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The Ghost In This Santa Maria Inn Is Out For Your Blood

Santa Maria, California, home of the Santa Maria Inn on South Broadway. Once this hotel, which styles itself as “Elegance of a Bygone Era”, served as a respite for traveling celebrities who were going abroad. Ultra-famous denizens of the silver screen – names like Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe – once lay their heads down […]

Haunted Mesquite: The Wandering Ghost Girl at Hampton Inn

When Bryan’s sister gave birth, he knew that he would have to travel to Mesquite, Texas to pay an obligatory visit. Not wanting to bother the family (or lose precious hours sleeping) he decided to check into a hotel in town. A woman at the airport recommended the Hampton Inn, so he picked up his rental […]

Haunted Avalon: The Dead Captain of the Catalina Boat House Hotel

In 1912, a gentleman named Captain Joseph McAfee navigated his houseboat from Venice Beach to Avalon, California in the hopes of making it his new home. After he purchased a parcel of land, he faced a dilemma. He could build a house, but why bother when he had a perfectly good one on the bay? […]

If The Doll Comes To Life At This Llano Hotel, You Need To Turn And Run

During the 1990s the townspeople of Llano, Texas realized those traveling on the railroad were in need of a place to rest between destinations. Thus, in 1907 the Dabb’s Railroad Hotel was opened a short distance from the train station. During the days of the iconic wild west, prospectors, miners and outlaws would frequently seek […]

Violent Paranormal Visions Haunt A Texas Hotel For This Reason

During the 1920s a hotel was built for a rancher named Alfred Gage in Marathon, Texas. This fifteen room hotel has been beautifully restored and remains open for service. Many people passing through Marathon, fall in love with the authentic western style of this unique hotel. However, rumor has it that the Gage Hotel has been subject […]

Why Is The Angel Of Death Obsessed With This Texas Hotel?

The Beckham Hotel was established in Mineola, Texas during the 1880s. Since the hotel has opened its doors many guests have stayed there, but not all of them got to leave. It’s believed that several deaths had occurred at the Beckham, from a woman falling down the hotel stairs, to a man who committed suicide in […]

Why Does A Malicious Ghost Torment Guests At This Texas Hotel?

In 1927, a new hotel began being built in Turkey, Texas. The two story red-brick building was nearly complete when a tornado struck the town and completely demolished the building. Nevertheless, builder H.B. Jordan would not be deterred. Turkey’s Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Texas Construction resumed and Hotel Turkey was opened in November of that year. Since […]

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Northern California

From ‘The Shining’ to ‘1408’, Hollywood has its fair share of hotel horror stories to tell, proving the dark side of what are usually considered luxury accommodations that promise relaxation and peace of mind. However, the stories from real-life haunted hotels are even darker and scarier. Once you check into these, your chances of ever […]

At Hotel Settles You’ll See Blinking Ghosts In The Stairwell

Despite the ongoing national financial crisis, the community of Big Spring became the location of a new hotel during the early 1930s. The hotel was extensive and lavish, and quickly became the talk of the town. However, many people started checking into the hotel with a single, sinister purpose. Hotel Settles: A Luxury Hotel of […]

The Dead Whisper To You In The Shower At The Tarpon Inn

In 1886, the city of Port Aransas found they had a surplus of lumber that had been intended for use in the Civil War barracks. With the gruesome war finally over, town officials wondered what to do with the extra materials. It was decided that a housing facility was needed for individuals who worked on […]

Island Hotel: The Kissing Ghost of Majestic Cedar Key

The Island Hotel is a historic inn located on beautiful Cedar Key. What was once just a natural island became a place of developmental interest during the mid 1850s. Major Parsons and Francis Hale saw a financial opportunity and purchased property there in 1859. The First General Store of Cedar Key Within a year, the […]

Haunted Placerville: The Ghost Cat of Cary House

Many celebrities have stopped in Placerville, California to visit the Cary House throughout the years. Thankfully none of them have passed away while in the hotel…but unfortunately there are several normal pedestrians who have. Rumor has it that four separate human ghosts haunt this beautiful hotel, and that doesn’t include the ghostly cat, affectionately named […]

