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Haunted Long Beach: The Darkness Of DeForest Park

Fifteen acres of land purchased by the city of Long Beach, California in 1976 is what comprises a place known as DeForest Park. Here you can hike a nature trail, let the kiddos play on playground equipment, or engage in any one of a number of interesting sports for which they have the requisite courts: basketball, […]

Haunted California: Can You Brave This Terrifying Cemetery?

Welcome to Paso Robles, California. Home to one of the most haunted places in Southern California. Ready to see ghosts and have your heart speed up out of fear? Got something to calm you down? I hope so, because you’re going to need it when you visit San Luis Obispo County’s most scary cemetery: Adelaida Cemetery on Chimney Rock […]

Haunted San Diego: Beware The Walking Dead of Cara Way

Exactly thirty years ago in San Diego, California, an unfortunate young woman by the name of Cara Knott was murdered by a wayward highway patrolman named Craig Peyer. Peyer was a long-time friend of the roadways, who made a habit of pulling over women of about Cara’s age and build, and trying to pick them up for […]

Haunted San Pedro: Ghostly Voices Caught on Video

Welcome to San Pedro, California. This is where a property development – once known as Ponte Vista and now dubbed Highpark – has been undergoing a lot of changes recently to make it a master planned community. The idea was to take a huge lot filled with vacant homes, tear the old stuff down, and build new […]

Davis CA: Ghost With Auburn Hair At Old City Hall

The year 1938 was a doozie for the state of California. Cheeseburgers were considered a fad, something to disappear soon. In one county, a woman was arrested for wearing slacks to a court hearing. And, of course, there was the Great Depression going on. In the growing city of Davis, CA – which started out life as a […]

Haunted Lake Elsinore: Beware The Olive Grove Zombie

The town: Lake Elsinore, California.  The date: 1883.  The place: the olive groves which rest at the feet of Elsinore Mountain, near the Ortega Highway. In the decades following the great gold rushes of the mid-nineteenth century, California was an increasingly – if sometimes somewhat reluctantly – populous land. Native tribes and settlers of many different nationalities […]

Haunted Oxnard: The Bloody Ghoul Of Walmart

Welcome to Oxnard, California, home of over two hundred thousand people, and ironically voted one of the safest cities in America back in 2013. The income level is high and the crime level is low in this beautiful town, in other words.  On the whole, not a bad place to be. But there are places.  If […]

Shivers To Be Had At Mount Helix Park

If you ever happen to be in La Mesa, California, and you want to take the opportunity to (potentially, at least) give yourself a good scare, take a traipse on down to Mount Helix Park. You’re especially likely to run into trouble the closer to nightfall it is. After all, if you’re lucky – or unlucky, […]

Real-Life Nightmare: Evil Lurking at Mission San Buenaventura

For the lover of Spanish Missions in California, or for the devoutly religious – or for those who are both – it doesn’t get much better than Ventura, California’s Mission San Buenaventura. Built in the late eighteenth century, this mission has withstood the test of time, as well as many other tests throughout its long life. […]

Want To Be Terrified? Visit This Haunted Arcadia Intersection

Arcadia is the sort of town one would not associate with the darkness of stark terror. Tree-lined streets sport manicured lawns beneath a sky so blue it is almost painful – this is the sort of image Arcadia conjures up. At least, this is the image it conjures up during the day, and to those who […]

You Want Scary? The Real Ghost Of Foothill Boulevard

Do you remember how the old saying goes: get your kicks on Route 66? One of the most famous extant elements of Americana today is the historic highway, stretching out miles and miles across state after state, and boasting some of the most interesting and often unusual tourist sites along the way. So if you’re the type of […]

Molly’s Souper: The Most Haunted Place In Upland California?

For the person with a hankering for a little breakfast in Upland, California, it’s hard to beat a little place like Molly’s Souper. Open seven days a week for both breakfast and lunch (come for the breakfast, stay for the lunch could be their motto,) this little restaurant has a great menu, great prices, and great […]

Delano Hitchhiking Ghost: Evil Lurking On Browning Road

Delano, California is a small, uninteresting town that many may think twice before visiting. East of this town is an equally dreary road known as Browning Road. If you’re a paranormal enthusiast, you know that this is one road you shouldn’t dare travel alone. If this is news to you, know this: an evil hitchhiking ghost lurks here. […]

The Dead Refuse To Sleep At The Seal Beach Naval Base

The Seal Beach Naval Base, located in California, is a place where weapons and munitions are loaded. There’s a maintenance facility on the grounds, as well. There’s also a memorial at this location, serving as the West Coast home for the World War II National Submarine Memorial. In other words, thousands of people visit this Navy base […]

Ready to be Terrified? Beware the Haunted Ortega Highway

San Juan Capistrano, California boasts a lot of great qualities. Among them are the friendly people, the mild to hot weather, and – of course – the mountain passes. Ortega Highway, also known as Hwy 74 or route 74, which winds through the mountains like a spaghetti noodle, is one such destination for the kind of thrill-seeker […]

