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The Creepy Eyes of the Beholder

When I opened the door to the morgue I was sure I heard whispering suddenly stop. Everything was still. I turned to walk back out of the room and felt a hot breath on the back of my neck.

Echoes of an Exorcism

When her laughter turned dark, my flesh crawled. I turned around and tripped over the broom – falling on the floor. The “thing” in the chair was not my mother.

The Creepy Children In The Masks

In the tent, with the lamp on the brightest setting, it took me forever to fall asleep. I don’t know how long I’d been sleeping when I was awoken by the familiar, freaky giggling.

Escaping the House of Demons

It took a while for me to realize that the usual sounds one might expect in the woods were absent from this area. As I lay in bed, wondering why everything was so quiet, I heard soft footsteps coming from the main room. Then I saw dark shadows appearing under the crack in the door...

My Last Night as a Ghost Hunter

I felt something root me to the spot, then suddenly the figure pointed to me and began to boom in an evil voice. He said, “Join us – Sinner!” Then I heard disembodied laughter coming from all corners of the room.

Coffins for the Veiled Lady

She could never have children of her own, and it drove her to suicide. Now, I leave small white coffins for her, because I owe her my son's life...

Drowning in the Depths

I wondered where the black eyed ghost was and where she’d gone. My brother told me that he’d saved me, but I still believe she’s out there – waiting.

Don’t Open the Door!

While I sipped my tea, I heard tapping on the glass door. At first I thought it was a branch from one of the trees. I went over to the door slowly, dropping my tea as a flash of lightning lit up the patio, revealing a figure at the door.

Farmhouse in the Void

They told us never to go near that old farmhouse, even the insects and the rodents avoided it. After the things we saw inside, I wish we had obeyed.

The Cannibal Butcher From Down The Lane

My flesh slowly crept over my body as he began to stroke my hair – smiling maniacally and panting like a dog. I began to cry and begged him to let me go – even though he wasn’t stopping me – I felt rooted to the spot.

The Man in the Fog

I stayed up until dawn. I never saw him again and can’t explain what happened. Ever since then, I’ve been afraid of fog, the dark, and strange men.

Terror in the Tub

Then the police arrived. They never found the slithering monster and thought I was crazy. I wish that was the case, as it would've been easier to believe!

The Neighbor’s Dark Secrets

If the new family next door actually had a miscarriage, then how come I could hear a baby crying every night? I regret going next door to investigate.

Trapped in the Cemetery

I felt like I was trapped in a terrifying maze – being chased by strange winds and disembodied voices. My boyfriend was nowhere to be found and I was horrified that I couldn’t find the fence – no matter where I ran.

Possession of the Innocent

It took a long time for us to calm down. I can only warn you to be careful when reading this story – unless your faith is strong and you love the thrill.

13 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

I could feel it pressing down like a heavy weight, making me scream in terror. Even though I couldn’t move, I was able to turn my head slightly so I could look at my sister and signal for help. I freaked out when I saw her sitting up in bed, screaming and looking back at me...

Shadowless Man Waits for Her

"I’ve always wondered who he was and if he ever found his deceased lover. This haunting remains the saddest of all the ghost stories I’ve heard."

Her Lips Were Sealed

Want to have nightmares tonight? Then read this creepy true story. Rita L. reveals her disturbing encounter with a ghost whose lips are sewn shut...

The Screaming Demons Of Hicks Road

Miguel wrote in to share his scary story after he saw our post about the Blood Albinos on Hicks Road. It turns out that he has experienced an absolutely terrifying experience of his own. Read his frightening tale...if you think you can handle it..

Evil Walks Browning Road

In this edition of True Scary Stories, Amy S. reveals the time she was driving down Browning Road one dark night in Delano, Ca., and encountered the dreaded hitchhiking ghost.

It Came From the Fog

John R. told us "While taking a hike near San Francisco, a mysterious fog fell over me with something disturbing inside of it." Discover the hair-raising details of his creepy encounter...

True Scary Stories: Terrifying Childhood Experiences with the Supernatural

In this edition of True Scary Stories, we asked our readers: What kind of terrifying paranormal experiences happened to you as a child? "It's theirs" David H. wrote us saying... "Some people say that your ability to sense ghosts or paranormal activity diminishes as you grow older. As we become adults, we are conditioned not to notice […]

My Friend Was Possessed

I walked out of my tent and saw in the moonlight what I can only describe as a shadow figure standing by our campsite. The mysterious "thing" had no clothes, no skin, and no facial features. It turned towards me and then looked toward my friend’s tent and vanished inside.

The Faceless Man at Lassen Peak

Are you ready for scary? Jonathan R. wrote us saying, "While hiking at Lassen Peak, I saw a man noone else could see; a man without a face."

A Ghost Tried to Drown Me

If you have a fear of drowning, you need to read this. A reader told us, "While growing up in Sacramento, some "thing" pushed me into a pool and pinned me to the bottom..."

The Lady in the Mirror

Ever felt like you're being watched? So did another one of our readers. He told us, "While staying at an old hotel in the mountains, I saw something in a mirror that shouldn't be there."

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