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True Horror: Beware Angry Spirits At This Richmond Swimming Pool

Richmond is a Californian city full of swimming pools that offer public access to those who want to enjoy good weather in a place where they can both do some exercise and have fun. One of the best options for those who are visiting or reside in Richmond might be in the outskirts of the […]

Paranormal Lies: They’ll Tell You Not to Be Afraid At This Berkeley Park

Not far from the University of California, Berkeley, there is a beautiful little stretch of public space known as Strawberry Creek Park.  Featuring playground equipment, sports courts and – as the name suggests – a creek which runs through it, this park would seem to be the ideal place to spend an afternoon.  Of course, […]

10 Florida Waterfalls Where Drowned Children Call Your Name

Florida might be the flattest state, but the Sunshine State is also the home of some of the most wonderful waterfalls. Hidden like gemstones, these waterfalls are scattered across the flat state, but are a must-see if you’re visiting Florida. That is, if you don’t mind maybe disappearing? Because these waterfalls are also among the […]

10 Texas Waterfalls Where Drowned Children Call Your Name

Few things in the world inspire more awe than a waterfall; the majesty and splendor on display are hallmarks of this natural and beautiful phenomenon, and they have been impressing human beings since perhaps the dawn of time. But these cascading testaments to the fundamental nature of gravity often conceal other, more frightening truths. Sometimes […]

A Deadly Spirit Lurks Inside This Public Restroom in Amarillo

Amarillo is one of the most populated cities in the state of Texas and has over 50 recreational areas to keep its residents entertained. With that many parks, no wonder that some of them have terrifying paranormal things going on… Too bad for the ones that visit the skate park of the city because it […]

Your Worst Nightmare: Paranormal Terror On The Canyon Lake Trail

Canyon Lake is a small lake town near San Antonio. Canyon Lake has more than 80 miles of scenic shoreline and is one of the deepest lakes in Texas. Canyon Lake is perfect for every type of water sport you can think of, from fishing to tubing down the Guadalupe River. Nearby, you can find […]

Do Not Scream If You See The Ghost Hang Himself In This Old Abbott Barn

Sheila May’s childhood in Abbott, Texas was not one you’d see portrayed in feel good Disney movies. Her father was a raging alcoholic and was prone to getting violent towards Sheila May (Names changed for privacy) and her mother whenever he was drunk. To ten year old Sheila, school was a blissful retreat. But every […]

Your Truest Nightmare: Demons Crave Companionship At This Nortonville Hill

Nortonville, California, used to be a mining community back in the day. Today, Nortonville is a ghost town and part of the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. Things you can do in Nortonville do not go beyond enjoying wonderful vistas from the hills. However, not everyone who goes to Nortonville returns with their sanity intact. […]

Paranormal Truth: Evil Forces Lurk At This Hidden Nacogdoches Cemetery

Somewhere along the Eastern side of Texas, in the heart of the Piney Woods Region, stands the oldest town of the whole state. Nacogdoches, known for being founded by Spanish settlers more than 200 years ago, back in 1779, has been a human home for even longer: the Caddo Indians had already established communities 1,200 […]

The Ghost In This Santa Maria Inn Is Out For Your Blood

Santa Maria, California, home of the Santa Maria Inn on South Broadway. Once this hotel, which styles itself as “Elegance of a Bygone Era”, served as a respite for traveling celebrities who were going abroad. Ultra-famous denizens of the silver screen – names like Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe – once lay their heads down […]

Devilish Ghosts Grasp For The Living At This Haunted Astor Car Camping Site

Lots of folks enjoy taking camping trips but are unable to afford lavish RVs and trailer homes. As a result, car camping has become fairly popular, and Gobbler Road Campsites offers the best car camping in Florida. Dominic, who loves to spend practically every weekend living out of a tent, figured car camping was the […]

Haunted Mesquite: The Wandering Ghost Girl at Hampton Inn

When Bryan’s sister gave birth, he knew that he would have to travel to Mesquite, Texas to pay an obligatory visit. Not wanting to bother the family (or lose precious hours sleeping) he decided to check into a hotel in town. A woman at the airport recommended the Hampton Inn, so he picked up his rental […]

Ghosts Warn Of A Living Nightmare At This Haunted Williston Garden

If you are ever in the Williston, Florida area (hint: it’s near Gainesville) and you want to go hiking, it won’t be hard for you to find some lovely trails.  You can jog along leaf-strewn paths and watch the shifting patterns of dappled sunlight as you make your way through the trees of this one […]

Scary Ghost Encounters With The Flesh Rippers of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, by itself, is not a very scary place. But, there is a place north of Jacksonville where fear takes on a tangible form. The place called Riverside Motel. Riverside Motel has been abandoned for years. Casual passersby can find the place near the Georgia/Florida border, along the U.S. 17. There are two buildings […]