The Paranormal Activity At Griffith Park Will Scare The Life Out Of You

Griffith Park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, California. The park is absolutely huge, and is a very popular destination among tourists, nature lovers, and photographers. It’s so big, in fact, that it’s the second largest city park in California. Some refer to the park as being the “Central Park,” of Los Angeles, but […]

Haunted Arcadia: The Ghost of Taco Lita

It’s almost funny, until it isn’t. The idea that a portal to another world – or an Underworld – might exist in the bathroom of a Mexican fast food restaurant is the sort of stuff that jokes are made of. One could almost write the “bean burrito gives patron existential experience” lines in one’s sleep. But […]

Prepare To Be Terrified: Turnbull Canyon’s Eternal Hauntings

Tucked away in the sunny, chaparral-covered landscape of Puente Hills, CA is the area known as Turnbull Canyon. It’s a popular spot for outdoor fun. Plenty of hiking trails, roads suitable for mountain biking, and even some wide open areas for off road vehicles makes it a gift to the people of Puente Hills. The only […]

Want Nightmares? Paranormal Activity At The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea was originally viewed as a blessing, as it was created purely by accident back in the early 1900’s. The Colorado River erupted after the failure of enduring a heavy rain, and millions upon millions of gallons of water would burst into what was a dried out lake bed in the middle of nowhere […]

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California

We’ve all been out driving late at night at one point or another. The darkness, the fog, the road seemingly stretching on forever. Your sense of direction grows hazy and you begin to feel lost. You might grow paranoid, and start to feel scared for your life. Normally that would be letting your nerves get the better of […]

The Nightly Terrors at La Purisima Mission

The Spanish missions which dot the California coast have long been rumored to be filled with vengeful spirits of the peoples who were conquered in the European bid for control of the Pacific Coast of America. Lompoc’s La Purisima Mission itself has a long history of ghostly sightings and strange activity, particularly at night. The Chumash people […]

The Evils Lurking Around Proctor Valley Road

If you’re ever traveling between Chula Vista and Jamul in San Diego County, you’re bound to travel on the one lone dirt road passing through the large, dry and eerie area that’s Proctor Valley. Be forewarned – as tempting as the deserted places you drive across may seem or as fascinating as the scenery may be, […]

Splash with the Ghouls of Raging Waters San Dimas

With summer around the corner, attractions like Raging Waters San Dimas are definitely on everyone’s to-visit list. Located near the Anaheim Resort area in San Dimas, the 50-acre water park boasts some of the riskiest rides and slides, peaceful rivers and pools, and mild and wild kiddie attractions. However, if you need an extra reason to head […]

10 Most Haunted Hiking Trails in San Diego County

Hiking is one of those innocent pastimes you can enjoy on your own, with friends and your S/O, or the whole family. And it lends itself to wonderful wildlife photography. However, it can also plunge you into the heart of darkness if you’re so inclined. Explore certain areas at certain times and you may come […]

This Old Mental Ward In Highland Is So Scary That You May Go Insane

There is no worse hell than being trapped in a void for all eternity. The ghosts of the Bethany House in East Highland know it all too well. What you say, what you do; it doesn’t matter. Trapped between the world of the living and the dead, your thoughts are only concerned with that of one thing: Disturbing the […]

13 Insanely Haunted Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Looking for the most haunted places to visit in Los Angeles? You’ve come to the right place. Los Angeles is one of America’s shining jewels. Home to history, high finance, and of course Hollywood, there’s so much to see and do in the City of Angels. With the region’s story spanning back hundreds of years to the time of the […]

Beware the Char-Man of Ojai California

Ojai California is an odd place. It’s a mix of rural country wisdom from long-time residents, and the glitz and glamor of Hollywood from the vacationing movie stars. Everything is set in the stunning natural splendor of the Ojai Valley, with beautiful orchards and hiking trails. The vast, untapped Sespe Wilderness runs right alongside. Like most […]

Paranormal Proof at Elsinore Naval Military Academy

We’ve been planning on doing an article on the abandoned Elsinore Naval Military Academy for some time but had been busy with other projects. However, on our Paranormal Facebook page, Angel Vemich posted, “If anyone’s looking for a real adventure check out the abandoned boys military school in Lake Elsinore, my kids went and had fun yet said […]

Insane Paranormal Activity at Linda Vista Mental Hospital

When it comes to exploring the dark corners of our world, where ghosts and ghouls may lurk, it’s hard to beat the Linda Vista mental hospital. Hospitals are places of healing, yes, but before healing comes sickness. Hospitals are concentrations of pain, suffering, and death. The volume of negative emotion that passes through a hospital builds […]

The Mystery of Arcadia’s Poltergeist

History is filled with numerous paranormal incidents that remain unsolved to this day. As much as you would love to travel back in time to revisit those moments, the only way to truly immerse in these is through words from yours truly and the people who went through them. One of such incidents is the Arcadia poltergeist […]

The Evil Residing in Ramona Convent School

Founded to educate well-rounded young women with spiritual depth, personal grace, and moral strength, Ramona Convent School welcomed its first batch of scholars in 1889. The private Catholic school in Alhambra, California has graduated over 8,300 students over the years and flaunts a strong program that goes beyond academics to teach girls about culture and service. […]

