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Ghost Stories: The Creepy Eyes of the Beholder

I’d been working in morgues as a Mortician since my early twenties and enjoyed my job immensely. Not one to be happy with the “messy” side of the work, I preferred the dressing and application of makeup. I showed great respect at all times and felt proud with my work and presenting the departed in a better […]

Haunted Stories: Echoes of an Exorcism

Not being terribly religious, I was less than enthusiastic when Mom asked me to help with cleaning up an old church. She had always enjoyed interior decorating and was so excited for us to be working together. I’m sure that she had ulterior motives, as she’d always bemoaned the fact that I’d “strayed” from the fold. Nonetheless, […]

Haunted Stories: The Creepy Children In The Masks

My father loved to take us on camping trips when we were growing up, especially during the Christmas holidays. For the most part, I found it boring and I loathed roughing it - but I enjoyed spending the time with my family. On this particular trip, I had no idea what I’d encounter or that […]

Ghost Stories: The 5 Year Old Ghost In A Dirty White Dress

I was so excited when I signed the lease for my pottery store, even though it was in an old industrial neighborhood. For the first few months - business was slow – but the day classes brought in enough money to keep going. The building next door was a large, abandoned textile factory – complete with broken […]

Paranormal Survivor: Escaping the House of Demons

After my divorce I was at an all-time low and desperately feeling the need for solitude and introspection. Not having the accessible funds for a getaway, a work friend graciously offered her stone cottage in the woods. Being a two hour drive away, it was a welcome retreat and I thanked her profusely for the opportunity to […]

Ghost Stories: My Last Night as a Ghost Hunter

I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal so it made perfect sense for me to become a Ghost Hunter. I nearly didn’t follow my dreams when I discovered that none of my friends or family shared my passion. Not one to be bothered trying to join another group, I eventually decided to set out on my own. […]

Ghost Stories: Coffins for the Veiled Lady

Nothing is sadder than a woman who desperately wants to have children but can't bear them. Nothing is scarier than a ghost who steals them. The ghost in this story is both, which makes it one of the most sad and scary ghost stories of all time. It all started many years ago, when a young woman […]

Ghost Stories: Drowning in the Depths

My brother and I often enjoyed swimming in the local lake near our childhood home, especially in summer. Doug was eleven and I was thirteen on the day when we experienced something worse than any ghost story. I had always been a strong swimmer and had won many awards and trophies in our summer carnivals. Being a […]

Haunted Stories: Don’t Open the Door!

On our honeymoon, my husband and I traveled to a remote fishing village and rented a quaint cottage for privacy. Mark is an avid fisherman and while I enjoy seafood, I prefer to read or write while he enjoys his passion. Once we arrived, we unpacked and lit a fire in preparation for a romantic wedding […]

Haunted Stories: Farmhouse in the Void

When I was younger, my Uncle bought a property in the country for the purpose of raising crops. It was sprawling green land of over forty acres, with a homestead out the front where my Uncle and his family lived. A strange part of the property included an abandoned farmhouse towards the back, which my Uncle blocked […]

Real Ghost Stories: Woman With Knife Only Appears For Kids

When my Aunt bought her dream home, we were all so happy for her and had a great time helping her move. We threw a big BBQ on the awesome patio and she even invited the next door neighbors. I was worried when the conversation turned to telling real ghost stories, as my kids are easily frightened. […]

Spooky Stories: The Cannibal Butcher From Down The Lane

It’s one thing to be afraid of ghosts and quite another to fear someone among the living. I was never one to balk at spooky stories, until I encountered the Man who lived down the lane. By the time I was thirteen, I had heard many rumors about how crazy he was and to stay away […]

True Scary Stories: The Man in the Fog

One night, several years ago – I arrived home from the library and parked the car in the driveway. It was quite foggy but the streetlights were on, so I went over to the mailbox before going inside. At that point, I was not a believer in true scary stories, but what happened next changed all that. […]

