The 10 Best Psychics on Psychic Source (Gets You a Better Life!)


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If you're in a hurry, here are my two favorites advisors:

  • Kristine - My #1 pick. She's the best love psychic at Psychic Source. Contact her if you have love or relationship questions
  • Bridgette - My #2 pick. Choose her if you have money problems or have questions about your pet

Updated: 11/21/2018

The 10 Best Psychic Source Psychics

1) Kristine - The #1 psychic on Psychic Source 

Kristine - The #1 psychic on Psychic Source

My top pick, Kristine is a direct reader who uses crystals to reveal deep insights into your life.

She'll give you accurate, clear, and honest answers, with a profound and thorough analysis. If you have questions about love or relationships, contact Kristine now.

2) Bridgette - Money and pet psychic specialist

Bridgette - Gives accurate predictions

Using her clairvoyant capabilities, Bridgette offers detailed readings about your money and career.

Not only that, she can also give you readings for your pets!

If you need help with money troubles, or have any animals that you feel need assistance, Bridgette is the one to speak with. 

3) Mandy - Gives you the truth

Mandy - Gives you the truth

A medium with over ten years’ experience, Mandy is a true professional who will connect with your spirit guides to get the answers you seek.

If you want to speak to loved ones who’ve passed over, reach out to Mandy.

4) Sammie - Senses truth

Sammie - Senses truth

Sammie is an intuitive empath with divine guidance, who is considered one of the best psychics on Psychic Source.

She will give you answers to questions about your life, spirituality or otherwise. If you want a holistic experience, chat with Sammie now.

5) Eliza - Honest and caring

Eliza - Honest and caring

Eliza is a Clairvoyant who is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

She gives you insight into issues dealing with love by using the Tarot. Other areas of focus include career, life, destiny, and relationships.

As a child Eliza saw visions and pictures as well as hearing premonitions which would later come true. Let her do the same for you.

6) Ricky - Divines your path

Ricky - Divines your path

A psychic medium who’s also a Clairvoyant, Ricky has a compassionate style.

He also possesses a special connection to the Spirit World, allowing him to share messages with you from the other side.

Realizing at an early age that he was psychic, he’s since been honing his craft to help those in need. He will help you with questions about grieving, loss, and relationships.

7) Elijah - Brings love, light and healing into your life

Elijah - Brings love, light and healing into your life

Using crystals and Reiki for healing as well as providing answers to your spiritual questions, Elijah is a renowned Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient with true wisdom and compassion.

A 32nd generation psychic, Elijah has extensive experience in classical psychology and parapsychology.

He dedicates his life to the mystic arts and helping those who seek the truth. Ask him about life, spirituality, and destiny.

8) Sasha - Direct and hopeful

Sasha - Direct and hopeful

Sasha offers advice on career, love, life and other spiritual issues via her Tarot deck.

For over ten years she has delivered answers by using a unique deck that allows her to see all aspects of your life.

If Tarot calls to you, let Sasha help you.

9) Therese - Possesses amazing intuition

1) Therese - Possesses amazing intuition

A third-generation Tarot reader with a wise style, Therese has the gift of Clairsentience.

She can answer your questions about love and career. But you can also ask her about life, destiny, loss and grieving.

If you want dream interpretations or need a spiritual path analysis, reach out to Therese now.

10) Moira - Transpersonal Healer


Moira's is an astrologer, healer, and past life regression therapist.  

She is compassionate, wise, and non-judgemental.

Are you  looking to understand and heal a  situation in your life? Do you want help from someone who truly understands you? If so, talk with Moira.