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10 Haunted Day Trips In California That Will Make You Tremble With Fear

You can’t go wrong with vacationing in California. You’ll get your fair share of the sun, sand, and sights regardless of where you are. Even if you can’t afford going away for days, you can pick from hundreds of day trips in California. But keep in mind that California is constantly bustling with paranormal activity. […]

10 Haunted Day Trips In Texas That Will Make You Tremble With Fear

Who would expect to encounter the paranormal when deciding on fun things to do, like day trips in Texas? These haunted locations will have you thinking twice before venturing into the unknown, even though the lure of thrills and chills might be more powerful than the fear of coming face to face with nasty ghosts. […]

Ghost of Death Sits In The Audience At This California Auditorium

Sometimes, there are buildings and houses that, even after humans have passed on, they refuse to leave. One of these places is said to be the Hanford Civic Auditorium in Hanford, California. Originally built in 1924, the auditorium has seen many public events in its day, and a handful of spirits are believed to linger […]

A Disturbing Whistling Ghost Haunts This Historic California Theatre

The Anaheim Center for Performing Arts at the Servite Theater is a much loved part of Anaheim’s landscape. Whether it’s a seasonal event, or a party equal to that of Great Gatsby, Anaheim always delivers exquisite festivities and people. Even when it doesn’t intend to… An Anaheim Cultural Gem When the talented Servite staff isn’t readying the […]

Why Are There Hideous Creatures Haunting This Former Texas Theater?

For several decades the Schulman family opened up many movie theaters in and around Bryan, Texas. One such theater, known as the Schulman Theater, was the alleged home of a tragedy while it was in business. Rumor has it that the young man was at the theater with his partner when the couple struck up […]

Enemy Spirit Terrorizes Poor War Veteran At This Florida Bridge

Once a well-known landmark in the Daytona Beach area, the Orange Avenue Bridge (also known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge) has been the site of a recent renovation project, which began on June 6, 2016. The beloved bridge has been demolished, and a new bridge is being constructed over the period of thirty-two months. Dave […]

10 Rivers In California As Beautiful As They Are Haunted

Sometimes the loveliest places can end up harboring a terrifying secret. No one can dispute that the rivers in California are beautiful, but what would you say if you discovered for yourself that there’s darkness and horror lurking when dusk becomes night, at these haunted locations? What’s worse is that many have lived to tell the […]

The Crying Ghost Babies At These Texas Apartments Will Haunt Your Dreams

There are some haunted places around the world where seemingly no one has been able to find a possible reason for paranormal activity. The Park Lane apartments in Arlington is one of those types of places. While nobody can find a record of foul play that occurred there, many people agree: this apartment complex is […]

Ghosts Are Tricking Tourists into Killing Themselves at California’s Most Famous Park

Yosemite National Park is the home of some of California’s most famous hiking trails with spectacular vistas. With thousand-foot drop waterfalls, scenic routes, mountain peaks and valleys, Yosemite is a wild place. Over the years, visitors have disappeared among the trails or plummeted to their deaths by slipping on wet stones or falling over protective […]

What In The Hell Is Going On At This Haunted Texas Bridge Lately?

There is a bridge in Maxdale, Texas that looks like a setting straight from a classic horror film. The steel truss bridge, originally constructed in 1916, has become a hotspot for paranormal legends for the last few decades. These stories are further aided by the fact that the bridge was built not too far from […]

Beware The Ghostly Terror Lurking At This Florida Intersection

Spook lights are a phenomena in haunted areas where inexplicable orbs of light are spotted floating through the sky. These phenomena have been recorded not only all over the country, but all over the world. Spook lights in near Graceville, Florida have tormented drivers at the intersection of Jones road and SR 2. Some people believe these lights are […]

Haunted Doll Holds Child’s Soul Hostage At This Texas Hospital

Throughout the years, hospitals sometimes close. One such hospital is located in Pampa, Texas. While the Worley hospital is no longer in operation, the building still stands as testament to the lives and patients that have come and gone. But of course, some never left. The Most Popular Hospital in Pampa Today, the empty building […]

Evil Spirits Of Creepy Old Men Haunt This California Playground At Night

The small city of Clovis in the state of California may not be as known as its neighbor city, Fresno, but it’s still quite famous for sitting at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, making it the “Gateway to the Sierras” as it is commonly called. A distinct place in this city for […]

Ghost Of Fisherman Lurks At This California Playground

Sweet Shade Neighborhood Park is a beautiful park full of sunshine. Mature trees provide ample shade over the park’s benches and tables for parents, while the kids get many fun structures and swings to play. At first glance, it’s a place of safety and tranquility, and the perfect playground for kids. Located in Irvine, California, […]