Ghost Stories: Terror in the Tub

One of the most difficult elements of being a landlord is dealing with unruly tenants who don’t pay the rent. It’s more frustrating when they leave without warning, leaving behind a huge mess that will take ages to clean up. What happened to me was far worse than any of that and more like one of those […]

Ghost Stories: The Neighbor’s Dark Secrets

It’s exciting when new neighbors move into the neighborhood. Adults and kids alike look forward to making new friends. When I was seventeen, it was the beginning of spring when a family of three moved in next door. The mother was heavily pregnant, the father worked night-shift and their sixteen year old daughter was terribly shy. My […]

Haunted Stories: Stalked by a Past Life

A long time ago, I was a first grade teacher in a private school, and I adored the job and the children. I usually had two or three children who stood out each year - who I spent a little more time with, for various reasons. One six year old girl, who I’ll call “Lisa” – was […]

Creepy Stories: Trapped in the Cemetery

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always been fascinated with death and the darker side of life. When I was a teenager and very much a Goth girl, I didn’t think twice when I was invited to visit a graveyard. My boyfriend enjoyed telling creepy stories and he set the tone as we made our […]

Ghost Stories: Possession of the Innocent

From an early age, I participated in weekend getaways and camps conducted by our church. I always looked forward to them as they were not your typical religious events fueled by fear and repression. We shared stories, sang hymns and re-enacted many plays based on our Biblical studies. Ghost stories were forbidden, but that didn’t stop me […]

Spooky Stories: Playing Chicken with a Witch on the Road

Visiting my cousin for the first time since she moved out of home was a happy adventure for me. She’d moved to the country and had a great view of the rolling mountains, not to mention the gardens and ferneries. We’d heard the spooky stories about a witch who’d apparently lived in a hut somewhere close by, […]

Real Scary Stories: The Eyeless Nurse In The Shadows

Getting your tonsils out isn’t exactly a nightmare, unless you’re already afraid of hospitals or blood. At the age of eleven, I was afraid of both – notwithstanding real scary stories – one of which happened to me. After three years of recurring bouts of tonsillitis, I was admitted to hospital amid promises of ice cream and […]

13 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

We often have readers submitting their own stories describing terrifying events that have happened to them. Everyone has at least one scary story, and some of them are actually true. We've collected some of the most terrifying true scary stories that have been sent in, and compiled them in one place to terrify and haunt […]

Real Life Ghost Stories: Shadowless Man Waits for Her

Out of all the real life ghost stories I’ve ever heard, the one that actually happened to me haunts me the most. It was late on a Friday night after dinner with friends, when I was getting out of a cab and making my way to my front door. I lived across the road from a park, and […]

Haunted Stories: The Ghost in the Tunnel Needs a Ride Home

The most disturbing event in my life happened when I was a young child. Before I first saw the ghost in the tunnel – on my way to Summer camp – I barely knew what haunted stories were. My father and I were singing and chatting, until we started driving through a long, dark tunnel. The […]

True Creepy Stories: Her Lips Were Sealed

Our latest entry into our collection of true creepy stories was submitted by a loyal reader named Rita L. Are you interested in hearing what happened to her? Before you continue reading, make sure that your door is locked... True Creepy Stories: Her Lips Were Sealed "The most frightening time of my life began when I encountered the […]

The Ghost From The Old City Hall Building In Davis Has Been Spotted Again

In today's edition of Real Ghost Stories, Gloria shares her experience from the historic site of the Old City Hall in Davis, California. We can't call it a nightmare, because she was awake when this happened. What would you have done if this happened to you? Real Ghost Stories: The Ghost From The City Hall In Davis Has […]

True Scary Stories: The Screaming Demons Of Hicks Road

Miguel wrote in to share his scary story after he saw our post about the Blood Albinos on Hicks Road. It turns out that he has experienced an absolutely terrifying experience of his own. Read his tale... if you think you can handle it... True Scary Stories: The Screaming Demons Of Hicks Road "I’m going to tell you about […]

