Does California Psychics Really Work? (Truth Revealed In This Review!)


California Psychics Review - Trusted Psychic ReadingsCalifornia Psychics is one of the biggest and most established psychic hotlines in the country.

If you’re here, you’ve almost assuredly heard of them before. But do California Psychic readings really work?

Are there any legitimate psychics in their network?

Read on to discover the truth.

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Do California Psychic Readings Really Work?

There is some science these days to support the idea of psychic powers, and we think California Psychics has assembled a team of readers that take their job seriously. They listen and they’re clearly true believers. And why shouldn’t they be? People have turned to psychics for centuries or more in times of stress and uncertainty.

It’s entirely natural for people to look for answers and a little extra help when their lives take an unexpected turn. Whether you’re suffering from a breakup or the loss of a job, or just that general feeling of being lost that everyone experiences from time to time, a psychic reading is a healthy way to get your mind back on track.

How Accurate Are California Psychics?

Some people have amazing powers of intuition, and those powers can manifest themselves in a number of different ways. Some of them seem like magic, and maybe they are. California Psychics collects such people and puts them to good use. So when you get a reader that matches well with you, you'll find that more often than not, the readings you get will feel spot on.

How To Get The Best Psychic Reading

California Psychics offers readings with a large number of trained psychic readers. The best way to get a fantastic psychic reading by phone is by choosing the reader who you feel is the best fit for your particular questions and situation.

Some people will ask "Who is the best psychic on the California Psychics network?" The answer to that will vary from person to person. This is because you'll find that your energy will mesh better with some psychics. Read on to discover some of the best readers in their network, and what they are known for - so you can choose the type of reader that's best for you.

Review Of Their Online Phone Chat Psychics


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Focus – Love Advisor & Relationships

Daphne is our top choice as a psychic love advisor. She awoke to her abilities as a small child, and has been a professional reader for over ten years. She has found some fame as a clairvoyant and empath, and she has also explored a number of other intuitive abilities. Her experience and knowledge shines through on every call, and she’s adept at daily horoscope and tarot readings to uncover new truths you might not have known you sought.

If you want an accurate psychic reading about your love life, Daphne is a wonderful choice.


Focus – Relationship Insights

Darren is a powerful clairvoyant and clairsentient psychic. He tends to work with tarot or oracle cards, and he has a very sweet, friendly style. Darren is very savvy to the emotional plane, almost to a shocking degree. It’s often surprising just how much he will figure out about your issues by asking just one or two questions.

Darren is an especially great choice if you have relationship worries.


Focus – Destiny & Life Path, Past Lives

Deepti’s knowledge comes from deeply rooted traditions in the fields of astrology and numerology. She is adept at using crystals to focus her intuition, and her passion is using that intuition to help you unlock your own. Deepti believes that everyone has it within themselves to unlock true happiness in their life, even if your past lives, or your past in this current life, have not been so fulfilled.

A reading with Deepti is a very uplifting, positive experience. Her knowledge of the spiritual world is second to none, and it’s amazing how much power she’ll help you find within yourself.


Focus – Opening New Doors When Old Ones Close

Gabriel is, to put it mildly, a natural medium. Although he uses the tarot and crystals, his true power lies in pure intuition. According to Gabriel himself, his abilities manifest as hot and cold sensations that tell him he’s on the right track to the truth.

Gabriel believes that we always have options and freedom of choice. He’s made it his mission at California Psychics to show that truth to others, as well. A session with Gabriel is ideal when you feel conflicted or trapped. He’s very matter-of-fact and straightforward, a style that is always appreciated in times of doubt. Gabriel might say something along the lines of, “Yes. As long as you yourself are prepared to really work for your own health and benefit.”


Focus – Spirit Medium

Reed is an accomplished spirit medium, able to communicate with those who have passed beyond the Veil. An encounter with his deceased grandfather when he was a small child set him on the path to using his psychic abilities for good. Reed relies solely on his own intuition and abilities, and does not use any tools such as the Tarot.

Reed is a little bit unusual at California Psychics in that he also has the ability to communicate with pets and animals who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It’s difficult to describe, but if you are missing your old furry friend, bring it up with Reed. It’s amazing how reassuring it can be to know that your pet still thinks of you even on the other side, and Reed does a wonderful job imparting that feeling to you.

How Does California Psychics Work?

California Psychics Review - Are you ready to get a phone reading you can trust? The thing that sets California Psychics apart, no matter which reader you choose, is that they really believe and they really care. Many other psychic phone lines are clear money grabs, scams, and frauds. You’ll hear responses that are obviously canned and rehearsed, and you won’t get the sense that your reader is really listening to you.

Not so at California Psychics. California Psychics are the real deal, and they truly put in the effort to understand and address your needs. There aren’t any fake outs or filler. Their readers believe in their abilities, and they want to use them to help you.

One Free Psychic Question Online

If you're on the fence about getting a psychic reading, this may soothe your worries:

California Psychics offers a free trial, in which you can ask a question online at no charge.

So you basically get to talk to real psychics for free. We do recommend taking advantage of this, because it also gives you a substantial discount on your telephone reading. It brings the price down to $1 per minute, which is very low for this sort of service.

Potential Drawbacks

California Psychics isn’t without its flaws, of course. It really is important to pick the right reader for your needs. The different psychics have very different styles and abilities, and what works for one person might not be the best fit for another. This is where most California Psychics complaints come from, but it’s easily avoidable

Carefully read the profiles and descriptions of all the available readers, and think carefully about the approach you want to take in resolving your own issues. Of course, if you get it wrong, there’s nothing stopping you from calling back and getting another reader. It’s not a bad idea to try a few different people and rotate between them.

Once you find the ones who work best for you, it’s easy to settle into a routine of calling every so often to make sure you’re on the right path.

Review Conclusion - Are They The Real Deal?

Get Answers at California PsychicsSo, once again, does California Psychics really work? They certainly do work hard. It’s a psychic reader line with a difference, that difference being the dedication of the readers themselves.

In a world full of obvious scams and people just trying to make a quick buck, the readers at California Psychics stand out for their dedication, compassion, and belief. Whether or not they will work for you largely depends on what you bring to the equation. Call looking for some sensible guidance, a friendly voice, and calm advice, and you’ll receive it in spades. You’ll probably get a few thrills too, especially if you’re not yet initiated into the world of psychic readers.

Based on our experience, our opinion here is that the psychics at California Psychics are real.

For those who tend more towards the logical and less towards the spiritual, the Bard said, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

In other words, not everything can be explained by the rational and scientific.

Sometimes you encounter something that just doesn’t make sense. In the case of a quality psychic hotline like California Psychics, that something can improve the quality of your life by leaps and bounds, especially in times of trial.

Our recommendation, therefore, is to just give it a try. If you’ve ever had an ounce of curiosity about psychic advice lines and what they can do for you, California Psychics is an excellent place to start. And that free online question (essentially giving you a free psychic reading by phone), and $1 per minute call doesn’t hurt at all.

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