Beware The Depraved Gatekeeper At This Paranormal Galveston Cemetery

It’s not often that one sees palm trees in a cemetery; indeed, it’s not often that one feels a cool sea breeze across one’s cheeks when one is in a cemetery.  Lakeview Cemetery in Galveston, Texas, however, offers a little bit of both.  And if you go during the day, you might even get out […]

Trickster Spirits Haunt This Lakeland Playground

Lakeland is a charming city in Polk County, Florida, that does its name justice with the numerous lakes and water bodies it offers to its residents and visitors, both inside and on the outskirts of the city. With all of these possibilities in one place, Lake Parker Park is the perfect choice to have some fun outdoors… as […]

10 Texas Roads Haunted by Hitchhiking Ghosts

As common as hitchhiking is in Texas, it can be dangerous. But not for the reasons you think. Several roads in this state are haunted by hitchhiking ghosts who won’t hesitate to possess your body or take your life. Bloodthirsty even when alive, these ghosts enjoy the thrill of the kill. And you may just be […]

Does a Demonic Servant Haunt the Chimes Antique Store in Lake Elsinore?

In 1887, the little town of Lake Elsinore rejoiced at the opening of a most luxurious public building: a bathhouse. The Crescent Bathhouse opened up to a large crowd of people. The building used sulfur water that bubbled up to the surface for filling up the tubs. Once the Most Luxurious Buildings in Lake Elsinore […]

Paranormal Evil in San Diego: The Hidden Path That Stirs Up Demons

Sometimes evil is such a part of one’s everyday life, such a fixture in the décor of people who mostly walk with their heads down and their eyes proverbially shut, that it’s easy to miss. There may be such a place in Valencia Park in San Diego, a community defined by its socioeconomic and architectural […]

10 California Roads Haunted by Hitchhiking Ghosts

Picking up hitchhikers is risky business. For one, you’d be breaking the law as California Vehicle Code 21957 prevents people from soliciting a ride on a roadway. But there’s more at stake than just $200 for a ticket. There’s a good chance that this may be your last time behind the wheel. Especially if you […]

Seek This Haunted Tree at a Port Isabel Cemetery at Your Own Risk

Port Isabel is often forgotten and overlooked because of Padre Island, a more popular tourist location, stealing the spotlight. Regardless, the bay town is beautiful and small – you can literally walk anywhere you want. Mainly a fishing community, everyone knows everyone in Port Isabel. It’s peaceful and calm, and it sounds like the perfect […]

Haunted Santa Barbara: Insidious Apparition Lingers At This Park

In the southeast part of Santa Barbara, the largest privately-funded park in the United States – Elings Park – sits sprawled across the cityscape.  Whether it’s hiking or playing sports, running around on the playground equipment or just enjoying beautiful landscaping that gets your motor running, you can be assured that Elings Park is going […]

Beware The Black Magic At This Private Marfa Scrapyard

In the high desert of the Trans-Pecos in West Texas sits a little two-thousand-soul town called Marfa.  If you’re the sort of tourist who enjoys visiting art museums, though, you might enjoy the place: for the past few decades, Marfa has been a favored destination for those seeking minimalist art and historical architecture.  Plus, if […]

Paranormal Lake Worth: Are People Being Abducted by Aliens?

When it comes to cemeteries, certain things often come to mind: tombstones, mausoleums, and sinister looking trees. Often times, horror writers and directors rely on the creepy associations most people make when it comes to cemeteries in order to provide natural (and inexpensive) scenes for their work. Daniel (Name changed for privacy), a young professional […]

Evil Shadow at the San Diego Old Point Loma Lighthouse?

In April of 1854, San Diego was in the process of receiving a government funded lighthouse on Point Loma. The project included the establishment of six lighthouses total along the coastline. The location had been selected because it was close to the summit of Point Loma. The Historic Lighthouse of San Diego The Point Loma […]

A Ghostly Message in the Bradenton Burial Grounds

In 1925, two gentlemen by the names of Harry Kellim and George Thacker purchased twenty-seven acres of land in what is now Bradenton, Florida. The land became dedicated as a burial ground, and the two men had many plans to expand and grow their services. By 1945, a crematory was added, and by 1957 Harry […]

Dark Creatures Hide in the Shadows at This Florida Park

If you have a dog, or if you have a fervent love for the beach – or both – why not get yourself down to Bayview Park in Pensacola, Florida and spend a little time having some fun in the sun?  With lots of walking paths winding through wooded areas nearby, you’re bound to find […]

Beaumont: Student Saved By Ghost At Sigma Phi Epsilon House

Many decades ago there was a farmer who lived in Beaumont. The man decided to build himself a house. After the farmer passed away, the house was turned into a brothel. The Beaumont Brothel. Many clientele visited the brothel on a weekly basis. During the 1980s, Lamar University decided to purchase the dilapidated home and transform […]

