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This Is The True Sinister Origin Behind 5 Popular Christmas Stories

Forget everything you think you know about Christmas and discover the evil side of this ironically festive holiday. Try to celebrate after reading about the sinister back stories to the Christmas characters and rituals usually thought of with fond affection. You’ll learn that dark history always wins over sanitized commercialism. 5) Tomtin – Santa’s Little […]

10 Reasons Why Catholics Absolutely Should Not Celebrate Halloween

Halloween as we know it today is far removed from its Celtic origin over 2,000 years ago. The true meaning of Halloween traverses a colorful, but also a quite sinister, history since the beginning, where the celebrations revolved around the harvest and the end of Summer, along with the advent of a long, dark winter […]

Here’s Why Locals Call ‘The Devil’s Tree’ a Portal To Hell

Trees have been symbolic motifs since the dawn of time, ranging from creation stories – including the Tree of Knowledge in the Bible and Yggdrasil, the world tree in Norse mythology – to the Buddhist’s Bodhi Tree and ancient tales about people being transformed into trees. The majority of these tales have been mostly positive […]

Terror In The Trees: Did Abuela Warn You About La Lechuza?

Has a Lechuza ever called your name? Latinas in California know better than to whistle three times at midnight as that’s an invitation to one of the fearsome Mexican paranormal entities: La Lechuza. Haunting the former part of Mexico, especially San Diego, she haunts the sky after dusk or nightfall, swooping down and carrying away the […]

Beware La Llorona: Vengeful Spirit That Will Claim Your Soul

Every year, there are numerous La Llorona sightings. Have you ever encountered this real-life terrifying legend? If you’re traveling along Trabuco Creek near San Juan Capistrano, visiting O’Neill Regional Park, or planning a trip through Fresno’s Snake Road, you’re bound to come across one of the powerful vengeful entities that haunt the older parts of Mexico that […]