Dead Girl In A Blue Dress Haunts This Abandoned Mill In California

In 1918, a mill was built in Murrieta, California. It was intended for local farmers to be able to buy grain in bulk. The KEA Mill ran successfully all the way through the early 1970s. However, it is said that the mill had a fire and never fully recovered from the loss. The KEA Mill […]

Dead Alumni Still Gather At This Club In California

In 1911, women in the Suisun City area decided to form a non-profit organization. The group aimed to improve various endeavors within the community. This organization, thereby known as The Wednesday Club, built a makeshift headquarters in order to host meetings and local events. One of the Oldest Organizations in Suisun Now, the Wednesday Club […]

Beware The Evil Terror That Lurks On This Road In Texas

Not long ago, residents of El Paso, Texas believed a road that went through town was supernatural in origin. Most of Thunderbird Drive seemed normal enough, that is until you reached a little hill in the road. Over time people came to fear this road and its hill as they did not understand it. The […]

9 Haunted Spots In Northern California Where You Can Camp On The Beach

If your dream camping trip involves the sun, sand, and maybe your RV, you’re in for a treat. There are many great spots for you to go beach camping in Northern California. Almost all of these have great facilities which you can enjoy with your loved ones. But beware – some of the best beachfront […]

10 Rivers In Florida As Beautiful As They Are Haunted By Evil

Famed for their natural beauty, the rivers in Florida mesmerize thousands of people annually. They also relax or excite their visitors through a host of activities like swimming, kayaking, and fishing. But don’t expect to be at peace at EVERY river you head to. Some of the most serene rivers across the sunny state have […]

10 Rivers In Texas As Beautiful As They Are Haunted

It seems strange to some that beautiful locations can be haunted, but in the afterlife, there are no rules about where ghosts can roam – and that includes the wonderful rivers in Texas. Most people ignore the warnings about frightening places but you might want to take note if you plan to expose your immortal soul. […]

The Ghost Of A Dead Boy Haunts This California Hiking Trail

The community of Modesto, California, prides itself on being fairly active. As a result, many running and hiking trails have been created through the town and surrounding county. But some trails are more well-known than others. The Legend of the Modesto Farm Hand The Dry Creek Running Trail is quite popular, but not necessarily for […]

This Old Road In California Is So Haunted It Will Terrify You

Many roads in the United States are said to be haunted, and the Lost Lake Road in Blythe, California happens to be one of them. Several locals try their best to avoid this road, hearing tales of a dead Indian Chief who wanders by the side of the road. But a few residents have claimed […]

9 Florida Parks That Possess Terrifying Ghostly Activity

As sunny as Florida may be, there’s a lot of darkness lurking around the state. With so much history, especially during the Civil War era, the state is the eternal home of many ghosts. While some of these will hardly harm you, many will go to lengths to suppress your breath. And the latter type […]

A Deadly Spirit Lurks in the Bathroom at This California Shopping Outlet

On January 5, 1916 rain began to fall on San Diego, California. Two tropical storms had, by chance, collided together over the city, creating one massive storm.  The situation was made even worse by an amateur scientist by the name of Charles Hatfield. A San Diego Tragedy Knowing that San Diego was experiencing a long […]

9 Haunted Parks In Texas Where People See Real-Life Ghosts

The National and State parks in Texas offer a wide variety of fun things to do and see, along with breathtaking scenery, wildlife and historical sites. While visitors travel in droves every year, the hidden stories about the many hauntings going on don’t seem to be turning people away. However, many who do encounter the […]

Haunted El Paso: The Crying Ghost Bride of Sacred Heart Church

In 1892, Father Carlos Pinto decided to build two new churches as a gift to the Diocese of El Paso. One of these was a English based Catholic church called Immaculate Conception, while the other was a Spanish based Catholic church called Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart was officially dedicated on June 9, 1893. Legend of […]

Want to Be Afraid? Explore These 9 Haunted Florida Bridges

No one would ever expect to discover the hidden truth about the haunted bridges in Florida – a State known for its beautiful, endless beaches. There’s so much happening behind the scenes and under the cover of darkness that even the most jaded person would be at the very least – surprised, if not horrified. […]

Want to Be Afraid? Explore These 9 Haunted California Bridges

There are many beautiful bridges in California, with fascinating histories and landmarks just waiting to be discovered. Many travel to see the different varieties of design and engineering, while others simply enjoy the evidence of the pioneering spirit of progress. There are also those who are interested in the paranormal aspects. Reports of haunted bridges […]

Texas Governor’s Mansion: Haunted by Tormented Ghosts

Located in Austin, Texas is the fourth oldest executive residence in the U.S. This beautiful mansion was built in 1854 and has been continuously inhabited by Texas governors since 1856. The Texas Governor’s Mansion was declared a historic landmark in 1962 and in 1970 was listed as an actual “Governor’s Mansion” in the National Register […]