Beware The Horrific Dead Woman of the Glen Rose Hotel

In 1928, the town of Glen Rose became the site of a new hotel, called The Glen. While the hotel was used as a makeshift home for women who awaited their soldiers to come back from World War II, it reopened as a hotel during the 1970s and has remained open ever since. Many historical […]

Dead Clown Haunts the Wakulla Suites Hotel in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, Florida is home to a little slice of paradise known as the Wakulla Suites Hotel. Many vacationers come to this resort for the pool, the fun and the white sandy beaches. But an unfortunate few have had strange paranormal encounters that they had to share. The Unknown Suicide in Cocoa Beach A few guests […]

The Dead Will Speak To You At This Haunted Florida Mansion

The Herlong Mansion of Micanopy, Florida was not always a mansion. The house had humble beginnings, built as a simple pine farmhouse around 1845. The farmhouse was built by one of the original settlers in the area. A few years later, Zeddy Herlong and his wife Natalie moved to the area from Alabama. Zeddy became […]

Malevolent Specters in the Walls of the Historic Hotel Denison

During the 1800s, Denison, Texas was not home to a respectable hotel for a growing town. With support from the locals, plans were quickly made. A hotel was built in the year 1884. Unfortunately, the Victorian style hotel did not last. On January 24, 1920, a fire erupted at the hotel. A handful of employees […]

Too Many Paranormal Anomalies at the Hotel Lawrence Dallas

The Hotel Lawrence Dallas opened in 1925. While the hotel’s primary purpose was always a means of making guests comfortable overnight, it seems that the hotel’s services varied greatly depending on the needs of the community at that time. For example, Dallas locals were in want of a casino during the 1920s, and thus an […]

The Female Ghosts’ Redemption at the Old Gilroy Hotel

There once was a glamorous hotel located at 7365 Monterey Rd in Gilroy, California. This establishment, known as the Gilroy Hotel, was a popular place for the higher echelon of local society to meet back in the day. Citizens of Gilroy would mingle amongst their peers, discussing the latest gossip and events of the day. […]

Haunted New Braunfels: The Faceless Ghost of Faust Hotel

During the 1920s, the New Braunfels community decided their town was in need of a luxurious hotel. Local businessman Walter Faust took charge over the project and the hotel was opened in October of 1929, just two weeks before the stock market crash. Despite the financial strain of the Great Depression, the hotel remained open. New Braunfels’ […]

The Third Floor Of This Florida Hotel Is Haunted By Evil

Hotel Blanche is a historic hotel located in Lake City. Built in 1902, the hotel was once considered a luxurious place to stay, full of posh furniture and amenities. The hotel was the first building in Florida to have an elevator. One of the oldest hotels in Lake City Many famous figures stayed at Hotel […]

The Shape Shifting Ghost at The Dorrington Hotel

In 1850, a gentleman named John Gardner moved to a little town, which is now known as Dorrington, California. A year later, his wife Rebecca Dorrington joined him from Scotland and the couple built an Inn known as Cold Spring Ranch. The ranch served as a stage coach stop for weary travelers on their way to see […]

St George Hotel: Victims of Deadly Fires Still Haunt Volcano, CA

Historically speaking, the town of Volcano, California has had its fair share of bad luck when it comes to hospitality. In 1853, the Eureka Hotel was built, only to be destroyed by a fire a few years later. In 1859 the town tried again, and the Empire Hotel was built at the same location. Repeated […]

Sinister Ghost at the Sutter Creek Inn, or Just a Lost Soul?

Sutter Creek, California is an ideal destination for folks who simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Nestled in the heart of wine country, and a short distance away from ski resorts and hiking trails, Sutter Creek is perfect for a weekend visit or full-blown California vacation. One of […]

Death Valley Witch Lives Again at the Amargosa Opera House?

In 1935, the town of Death Valley, California opened a new hotel and public service building. Originally called Corkhill Hall, the building’s name was changed to the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in 1967 when resident artist Marta Becket began to rent the space. Before the Amargosa became a performing art space, many town-based events, church services […]

Strange Creature Visits Girl at Night at the Downieville River Inn

The town of Downieville was first established as a result of the gold rush in 1849. Gold was discovered where the town sits to this day, and was named after Major William Downie, the town’s founder. The town grew at an alarming rate over the years, and hotels were in high demand. The Gold Rush Dies…Downieville Remains […]

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Florida [Warning: Ghosts Inside!]

