Keen Psychics Reviews by Sarah Baker

Keen Psychics Reviews by Sarah Baker

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Keen Psychics Reviewed by Sarah Baker


When you think of consulting with a psychic, you might imagine visiting a physical location, and meeting with a person face-to-face. While there are plenty of psychics that use this model to meet clients, the internet revolutionized the psychic practice.

Today, there are dozens of psychic networks online. Each of them can connect you with thousands of psychics in varying specialties.

All you need to do is browse through listings of mediums, tarot readers, astrologists, and many more. Read the psychics profile you’re interested in using and read up on their practice.

With so many online networks available, how do you know which one is right for you? After you’ve finished reading this article, Keen Psychics Reviews by Sarah Baker, you’ll know everything about using one of the top-rated online psychic networks, “Keen Psychics.”

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Who Is Sarah Baker?

Hey there :-) I’m Sarah, nice to meet you!

After reading this far you may be wondering, “Who the heck is Sarah Baker anyway?” lol

Well, I’m Sarah Baker (see my picture above), nice to meet you! I wrote this review because I have years of experience with Keen Psychics. In fact, I’ve tried just about every psychic service in the last 9 years.

Yeah, I’m a certified “psychic-junkie”, lol!

Whenever my friends or family want to know if Keen is worth it, they come to me.

I value the trust they place in my opinion, and I value your trust as well! I take this very seriously.

And so, I created this review to give you the real scoop. It’s written by me, but it’s for you.

Keep reading because you’re going to discover the truth about Keen Psychics, and whether or not they are the perfect fit for you!

Are Keen Psychics Accurate and Reliable?

If you type “psychics” into Google, then Keen is one of the first sites in the search results. This platform has a trusted reputation for working with some of the best psychics on the planet. The popularity of the site speaks for itself, and it’s the reason why it ends up on the first page of your search results.

How The Keen Website Works

After registering for an account on Keen, you have two options for choosing your preferred psychic on the site. The first method is to choose your psychic based on their specialty. You’ll find psychics specializing in the areas of tarot reading, astrology, mediums, clairvoyants, and much more.

The second option is to search for your psychic based on their performance rating. Every client leaves them a rating based on the outcome of their reading. Those psychics with high ratings are your best option for an accurate reading, as they have plenty of positive user reviews.

How much Does a Psychic Reading Cost?

The price of your reading depends on a few factors. First, the psychics rating will play a role in the pricing. Those psychics with excellent user reviews and established reputations will typically charge more than new psychics to the site that has fewer user reviews.

Newbie service providers to the site might also offer low rates to try and build a reputation. As a result, you could get an affordable reading with a psychic that has all the talents and abilities of a top-rated professional on the site.

Reading through the psychic’s profile will help you make your decision on which one you feel offers you the best value for money and a positive outcome from the reading.

The base-rate for most psychics on Keen starts at $1 per minute and increases depending on their experience and rating. Some might also offer package deals that reduce the cost of a ten or 20-minute reading.

You’ll also need to pay upfront for the reading as well. If you’re worried that you might not get value form the reading, you always have the option of leaving them a bad review and complaining to the sites admin team. The admin team will direct you to a qualified psychic with good reviews.

Having said the above, you’ll be glad to know Keen offers a special promo price of 10 minutes for just $1.99, for new customers.

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Everything You Need to Know About Keen

The platform has plenty to offer you. Here are some key takeaways you need to know before you start using this website.

  • Keen is only a network, and they host any psychic that meets the admission requirements set by the site’s admin team.
  • Keen has a huge network of psychics working in a variety of psychic specialties.
  • You access your psychic through an online chat or phone call.
  • There are package deals and promotional offers for new users of the site.

Client Testimonials on Keen

Before you commit to a reading from a psychic on Keen, check out their client reviews. All of the reviews are genuine, and the psychic is not allowed to hire people to leave them positive reviews.

Checking out client testimonials is an excellent method for getting a better understanding of the psychics offering and their performance.

Sarah says: reading Keen psychics customer testimonials will help you separate fact from fiction.

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Sarah’s Thoughts: Keen VS Other Psychic Networks

There are dozens of other psychic networks online. So, why would you choose Keen over others? We like Keen’s introductory offer, and we think it’s one of the best value-for-money sites available.

The website’s admin team does a marvelous job of vetting and qualifying the psychics on the site. If there are any charlatans on the site, they tend to remove the listing promptly after receiving bad reviews.

The site’s satisfaction guarantee is excellent. If you don’t get the reading you want and feel that the psychic is a fraud, you can ask them to refer you to another qualified and experienced psychic for another reading.

Judge Your Psychic by Their Accuracy

When browsing through the listings for psychics on Keen, it’s best if you try a psychic with good user reviews. Selecting a newbie service provider might save you some money, but it’s not always the best option.

Because you’re nearing the end of this article, Keen Psychics Reviews by Sarah Baker, you probably know that psychics build their reputation on successful outcomes from the readings they provide their clients. So if you come across a psychic that’s cheap but has consistently poor user reviews; then you should avoid using their service.

However, some psychics offering affordable rates might provide a service that’s equivalent to some of the top psychics on the site. These newcomers are looking to build their business and attract new clients, so they offer an affordable rate. As their business grows, they increase their rates.

The chances are that if you receive an accurate and favorable reading from a psychic, you’ll go back to them for future advice. In this manner, the psychic becomes your spiritual life coach, and you form a relationship with them that enhances the accuracy of your readings.

Therefore, most psychics on the platform are going to do their best to impress you on your initial reading. However, only you can judge the performance of the psychic’s abilities. If you do have a positive experience, do them a favor and leave them a positive review.

The Internet – The Ultimate Tool for Keeping Psychics Honest

In the past, before the internet and social media were a thing, many charlatans posed as legitimate psychics. They fed their client’s information that might not have any relevance and offers them no value in their lives.

Unfortunately, there was no way for the client to complain about their experience. As a result, they may come away from the experience feeling conned out of their money and time. The charlatan could carry on their business, as no-one had any way of reviewing their past client testimonials.

However, the advent of the internet and the rise of psychic networks changed the industry. These online communities allow user reviews to all of the professionals registered on the site. If they give an inaccurate reading and poor service, then the customer has a place to complain that dramatically affects the psychics business.

Keen Psychic is an example of such a network. You have the opportunity to choose your psychic based on other people’s experiences with their service. There’s no way to hide bad user reviews, and you can use them as a safeguard when selecting your ideal psychic for your reading.

Spend some time reviewing the listings on the site, and take advantage of the promotional offer to experience the world of the supernatural for yourself.

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