This Haunted House In Florida Will Terrify You In The Best Way

In 1838, Thomas Orman and his family moved to Apalachicola, Florida and built a house. Mr. Orman was a merchant and grew immensely rich from trading goods with sailors and travelers who came to the Gulf. The family built their house to overlook the docks below. A Paranormal Journey At The Orman House Orman House […]

9 Haunted Roads In South Florida That Will Make You Piss Yourself

Sunshine, surf and sand evoke happy memories of fun vacations and exciting holidays, especially in Florida. Travel south and discover a totally different world filled with darkness, where the roads, streets and avenues are teeming with the kind of terror you only expect to see in a horror movie. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving, […]

10 Haunted Roads In East Texas That Will Make You Piss Yourself

East Texas is considered one of the most haunted areas of the entire United States. Historical cities and towns such as Houston are now riddled with spirits, from the bloody Civil War and beyond. But not every ghost resides in a house or public building. There are some specters who like to appear near the […]

These Haunted Apartments In Texas Will Chill You To The Bone

The city of San Antonio has its fair share of haunted locations. From public buildings to ancient houses, the city has a long standing history that has led to lingering spirits. But some of the most haunted places are not what you may think. The Ghost Child Enter Spanish Main Apartments. From the outside, this […]

These Apartments in Florida Are so Haunted They Will Terrify You

Many decades ago, a new apartment complex was constructed in Sarasota, Florida. The Timber Chase Apartments have seen many residents come and over the years, but many Sarasota locals have begun to speculate whether or not this complex is haunted. Rumors of a 1992 murder have circulated within the area. The Quick Moving Apparition of the […]

A Frightening Terror Haunts This B&B in Calistoga

Many Americans travel to Calistoga, California throughout the year, visiting family, friends, or to have a laid back vacation under the California sun. As a result of tourism, Calistoga has many hotels and bed and breakfasts for impending guests. The Elms Bed and Breakfast was once among them. A Calistoga Haunting This once charming B&B […]

A Dreadful Terror Haunts This Creek in San Antonio

Many creeks in and around San Antonio, Texas have very literal names. Catfish Creek, Brushy Creek and Mud Creek all exist within Texas and do not exactly bring a scene of beauty to mind. Scattered amongst these not so inspiring creek names is the Woman Hollering Creek. A San Antonio Mexican Legend Many locals believe […]

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Bike Trails in Florida

No one wants to discover that their fun day in the great outdoors has the capacity to turn into a fright-fest, especially when checking out the best mountain bike trails in Florida. Doom, gloom and horror seems so far removed from this sunny state, where everyone loves to vacation and create fun memories. There’s something […]

Spooky Stuart: Sinister Native American Spirits Lurk At Gilbert’s Bar

During the early 1940s, a majority of the world’s commerce took place by way of ships. Florida’s Atlantic coastline was vast and mostly uninhabited. Sailors who survived unfortunate shipwrecks would swim to Florida’s shore, in need of food and shelter. The Sailors Haven in Stuart Places such as Stuart began to build facilities known as […]

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Bike Trails in Texas

There’s so much to choose from when looking for the best bike trails in Texas and you’d be forgiven if you said that you had no idea about the more sinister, haunted locations. Evil sprites with gnashing teeth, a red-eyed demon who likes to push people and many other nasty spirits lurk around these trails. […]

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Mountain Bike Trails in California

When looking for the best mountain bike trails in California, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the element of terrifying fear. These trails offer more than exhilarating slopes and difficult terrain to test your mettle. Try running or riding for your life when you come across the evil that lurks […]

Horrific Evil Lurks on These 9 Haunted Roads in West Texas

There’s so much to see in West Texas, including the haunted roads, streets and avenues which may not be on your travel itinerary. Then again, you might not want to visit these sinister locations as there’s a good chance you might lose your sanity – if not your life or your soul. Many different entities lurk […]

The 9 Most Haunted Roads In Northern Florida

There are many creepy and haunted places throughout Florida – and the country – but these ghastly spirits and evil creatures can be found lurking on the roadside and lying in wait for anyone unlucky enough to stumble into their dark lairs, in Northern Florida. You might think that you’re safe driving by, but who’s to say […]

Dead Patients Lurk at the Haunted House in Diboll

Many native Texans have heard stories of a residential home in Diboll that is haunted by malevolent spirits. Believed to be a former nursing home, the house was eventually converted into single family living. Many locals have driven by the house, hoping to catch glimpses of spirits lingering within the house. The House That Is […]

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