicants that register as professionals on the site.

They only accept 2% of all new applicants so that you can rely on the site delivering you the best options for mediums and psychic professionals in the country.

Psychic Evaluations

As mentioned, becoming a registered reader on the site is no easy task for new psychics. Apart from this vetting process, California Psychics also conducts routine evaluations on all of its readers.

To remain a reader on the site, psychics must meet standards of quality and accuracy with all of their clients. Readers that don’t have consistently fantastic scores face removal from the site.

As a result, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting in touch with a competent, experienced, and professional psychic that delivers accurate results for their clients.

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Promotions, Pricing, and Satisfaction Guarantees

When selecting your psychic reader on California Psychics, you’ll notice that there are different price tiers. The pricing levels occur due to the psychic’s experience and customer reviews.

Those readers that have stellar reviews and plenty of satisfied clients charge more than newbie readers on the site.

As a result, you could pay anywhere from $4 or more per minute, depending on the reader you choose for your consultation. The psychic’s specialty also makes a difference in the pricing of the service, so make sure you understand the reader’s pricing before you commit to the service.

Register for the site, and take California Psychics up on its offer for the promotional offering of a $1 per minute for your initial reading.

The website also offers you a premier promotional package, as well. Using this promotion, you get a special rate of $2 per minute for any guidance covering your relationships, career, or the love interests in your life.

Now that you’re almost finished reading this article, California Psychics Reviews by Sarah Baker, you probably understand California Psychics is legit.

However, if you still have concerns, that’s okay. It’s for this reason that the site offers you a satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your reading, then California Psychics will connect you directly with another qualified psychic that can assist you with your spiritual needs.

So, are you ready to get instant clarity, risk free?

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