Did An Otherworldly Priestess Cure This Texas Man’s Mysterious Illness?

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

For nineteen year old George L. (Name changed for privacy), this is certainly the case.

His encounter with the supernatural continues to baffle experts in the field.

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Updated 2/11/2020 – “I think it was about a year ago when my cousins moved to Marshall, Texas,” he informed me.

“I was bummed at first, because I had grown up with them living down the street in Dallas.

But it was pretty exciting to have a new town, and a bunch of new ladies, to meet and explore,” he said, unable to suppress a grin.

An Unknown Illness

“I had gotten really sick earlier that year.

I had had…hmm, maybe seven consultations with five different doctors, but nobody could figure out what was going on with my body.

I was desperate for help so even considered going to psychic healers and spiritualists.

So when my mom suggested we spend a long weekend with my cousins to bring back some life-balance, I was all for it.

“Not long after we arrived at their house, my cousins took me to the back porch for a cigarette and told me about the legend of the voodoo priestess who haunts a nearby road.

They didn’t believe the stories, of course.

But they knew some younger kids who did and thought it would be fun to scare passerby who traveled down the road that night.

“Needing to blow off some steam, I agreed to go,” George said, with a casual flick of his shoulders.

“So we drove to Stagecoach Road, and parked the car behind a stand of trees.

We started to run in the opposite direction, wanting to put some distance between us and the car.

“It was late, and as I ran I realized that I had outdistanced my cousins despite my unknown illness.

I was about to loop around and find them when suddenly a woman appeared from behind a tree.

She was African American like me, but she had this strange glow about her that seemed otherworldly.

Voodoo in Marshall, Texas

Voodoo in Marshall, Texas


“I remember crying out when I saw this grotesque looking miniature head tied to her belt on a rope,” George said with a shudder.

“She began to wave her hand at me and chant under her breath.

I wanted to run, but I felt glued to the stop, like she had put some kind of enchantment on my feet.

“I began to cry and I threw my hands up to shield myself from her terrifying gaze.

I thought if I closed my eyes, she wouldn’t be able to curse me,” he murmured quietly.

“The next thing I know, I’m on the ground, and my cousins are shaking me awake.

“They told me that they saw me trip over a tree root and hit my head against a rock.

I must have passed out from the impact.

I was so relieved that my encounter with the voodoo priestess had only been a dream.

“But then…,” George sighed.

“When I returned to Dallas, I went to see my doctors and they gave me a clean bill of health.

They told me that some miracle had happened.

“But I think that whatever the priestess had done to me in Marshall is what really cured me of my illness.”