The 10 Best Psychics at California Psychics (Get Clarity & Relief Now!)

Let the Best Psychics at California Psychics help you find your life path

Interested in the best psychics at California Psychics?

I get it.

At some point everyone faces a unique set of obstacles and challenges.

And you want to talk to someone who gives you deep insight into your life; someone who gives you clarity.

But there are a lot of advisors to choose from, each with their own specialties, so it can take a huge amount time to find one you connect with.

It can seem like huge ordeal to find the right one for you.

Well, don’t worry. I’m about to save you a ton of time and frustration – so you get the answers you need right now.

In this list you’ll discover exactly what you’ve been looking for:

The best psychics on California Psychics.

Now then, let’s get to it.

If you're in a hurry, and quickly want to know who the best choice is, here are my two favorites:

Gina Rose - My #1 pick. Speak with her if you have questions about love or current/future relationships.

Pilar - Contact her if you want to get in touch with a deceased loved one, or if you want a psychic who uses tools.

Updated: 7/3/2018

The 10 Best Readers on California Psychics

1) Anasela – Gives you peace

Anasela – Gives you peace

Anasela is a bilingual psychic in California, who speaks English and Spanish.

Before you contact her, Anasela meditates and prays that the messages she receives will help you achieve your highest good. She also makes use of guides that let her assess your situations in the spirit realm before giving an answer.

If you need help figuring out your life-path, she’s the one to contact.

2) Gina Rose – My #1 pick for best reader on California Psychics

Gina Rose – Our #1 pick for best reader on California Psychics

Gina Rose has been using her gifts since the age of 8, after 4 years of practice.

Not only do her predictions for your future reveal what is going to happen, she provides an accurate overview of the timeline when the events will happen; this is especially helpful when you have questions about your love-life or relationships.

If you need answers about love or relationships, and you want clarity now, speak with Gina Rose.

3) Pilar – Will give you closure

Pilar – Will give you closure

Pilar has a variety of talents, including remote viewing, clairvoyance, and channeling.

She uses astrology, pendulum, and tarot tools in her sessions.

Pilar can connect with the deceased, giving you closure and the chance to temporarily meet with your loved ones.

If you need to connect with loved ones who have passed to the other side, reach out to Pilar. She’s waiting to help you.

4) Walter – Straight-talking Medium

Walter – Straight-talking Medium

Walter is a Medium with a straightforward style.

Before contacting a spirit, he describes their physical characteristics so you know you are speaking to the right person on the other side.

If you want someone who gets straight to the point, fast, Walter is your guy.

5) Uli – Detailed and understanding

Uli – Detailed and understanding

Uli has over 3 decades of professional experience as a psychic.

She can help you with love and relationships, career and work, and money and finance. You’ll love how incredibly detailed she is, giving you a deep sense of understanding.

If you’re independent-minded and want advice from a psychic that will ultimately help you guide yourself, talk to Uli.

6) Braxton – Will clear your mind of doubt

Braxton – Will clear your mind of doubt

Braxton uses his skills and tools like numerology, tarot cards, and astrology to predict your future.

For the best results, you should try to clear your mind before you begin.

Braxton specializes in love and relationships and has the experience to let you know what is going on in your romantic future. He may leave you speechless with how on-point he is about the things that matter most to you.

If you want details about your life using a wide variety of methods, contact Braxton.

7) Demi – Calms your anxieties

Demi – Calms your anxieties

Demi has many talents, from telling the future with clairvoyance to helping you contact your loved ones.

She has the ability to understand your mind quickly and has a photographic memory that allows her to remember everything she learns about you.

If you need to be releived of past traumas and need a sense of peace in your life, Demi is the psychic to call.

8) Casey – Reveals your destiny

Casey – Reveals your destiny

Are you looking for a dream analyst?

Casey has this ability, as well as being clairaudient and an empath. She offers compassionate guidance, giving you predictions of the future and guidance in many areas.

With just your name, birth date, and knowledge of the question you are seeking, she will connect with her spirit guides and with you.

If you need help with dream interpretation, revealing your life-path, or want to know your destiny, talk to Casey.

9) Leo – Natural ability, no tools used

Leo – Natural ability, no tools used

Leo is, to put it mildly, a natural medium.

He chooses not to use any tools, as his true power lies in pure intuition.

He will give you immediate, and truthful, answers that will give you clarity.

Leo feels that nothing empowers more than truth.

If you feel conflicted about something in life, give Leo a shout.

10) Bellina – Reveals your truth through Tarot

Bellina – Reveals your truth through Tarot

Bellina has been a Tarologist for over 20 years.

Her experience and knowledge shines through on every call, and she’s adept at daily horoscope and tarot to uncover new truths you might not have known you sought.

If you want help with sensitive subjects in your life, Bellina is a wonderful choice.