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Is The Best Burger in Tampa Really Worth Seeing a Terrifying Ghost?

Mermaid Tavern is a charming and artsy establishment in Seminole Heights, Tampa. The menu changes with the season, but customers rave about their unique burgers and craft beers. On the surface, the blue-walled tavern has delighted guests with its glass interior, mermaid-themed chairs, and outdoor seating area. Updated 2/10/2020 – Mermaid Tavern appears to be the […]

9 Haunted Florida Oceanfront Restaurants That Are Guaranteed To Spook You

From fresh seafood to authentic American cuisine, oceanfront restaurants in Florida have something for every palate. Even the most finicky eaters can rest assured of satisfying their food craving with delicacies from both the land and water. Updated 2/10/2020 – But what you may not know is that some of the finest eateries on the […]

Terrifying Witch Seeks Revenge On Predators At This Florida State Park

As the seasons shift and change, many Florida residents enjoy exploring the natural beauty that is the St. George Island State Park. The park provides a serene, and beautiful landscape to enjoy time with friends or significant others. But what most Florida natives don’t realize is that the land itself is shrouded in a mysterious, […]

Who Is Responsible For The Black-Eyed Children At This Florida Beach?

Every couple years there’s a storm that is on the verge of making history. For people with Astraphobia, the crippling fear of storms, it seems that every storm is on the brink of destroying everything and everyone they love. Fifty-four year old Nancy (Name changed for privacy), a resident of Ormond Beach, has always been […]

Does the Devil Himself Live in This Florida State Park?

While many people flock to Florida to enjoy their white, sandy beaches, there is no denying that the sunshine state has many lush parks scattered throughout the state. Updated 2/10/2020 – One of those parks is the Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park in Keystone Heights. Gold Head consists of over two thousand acres […]

Malicious Dark Shadows Have a Mind of Their Own at This Florida Cemetery

In 1958, construction began on the Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery in Doral, Florida. The initial construction took two years to complete, and mass was first held on Memorial Day in 1960. Since that time, the cemetery has continued to be an important part of the Doral community. Photographing the Dead Updated 2/10/2020 – From […]

Ghost Hands Will Reach For You Under This Old Florida Bridge

During the 1830s, the town of Marianna was the site of a horrific tragedy. Legend has it that a woman named Elizabeth Bellamy lived in a farmhouse nearby. On the day of her wedding, Elizabeth woke up, proceeded with her morning ablutions and then put on her wedding dress. A Heart Breaking Marianna Legend Updated […]

Beware The Bloody Hanging Ghost At This Florida Theater

The Falk Theatre, once known as the Park Theatre, is a live concert and performing arts center in Tampa, Florida. The theater first opened its doors in 1928. For many years, Falk was used to film movies and vaudeville shows. The Most Engaging Theater of University of Tampa Updated 2/10/2020 – The theater slowly evolved […]

Why Does An Angry Spanish Ghost Haunt This Florida State Park?

Ybor City is a historic section of Tampa that has met with many unfortunate fates. Once a blooming, industrial sections of the city, Ybor was once considered one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the world. However, many of the little city’s inhabitants grew sick with Tuberculosis during the early 1900s and passed away. A […]

The Tortured Spirits In This Florida Distribution Center Deserve Better

Many years ago, there was a company that operated out of Winter Haven, Florida. Scotty’s was a massive distribution center where hundreds of employees worked amongst the shelves in the warehouse. One day an employee was operating a forklift as he navigated around the massive building. Winter Haven Death Toll Updated 2/10/2020 – But something […]

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