True Scary Stories: Evil Walks Browning Road

In this edition of True Scary Stories, reader Amy S. tells us about the evil entity she encountered on Browning Road in Delano, Ca. Read on...if you dare... True Scary Stories:  Evil Walks Browning Road "This is a real story that I’ve shared many times with some of my friends and family, but no one has ever believed […]

Chico Student Encounters Jiangshi In Legendary Underground Tunnels

One of our readers wrote us with this shocking scary story: "Growing up in China, I’ve seen a lot of strange things that western culture tends to ignore. Even so, I never experienced anything more frightening than what transpired last summer. It shook me up so bad that this is the first time I’ve been able […]

My Disturbing Slender Man Encounter in Mendocino

I believe we are all born with an inherent sense of good and evil. What drives us to go in either direction is the influence of outside forces, some more powerful than others. A couple of years ago while I was living in Mendocino, California I had just dropped off my younger sister at karate practice. It […]

True Scary Stories: It Came From the Fog

In today's entry of True Scary Stories, reader John R. tells us about something he encountered while on a hike. What was it exactly? Read on... True Scary Stories: It Came From the Fog There are things that happen in everyday life that we are unable to explain. Images, sounds and movements that frighten our psyche, and […]

What’s the scariest thing you’ve seen while camping, hiking, or fishing?

We asked our readers "What’s the scariest thing you’ve seen while camping, hiking, or fishing?" And they gave us some creepy tales. Here's one from Adam about his fishing trip: Nowhere to run "My father used to love to go fishing; that was like his thing. I hated it, I found the whole thing boring. You just sit […]

True Scary Stories: Terrifying Childhood Experiences with the Supernatural

In this edition of True Scary Stories, we asked our readers: What kind of terrifying paranormal experiences happened to you as a child? "It's theirs" David H. wrote us saying... "Some people say that your ability to sense ghosts or paranormal activity diminishes as you grow older. As we become adults, we are conditioned not to notice […]

Have you witnessed ghostly activity while at a restaurant?

We asked a few of our readers one simple question: "Have you witnessed ghostly activity while at a restaurant?" Here are their deliciously scary replies: "So a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I thought we would try this new sushi place that opened up down the road. I’m not a big fan of eating raw […]

What's the Closest You've Come to Seeing a Ghost?

We asked a few of our readers one simple question: "What is the closest you’ve come to being visited by a ghost?" Here are their chilling answers... "One day when I was young, probably 8 or 9, I went shopping with my mother. I remember it being extremely cold out that day, and very windy. The wind […]

True Paranormal Stories: My Friend Was Possessed

This event happened a couple of years ago during spring break in college. My two friends and I decided to go on a three day rafting trip near Fresno. I had been on these rivers before, and I love them. They’re easy to navigate and for the most part are pretty calm. The weather was going […]

True Paranormal Stories: The Faceless Man at Lassen Peak

I can’t really explain this, but I’ve always been able to see weird things other people can’t. As I child growing up in my house, I would experience things my sister and parents weren’t able to. Sometimes I could catch a shadow figure in the hallway when I knew no one else was home. Or I’d notice […]

True Paranormal Stories: Dog's Spirit Returns

Do you believe in your past catching up with you? I do. When I was a teenager my best friend and I were smoking, driving around the backroads of a nearby neighborhood at night. We were just being stupid and young at the time. When we started to drive back to our neighborhood, my friend who was […]

True Paranormal Stories: A Ghost Tried to Drown Me

This is the first time that I will have written down these events from when I was a child. I should have recorded them sooner, but I’ll do my best to recount them for you. In the 1980s my parents had finally come into some money and we were able to move into a nice quiet […]

True Paranormal Stories: The Lady in the Mirror

If you happen to be exploring the sights of California’s mountain range, Sierra Nevada, careful where you might stay. Here's a creepy story that happened to me while I was visiting family in California last year with my brother. While visiting, we decided to stop at one of the quaint hotels at the foothills that […]

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