When one thinks about Florida, pristine beaches, romantic hotels, glamorous cities, and yearly family vacations often come to mind. What most people don’t consider is that Florida is home to many spirits—a majority of which can be found in hotels all around the state. Many hotels have been studied and the ones below are considered to […]

10 Southern California Hotels As Beautiful As They Are Haunted

For many people, hotels seem like the perfect location to indulge in violent or illicit activity. A sense of privacy, being away from home, and just the overall atmosphere that certain hotels seem to have all contribute to this fact. Whether committing suicide or having a dangerous affair, hotels have been the sites of many […]

The Choking Ghost of the Infamous Hollywood Beach Resort

Much like the famous Hollywood sign in California, the Hollywood Beach Resort is an iconic part of the Hollywood, Florida landscape. Built in 1926, the hotel has seen many notable stars stay within its doors. Among the most famous is Al Capone, who once called the Hollywood Beach Resort his home. But over the last few years, […]

Haunted Ocala: The Woman with Rotted Flesh at the Seven Sisters Inn

Charles Rheinauer, born March 5, 1846, became a prominent businessman and leader in Ocala, Florida. During the 1890s, Charles and his brother established a clothing store that became very popular in the community. In 1906, Charles had been so successful and so involved with local organizations, he became the mayor of Ocala. There’s a Dark Spirit Lingering […]

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Texas [Warning: Ghosts Inside!]

The ever expansive lone star state is home to many parks, attractions and beautiful hotels to call your home away from home. But some of those have a dark past—ones that resurface no matter how hard owners and staff try to keep them at bay. Below are hotels in Texas where you are almost guaranteed to […]

Ghost Children Enjoy Haunting the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield

Gracing the corner of 18th and H streets in Bakersfield, The Padre Hotel is a luxury Western-themed hotel. Built in the late 1920s, it became a hub for the famous nightlife on Union Avenue. It’s even known as the professional birthplace of Johnny Carson. However, from the 1960s onwards, its history began growing dark. There were […]

Forget About Sleeping At The Haunted Hotel Stockton

A historic landmark, the Hotel Stockton at 133 E. Weber Ave. stands out against the modern surroundings of Stockton, California. It is over a century old and has welcomed traveling entertainers and local government officials during its years as a grand hotel and the City of Stockton’s City Hall. But not all of its guests to […]

Haunted Alpine: The Dead Wear Masks At The Holland Hotel

In 1928, a hotel was built in Alpine, Texas. For over eighty years, the Holland Hotel served the local community and visitors in the area. However, in 2011 owners and staff rallied together to revive this rustic hotel. Alpine is Home to a Strange Ghost Modern amenities were integrated into the hotel, all the while maintaining the original […]

Haunted Galveston: The Reoccurring Hanging Ghost of Hotel Galvez

In 1911, a new hotel was constructed in Galveston, Texas. Named in honor of Count Bernardo de Galvez y Madrid, the hotel was called the Hotel Galvez. Many believe the hotel is the oldest in town. The hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the spring of 1979. The Oldest, Most Haunted Hotel […]

Haunted Apalachicola: The Cursed Sisters of the Gibson Inn

What is now known as Apalachicola, Florida was once called Cottonton. The area first began as a British trading post in the early 1800s. By 1827, the area had attracted several residents and the name of the town was switched to Apalachicola in 1831. The Evil that Transpired in Cottonton… As the area grew, a hotel was […]

Prepare for a Restless Night at Temecula’s Very Haunted Palomar Inn

“Beautifully quaint” is the first thought that comes to mind while standing outside the Palomar Inn on 28522 Old Town Front Street in Temecula, Southern California. Surrounded by 3,000 acres of vineyards and western themed shopping centers, it’s truly a haven for tourists. But if you’re sensitive to the paranormal, all you need to do is […]

Sadistic Spirit Stalks Tourists at Clewiston Inn

The Clewiston Inn, known simply as The Inn by locals, was established in Clewiston, Florida in 1926. Passed along from owner to owner within the sugar cane business, The Inn survived two large scale hurricanes in 1926 and 1928.However, a fire in 1937 destroyed a majority of the building. Despite this setback, The Clewiston was restored […]