Supernatural Child Checks into the Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal

Surrounded by almost two thousand miles of captivating wilderness, El Portal, California, is located within the famous Yosemite National Park. The Yosemite View Lodge is one of the charming hotels located within the park, allowing guests quick access to trails, hikes and a never ending list of recreational activities. Many guests check into the lodge […]

Lonely Dead Girl Wants To Share Her Secrets At This Texas Park

Ascarate Park may just be one of the nicest places in El Paso, Texas to take a date for an afternoon picnic.  In addition to beautiful walking trails and a golf course, the park sports a gorgeous lake on which you can watch kayakers and ducks interact.  But whatever you do, you might want to […]

Watch Out For Evil That Still Lingers Near This Anaheim Park Bench

In 1968, in honor of Dr. Alexander J. Stoddard (a local hero devoted to education), the city of Anaheim, California opened Stoddard Park.  Today, visitors can bring children to play on playground equipment, have barbecues with friends, or toss a Frisbee for the dog to catch. It’s not recommended, however, that you go into the park […]

Evil Is The Driving Force On This Haunted Florida Road

Oak Hill is a small beach town in Florida that, at first glance, does not appear to have anything out of the ordinary going on. The shores of the Atlantic allow for fishing and other water sports, but even then, the population is less than 2000, despite its lovely location. However, what Oak Hills does have […]

Love Terror? Camp at One of These 10 Haunted Mammoth Lakes Spots

Mammoth Lakes is a breathtaking collection of valleys, mountain lakes, and endless opportunities for adventure. Whether you wish to relax and unwind or get adrenaline pumping through your veins, this is the perfect spot to do both. And the best part? There are many Mammoth Lakes campgrounds that are eager to welcome you. But while […]

Beware The Peril Of This Secret Amarillo Devil Tree

Thompson Memorial Park is one of the most scenic places to spend an afternoon in Amarillo, Texas.  It features a small lake in the middle, beautifully manicured lawns, trails and paths, and a wide variety of park equipment for public use.  Also, it may be the site of a whole host of unexplained – and […]

Watch Out For The Strange Ghost Waiting At These Brewster Benches

You look up from the cracked macadam laid out like the world’s flattest murder victim just beyond the illuminated edges of your phone (which has served you these past terrifyingly dark minutes as your only source of both time and man-made light), and hope against hope that the bus which was supposed to be here […]

Ghosts of Victims Plague This Forgotten Kerr City Cemetery

Kerr City is one of Florida’s many ghost towns. Time seems to have stopped on the lonely post office, while the area surrounding it appears to enhance the otherworldly feeling. Back in the day, Kerr City was not on a path of flourishing. Serving merely as a stop for people traveling to Ocala, it’s not […]

Get Ready For True Terror At This Secret Texas Camping Spot

Vanderpool, Texas is such a small community that once, back in the ’90s, only had around 20 residents. Besides that, the area still gets a lot of tourist activity. Tourists come to Vanderpool mostly to hunt and go camping at the Lost Maples State Natural Area up North. Lost Maples is home to some of […]

Haunted San Antonio: This Railway Crossing Will Show You Morbid Visions

Taking a walk along a San Antonio railway crossing can make you see some visions that will stay with you forever. Texas has its share of haunted hotels and locations, but none can compare to the mental torture you could receive if you are not careful. A little south of San Antonio, this railroad crossing […]

Beware The Winding Road That Leads To Hell In San Clemente

Those that are used to leaving behind the delightful city of San Clemente, in Orange County, California, with intentions of heading north know that the Interstate 5 is the best road to drive along. The I-5 not only connects major cities along the state, but it crosses through it from its most southern to its […]

Haunted Miami Campground: The Ghosts of Larry and Penny Thomson Park

Larry and Penny Thompson Park is always a great choice for those who are looking to spend a few nights away sleeping in a tent. This Miami campground has 270 acres of forests, a freshwater lake to swim in and several trails for avid hikers or horse riders to enjoy. Along with all that, it […]

Prepare To Be Horrified: The Haunted Bridge Of Fountain Valley

The Santa Ana River is a 96-mile water body that flows through diverse counties in the state of California. This river has over 70 bridges and crossings along its long body, but none of these is as daunting as the one haunted bridge in the city of Fountain Valley. With a population of over 50,000 people, […]

Bloody Ghost Terrifies Locals in This Old Texas Town

In 1821, the town of Roma was established on the border of Texas and Mexico. The settlement began because it was a convenient place to cross over the Rio Grande river. Due to salt trading, Roma grew and prospered. Today, a large section of the city, known as the Roma Historic District, has been preserved […]

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