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Haunted Alice: Patient Recalls Ghosts of P&S Hospital

At hospitals, old souls depart this world and new souls enter it on a daily basis. But what happens when a person dies and decides not to leave? This strange occurrence became reality at the P&S Hospital in Alice, Texas. During the 90s, doctors and nurses would experience paranormal activity in the OR Suite. Unplugged bell devices […]

Haunted San Antonio: Beware The Donkey Lady Bridge

San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful city filled with skyscrapers and a busy city life. Below the bright lights and loud city noises lays a serene and comforting country bridge that crosses over the Medina River. While the seclusion and beautiful natural scenery are a great distraction from everyday life, this bridge is known for a much more horrifying reason. The […]

Haunted Laredo: The Dead are Checked In at the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel

The city of Laredo was founded in 1755, when the area was still deemed a Spanish Colony. After several years of strife over territory, Laredo became an official part of the United States and was declared a city in 1852. The people of Laredo are a superstitious lot. In fact the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel—which is […]

10 Scariest Haunted Attractions in Texas

People in Texas are tough. Real tough. They’ll stick with a fight till the end, and they won’t give up on a job until it’s done or until they are dead. Sometimes, they won’t even give up then! It’s a pretty well-known fact that there are tons of haunted attractions in Texas. Ghosts are common around here, because […]

10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

Are you interested in the most haunted hikes in Texas? Want to experience the terror of coming face to face with children possessed by spirits? Think you’re brave enough to take a night hike at White Rock, home of the White Witch? The great state of Texas has a rich history of paranormal activity, and that includes haunted Texas […]

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