Santa Paula: Paranormal Activity at The Glen Tavern Inn

Keep your wits about you and be prepared for a chilling stay at the Glen Tavern Inn. Located at:  134 N Mill St, Santa Paula, CA 93060 (USA), it has become a famous destination for avid ghost hunters. The history behind the Glen Tavern Inn includes many hauntings, which include a spirit known as “Calvin” – who […]

The Cursed Ghost of the Woodbine Hotel in Madisonville

In 1904, the Shapira family opened the Woodbine Hotel in what is now Madisonville, Texas. Originally called The Shapira Hotel, the inn remains the biggest and oldest building in the county. The Woodbine has been renovated extensively, however the original hotel started off with sixteen guest rooms and only indoor plumbing in the section of the house […]

The Menger Hotel in San Antonio is Haunted by 3 Dead Sisters

Deemed as the oldest continuously run hotel west of the Mississippi, The Menger Hotel is an architectural and historic gem in San Antonio, Texas. Built in 1859, this hotel has hosted thousands of guests over the years, some of which have found the Menger to be their final resting place. Given its age, it’s small wonder […]

Beware The Ghost Warnings At This House In Texas

In 1895, a gentleman named Mr. Tarlton decided to build a Bed and Breakfast in Hillsboro, Texas. The beautiful orange and yellow house was built in the Queen Anne Victorian style, which Ms. Tarlton was especially fond of. For several years, the Tarltons prospered both personally and financially. But tragedy is never far behind. A Brush with Death […]

Nevada City: Paranormal Activity at the National Exchange Hotel

The National Exchange Hotel is one of the treasures of Nevada City. Though it shut down temporarily in 1863, it’s considered one of the oldest continuously operated hotels west of the Rockies. But you’re not here for a history lesson on this famous landmark, are you? You’re here to discover the things that go bump in the […]

Guests Claim This Hotel Is Haunted By The Former Owner Who Died in a Fire

In the town of Julian, California there is a frightening mystery which no one can solve. Originally a restauraunt formed in the 1880’s that burned down and was renovated into a hotel in 1897, the Julian Gold Rush Hotel has had more than its fair share of supernatural occurrences. The restaurant’s original owner, Albert, was killed […]

Haunted Hotel: Fright Night at the Fallon Hotel

What is it about hotels that just seems to draw paranormal activity like moths to a bug zapper? The equation seems obvious: Time + Volume (of people) = Bad Things Happening. And of course, bad things more often than not seem to precede the existence of paranormal events at a haunted hotel (seldom does one seem to […]

Haunted Hotel: Scary Nights at the Scotia Inn

Scotia, California boasts the lovely Scotia Inn. A place where you can get a good night’s lodging, excellent meals (with adult drinks, if that’s your thing) and, if you’re really lucky, haunted by ghosts during your stay. Most encounters with the ghosts in this haunted hotel have been harmless… In fact, a few have even been downright […]

Mendocino Hotel: Scariest Haunted Place To Stay In California?

The Mendocino Hotel was erected in 1878, and was restored in the mid 1970’s. The beautiful surroundings, the hotel architecture, and the history of the land make this one of the most majestic hotels in Northern California. This was actually the very first location in the area in which lumber was actively harvested. The lumber that was harvested in this area […]

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Southern California

Southern California is one of the best all-year-round vacation destinations, and not only because of Hollywood. There are numerous amusement parks, entertainment venues, and much more that you can visit with your friends and family. However, if you’re a fan of the supernatural and enjoy learning about the paranormal, you’re bound to love checking in at one […]

Lonely Men Can’t Resist California Hotel Haunted By Dead Prostitute

In 1908, Alturas, California was in desperate need of a hotel. The town was quickly expanding, and visiting businessmen and developers needed a place to stay. Within a year, the Hotel Niles opened its doors to the public. The Most Beautiful Hotel in Alturas Despite having many years of financial strain and a brush with demolishment, the […]

10 Creepiest Haunted Hotels in California

California, the Golden State! Awesome natural vistas. A perfect climate in which to enjoy them. Some of the greatest cities in the nation. As the 3rd largest state and arguably the leader in tourism, California has more than its fair share of amazing hotels. From seedy motels to ridiculously luxurious palaces catering to the rich and famous, nobody visits […]

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