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The 10 Best Horror Audiobooks of All Time (That Will Terrify You)

Listening to the best horror audiobooks is a whole world of difference to reading them. While listening to a trained voice describing the horror and mayhem, you’d be forgiven for freaking out as your imagination runs wild. Try and see if you’re brave enough to listen with the lights off. Horror Audiobooks That Will Terrify […]

The 10 Best Horror Books You Should Have Read By Now

Looking for the best horror books to keep you up at night? Check out this list of books you may or may not have heard of… From monsters and evil humans to ghosts and haunted houses – these are a must for even the most discerning horror aficionados. There’s much to read and much to […]

Not So Innocent: 7 Stories About Sinister, Killer Kids

You might think you’re safe but these spawns of evil have murder in mind. Far from pure, these nefarious killer kids are more than rambunctious trouble-makers. Playing for them includes horror, torture and murder. Discover the evil that lurks within the following novels, written by cleverly macabre authors who tell the tales about little terrors […]