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10 Best Underappreciated Horror Movies That Will Make You Lock Your Doors

Prepare to be terrified. Photo: Aëla Labbé/flickr The best underrated horror movies don’t rely on overused elements such as splatter and gore. True terror comes from the unseen. When a movie forces you to use your imagination and exercise your mental faculties, the thrills and spills are heightened to a point that makes them far […]

10 Best Haunted House Movies That Will Terrify You

Do you love horror movies? And do you love haunted houses? Well then, what could be better than a terrifying horror movie that involves a haunted house?! The best haunted house movies can make you nervous in your own home, no matter how cozy and secure – especially if you’re watching in the dark and on […]

The 10 Freakiest Body Horror Movies That Will Keep You Up At Night

There are many sub genres regarding the best body horror movies… …such as supernatural, science fiction and thriller. Some have twisted story lines while others have surreal elements. What they all have in common is a terrifyingly freaky streak which makes our flesh crawl. Try not to cringe when watching these bizarre movies. The 10 […]

10 Scariest Horror Movies That Take Place In The Woods (For 2019)

Why do horror movies in the woods inflict a higher level of terror into our hearts and minds? Maybe it’s the sense of not knowing what lurks in the shadows… …or the idea of creepy maniacs with a sick taste for torture and murder. This list for 2019 will change your mind about venturing into the […]

The 10 Best Foreign Horror Movies On Amazon Instant Video (In 2019)

Are you a true fan of horror? If so, you’ll appreciate the great variety and the fresh outlook that the best foreign horror movies have to offer. Whether you prefer creepy, psychological terror, gory blood and guts or supernatural thrills… …you’re sure to find refreshingly frightening and terrifying movies in this multicultural top-ten list. Get ready, […]

The 10 Best Horror Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime (In 2019)

Interested in watching the best horror movies on Amazon Prime? You’re in the right place. Whether it’s full on gore, paranormal terror, or black magic horror, there’s something for everyone in this list. So get ready, because you’re about to discover… The 10 Scariest – And Most Disturbing – Horror Movies On Amazon Prime In […]

9 Found Footage Horror Movies That Will Terrify You

If you are headed to the movie theater to catch the latest flick, chances are you’re going to see any number of found footage horror movies. Compared to top dollar horror productions, many directors find the found footage genre to be the perfect opportunity to create a successful, bone-chilling horror films without a million dollar budget. […]

7 Short And Creepy Horror Films That Will Scare You Senseless

Do you dare? They’re only a few fearful minutes long, so feast your eyes and freak yourself out on these seven short horror films. Make sure you’re ready for a creep fest and be assured that the terror promises to stay with you long after you turn away! 7 Short And Creepy Horror Films That Will […]

7 Terrifying Documentaries That Will Keep You Awake At Night

We often thrill at the idea of ghost stories being told around campfires or at sleepovers and horror movies are a big deal at the cinema, but the fear steps up a notch when the stories are true. That’s why scary documentaries have the ability to chill us to the bone, with everyday people sharing […]

The Scariest Movie You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

There are some films that make you so frightened you can’t watch them unless you have company. If you put on films like The Ring, The Conjuring, The Shining or The Grudge, chances are you’re not going to be having a pleasant night of trying to get to sleep. One of the most frightening films […]

10 Trending Horror Movie Lists You Need to Check Out Now

While everybody might not admit it, we all love to be scared. There’s no better way to give yourself a quick jump than to watch a truly terrifying movie. The public has been obsessed with horror movies ever since the silent vampire movie Nosferatu first came out in 1922. Since that time the horror genre […]