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Lonely Dead Girl Wants To Meet You At This Texas Apartment Complex

Kingsgate Village seems like an ordinary apartment complex in Houston, Texas. Compact apartments are stacked side by side, and on top of each other on a square property. But unlike most apartment complexes in the area, Kingsgate is supposedly haunted. Updated 2/11/2020 – Rumor has it that residents have caught glimpses of a little girl […]

Indian Ghosts Seek Revenge For Terrible Treatment At This Texas Park

For students in Austin, Texas, it is commonplace to learn about the horrific Indian Massacre that took place in Shoal Creek Park many many years ago. Elliot (Name changed for privacy), a local freelance photographer, recalls hearing the stories in high school and feeling ashamed of his ancestors. Updated 2/11/2020 – “It was awful, the […]

Only The Murderous Spirits Remain From This Former Haunted Texas Mansion

There once stood a small mansion in Slate Shoals, Texas. Built among the slate hills that the town is named after, the Slate Shoals Mansion saw many families come and go before the house was destroyed. Updated 2/11/2020 – In the early 2000’s a fire burned the house to the ground. Only a few chimneys […]

Are These Texas Apartments Built On An Old Forgotten Graveyard?

Many spirits are claimed to be in El Paso, Texas. It seems that if one person has an odd encounter, word spreads like wildfire, and the place, from that point on, is considered incredibly haunted. But there are some other places where hauntings just can’t be denied. Updated 2/11/2020 – One of those said places […]

The Sad Ghost of a Murdered Little Boy Haunts This Texas Mine

While the San Miguel Lignite Mine in Christine, Texas isn’t that old as far as mines go, it has recently developed a rather notorious reputation. According to local rumors, two teenaged boys decided to break into the mine a few years ago. As they explored, they began to discuss a pretty girl at school. Murder […]

Vengeful Poltergeist Bullies Workers At This Texas Office Complex

Every once in awhile, residences and public buildings become subjected to strange, paranormal phenomena. Doors open and close, messes are made when no one is around. Not long ago, an office complex on Briarhills Parkway in Houston became haunted by a dark entity. Is an Entity Causing Trouble for this Houston Based Building? Updated 2/11/2020 […]

This Haunted Texas State Park Has a Secret Sinister Past

Bastrop State Park is known for being surrounded by the Lost Pines Woods, which are estimated to date back to the Pleistocene era. Only a few years ago, the park suffered floods and forest fires. Updated 2/11/2020 – As a result, the park is currently in a state of rebirth – new trees are planted […]

Violent Paranormal Visions Haunt A Texas Hotel For This Reason

During the 1920s a hotel was built for a rancher named Alfred Gage in Marathon, Texas. This fifteen room hotel has been beautifully restored and remains open for service. Updated 2/11/2020 – Many people passing through Marathon, fall in love with the authentic western style of this unique hotel. However, rumor has it that the […]

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