The Best EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting

Perhaps the Best EMF Meter for ghost hunting
Photo credit: FullCodeGhost

If you’re interested in the best EMF meter for ghost hunting, you’re in the right place. Ghost hunting used to be a very inexact science. Wannabe paranormal investigators would use whatever techniques seemed right to them at the time, and there was very little agreement or standardization of the tools used on ghost adventures.

Things are a little different these days. It’s still an inexact science and maybe it always will be, but the internet and the rise of ghost hunting in popular culture means that everyone has an opinion and everyone is happy to discuss it. If you want our in-depth info, continue reading. But if you want to get straight to our recommended meters, haha, here they are:

Our Recommended EMF Meters:

Every investigator has their preferred kit, and everyone loves to swap tips on the hottest new camera or the best EMF meter for ghost hunting. EMF meters, speaking of, really are a crucial item in any ghost hunter’s backpack.

The name stands for electromagnetic field meter, and the device has its roots in the electrician’s trade. An EMF meter is able to dete