The 10 Best Psychics on Psychic Source (Top Rated and Real)


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Psychic Source's Finest Mediums - Quick Picks

If you're in a hurry, here are our two favorite psychics:

  • Kristine - Amazingly accurate readings
  • Elijah - Nationally recognized clairvoyant

The 10 Best Psychics On Psychic Source (Top Rated and Real)

1) Therese - Possesses amazing intuition

Therese - Possesses amazing intuition

A Tarot reader with a wise style, Therese's specialties include Clairsentience and psychic readings about love, career and much more. She also offers accurate readings about life, destiny, finances, career, loss, grieving, relationships, family and love.

A third-generation psychic with a Master’s degree in Psychology, she incorporates spiritual path analysis and dream interpretation in her liberating readings.

2) Eliza - Honest and caring

Eliza - Honest and caring

This highly-regarded Clairvoyant is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Her specialties include being an intuitive/Empath who offers psychic insights into issues dealing with love, using the Tarot in a compassionate reading style. Other areas of focus include career, life, destiny relationships etc.

As a child Eliza saw visions and pictures as well as hearing premonitions which would later come true. Let her do the same for you.

3) Kristine - Clear, honest and precise

Kristine - Clear, honest and precise

Kristine is a direct reader who doesn’t mince her words, using Crystals and Dowsing to help find the answers to your questions. Specializing in readings about career, love, destiny, relationships and many others, she likes to stay clear and honest to provide a profound and thorough analysis.

This highly rated psychic also uses pendulum divination to root out the secrets and answers you seek.

4) Ricky - Divines your path

Ricky - Divines your path

A psychic medium who’s also a Clairvoyant, Ricky offers compassionate readings about love, finances, career, destiny, grieving, relationships and many other issues we face on a daily basis. Realizing at an early age that he was psychic, he’s since been honing his craft to help others.

Ricky is an expert psychic with a special connection to the Spirit World. He has the capacity to share messages from the other side.

5) Elijah - Brings love, light and healing into your life

Elijah - Brings love, light and healing into your life

Using crystals and Reiki for healing as well as providing answers to your spiritual questions, Elijah is a renowned Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient practitioner who delivers his readings with true wisdom and compassion. Covering many issues about life, including love, career and destiny, he dedicates his life to the mystic arts – in many forms.

A 32nd generation psychic, Elijah has extensive experience in classical psychology and parapsychology.

6) Bridgette - Gives accurate predictions

Bridgette - Gives accurate predictions

Bridgette offers special readings not just for humans. She is also a pet psychic, so if you have any animals around you that you feel need assistance, this top-rated reader is your go-to psychic. Also covering issues such as career, love, finances, destiny and family, Bridgette has over thirty five years’ experience.

Using her clairvoyant capabilities, she feels deeply connected to her helpful spirit guides.

7) Sasha - Direct and hopeful

Sasha - Direct and hopeful

An intuitive empath, this psychic offers advice on career, love, life and other spiritual issues via her compassionate skills as a clairvoyant and Tarot reader. For over ten years Sasha has delivered honest and real readings, using a unique deck that allows her to see all aspects of the client’s life.

Sasha has a real connection with her spirit guides and will help you in your time of need.

8) Mandy - Gives you the truth

Mandy - Gives you the truth

A psychic medium with over ten years’ experience, Mandy is considered a talented, accurate professional who has known about her abilities since childhood. Whether your questions are about career, love, destiny or family, she will connect with your spirit guides to get the answers you seek.

Mandy also has the ability to talk to loved ones who’ve passed over and who are waiting to talk.

9) Joseph - Conveys hidden messages

Joseph - Conveys hidden messages

Joseph’s wise approach to the Tarot is assisted by his other metaphysical skills, including clairvoyance and the ability to teach and guide his clients to find clarity in various issues – spiritual and mundane – as well as answer questions about love, career, loss, family and anything else pertinent to the client.

You will be amazed with how accurate and reliable his readings are.

10) Sammie - Senses truth

Sammie - Senses truth

Using the Tarot and skills involving clairvoyance and clairsentience, this intuitive empath will answer many frustrating questions about different aspects in life, spirituality or otherwise. A fourth generation psychic, Sammie is considered one of the best psychics on Psychic Source.

Since childhood, this reader has been sharing messages and divine guidance from the other side with compassion and honesty, in order to deliver a holistic experience.