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The 6 Best Camping Tents For 2018 (Essential Review)

We take it you are in the market for a new adventure shelter? We understand it’s hard to choose with over a hundred options and endless brands trying to win you over with their new, techy tent. Well look no further, we researched, tried, and tested the best tents for camping on the market today. […]

Boys Hiking Boots: The 6 Best Picks For 2018

A hard working, sturdy pair of boots are going to be your best friend when you take your boys tromping through the countryside. But hunting down the perfect pair of hiking boots for your micro mountaineer can be daunting. That is especially true when you realize proper, blister-combating boots could be the difference between reaching […]

Girls’ Hiking Boots: The 6 Best Picks For 2018

Sometimes those paper-light Payless sneakers aren’t going to cut it when it comes to trail blazing. And if your pint-sized adventurer plans on hitting the trails just like mom and dad, or chasing crows down by the river for hours, you’re going to need a reliable boot that can keep your kiddo’s toes comfy and […]

The 6 Best Mountaineering Boots For Men (Essential Review)

When traversing difficult terrain in a variety of conditions, a great pair of mountaineering boots are imperative. With the right boots, you will be prepared for what you encounter, keeping you not just warm and comfortable, but safe. Finding the best mountaineering boots is key for your upcoming adventures. Top 3 Quick Comparison: Best Mountaineering […]

The 6 Best Men’s Winter Hiking Boots (Essential Review)

When embarking on outdoor adventures in the winter, the right pair of hiking boots will often make the difference between a great time and a miserable experience. It is therefore important for guys looking to enjoy time on the trails in cold weather to find the best men’s winter hiking boots. Top 3 Quick Comparison: […]

The 6 Best Women’s Winter Hiking Boots (Essential Review)

Greetings intrepid ladies! We take it you are shopping around for a brand new pair of winter hiking boots? But how do you determine the top-rated backpacking boot? Should you get a pair of Merrels? Asolo Attivas? Salomons? Or can you just say screw it and grab a boot out of the men’s section? Top […]

8 Best DSLR Camera Lenses for Wildlife Photography (Amazing Results!)

When you’re in nature with nothing but the pack on your back and a camera in-hand, and you come across one of those perfect moments, you’ll want to be carrying one of the best wildlife photography lenses. One of the primary reasons to use a DSLR for wildlife photography is the interchangeable lens system. It […]

The 6 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots For Women (Essential Review)

Besides severe injuries, there aren’t a lot of things that can take the wind out of your hiking sails like a pair of soaking wet feet. It causes all sorts of nastiness, and can definitely start to slow you down. Especially if you’re hiking in a colder climate, it can be downright dangerous, not just […]

The 6 Best Hiking Shoes for the Appalachian Trail (Essential Review)

Looking for the perfect shoes to tackle the Appalachian Trail? You’re in the right place. The A.T. has called out to countless people over the years, and many have accepted the challenge. Roughly 25% of people who set out to hike the entire distance end up completing their goal. That is higher than you might […]

The 6 Best Hiking Boots for the Appalachian Trail (Essential Review)

If you’re thinking about hitting the Appalachian Trail, you are wise to be researching your gear and supplies first. It’s an incredibly demanding hike, both mentally and physically, and this preparation and research that you’re doing now can truly mean the difference between life and death. Your boots will be carrying you the whole way, […]

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet: Men and Women’s Top Choices

​Have wide feet and looking for the perfect boots? We understand. There’s nothing like finally getting out on the trail and beginning your hike… …but if the boots you’re wearing are too narrow, even a quick hike can feel like an eternity (for all the wrong reasons.) What should be a fun trek turns into a […]

3 Best DSLR Cameras for Wildlife Photography [Read Before Buying]

Ron Lacey/flickr Looking for the best wildlife camera? DSLR Cameras are the top choice among professionals for wildlife photography. Capturing animals in their natural habitat and behaving naturally requires fast auto focus, long telephoto lenses, great low light performance and a durable camera you can carry into any environment. Similar to sports photography, wildlife photography […]

Gear Review: Salomon Conquest GTX Boots

Wondering if Salomon Conquest GTX boots are for you? I get it…. Finding a comfortable pair of hiking boots to stand up to the elements of nature with an affordable price tag is pretty tough. That’s one reason I’m writing this Salomon Conquest GTX Boots Review, to point out the cream of the crop before you start getting frustrated! I’m […]

Gear Review: Osprey Atmos 65 Ag Backpack

Just like a new pair of shoes, it’s tough to know if a backpack is the right fit for you until you’ve tried it on and walked a few dozen miles. Sometimes you’ve just gotta get past the blisters to find your perfect pair! Same goes for a backpack and that’s why I’m writing this Osprey Atmos […]

Gear Review: 5 Best Backpacking Headlamps

Are you interested in the best backpacking headlamps? Choosing the best backpacking headlamps for hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor adventures isn’t as easy as many people think. It’s confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for. What’s your budget? Do you prefer a brand name? Does it have to be multi-function or is simple better? There’s so much […]

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Mattress

This sea to summit comfort light insulated review will give you the information you need to try out what I believe, through experience, is one of the best insulated backpacking mattresses on the market! Insulated Air Mattress Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Air Mattress 1 lb. 5 oz. (regular, including stuff sack) Sizes: small […]

5 Best Rain Jackets for Hiking

Are you interested in the best rain jackets for hiking? Shopping for the perfect rain jacket isn’t easy. And if you go looking for a good 3-season jacket it can get downright overwhelming. In general the prices range from one hundred to four hundred dollars; and the weight can go from next to nothing to more than a pound. […]

Popular Tents, Bivy Sacks, And Tent Accessories

It’s that time of the year when we look at the most popular tents, bivy sacks, and tent accessories, chosen by our readers over the last few months. The following is a compilation of the most purchased gear on Amazon – by our community. 1) Tents Expedition Tents MSR leads the popular tent category for expedition […]

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