The Real Hauntings in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion

One of the darker corners in the happiest place on earth, Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion in Anaheim has been known to send chills down visitors’ spines and even stop hearts (literally). However, the scary décor and props aren’t the only things that can scare you there. There are numerous poltergeist haunting the place, waiting for the living to […]

The Terrifying Mysteries of the Elfin Forest

The Elfin Forest. Questhaven. Harmony Grove. The names of these places sound like something out of a fantasy novel or a dream, but they’re real. Just southwest of Escondido in San Marcos lies this apparently peaceful bastion of suburbia. Filled with beautiful hiking trails and unspoiled campgrounds, it’s easy to see how these places got their names. Never […]

The Blood-Curdling Terrors of El Campo Santo Cemetery

Sitting on the outskirts of Old Town San Diego, El Campo Santo Cemetery holds many dark secrets. The cemetery was established in 1849 by the local Catholic community, and was very large with many hundreds of plots. Over the years, though, Campo Santo Cemetery became a victim of urban expansion. Bodies were unearthed and moved, […]

Is Black Star Canyon the Most Powerfully Haunted Spot in California?

Black Star Canyon, located in Orange County in the trail-filled Santa Ana mountains, has seen a lot of death. A lot of blood. And today, a lot of ghosts. Black Star Canyon is an important archaeological site, as the main source of artifacts of the local members of the Shoshone American Indian tribe. Back in the 1800s, though, […]

Would You Brave the Drowned Agua Mansa Cemetery?

There once was a town near Colton whose name meant ‘Gentle Water’, named for the feeling of safety the residents enjoyed. Then the waters betrayed them. Today, Agua Mansa is nothing but a cemetery, and the horrors that lurk within. Built on the usually tranquil Santa Ana River, Agua Mansa was the largest town in San Bernardino […]

The Scary Dairy of Camarillo Will Frighten You to the Core

Located near the current site of California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo’s so-called “Scary Dairy” was built with the best of intentions. Of course, you know what they say about good intentions. The road to Hell is paved with them. Visitors from out of the area may not know the sordid history of the beautiful CSUCI campus. Until […]

The Lost Souls of Rancho Los Amigos

Heed this advice if you care about your physical, mental, and spiritual, well-being. Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in Downey California might appear like another regular rehabilitation hospital. It is friendly enough looking, palm trees swaying in the foreground; very inviting. Rancho Los Amigos, which is Spanish for “Friends Ranch,” was even ranked as one of the […]

The Ghostly Tragedy of the Altadena Gravity Hill

Passing through Altadena, CA? Here’s a trick for you. Drive to this hill in this idyllic little town, and stop the car right up on the slope. Now gather your thoughts for a moment, take a breath, and put the car in neutral. What the hell? Is the car rolling forward, up the hill? The Gravity Hill Phenomenon […]

Mysterious Ghost Sightings at the Yamashiro Restaurant

If you’re looking for a bite to eat in the Los Angeles area, Yamashiro restaurant is a good place to start. The 95 year old hotspot is famous for its Japanese cuisine, it’s breathtaking décor, having one of the most exquisite views of L.A., and of course for its frequent sighting of paranormal activity. This […]

The Nightly Visitors of Magic Mountain

Nestled in the small town of Valencia in Southern California, Six Flags Magic Mountain has been known for having some of the most thrilling rides on the West Coast. Stretched over 262 acres, it has been entertaining generations since it opened in 1971. Many of its visitors have remained faithful to it, in both life and death. […]

The Ghost of Kabar – A Heartwarming ‘Tail’

Dogs have always been known to be man’s best friend, but not all of them have been able to prove their love for their owners as Kabar did. Laid to rest at the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery alongside MGM’s lion Tawny and the bulldog from ‘The Little Rascals’ among other celebrity pets, the Doberman Pincer/Great […]

The Hair-Raising Stories of Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge

Driving on the 134 freeway while in Pasadena, California, you can’t but be amazed by the spectacular view of the Colorado Street Bridge. Curving over the river bed, it flaunts a very romantic and old charm. It’s even more irresistible at night as the lights make it appear more alive. However, once you’re on the bridge, you’ll […]

Famous Ghosts Haunting Hollywood

The horrors of Hollywood aren’t limited to the studios. Tinsel town has a dark side where ghosts of long-gone celebrities are yet to make their way into the light. If you love the world of cinema and are intrigued by the paranormal, drop by Hollywood and you’ll maybe see the following celebrity spooks. Elvis Presley Elvis is […]

5 Haunted Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County sits on the Southern California coastline about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful and scenic place, home to both amazing hiking trails and exquisite fine dining. It’s also home to a shocking array of ghosts and spirits. Here are five haunted hiking trails not to miss if you’d like to add a little […]

The Paranormal Entities Freaking Travelers on Creek Road

From ghosts to a charred creature and all the way to a European vampire, Creek Road in Ojai is a haunted ground like no other in California. Many travelers passing through have been terrorized by its resident paranormal entities, opting for longer routes the next time they travelled. If there was a next time, that is. If […]

The Curse of Bodie Ghost Town

Perched on the eastern side of the Sierras, north of Mono Lake, Bodie is California’s Official Ghost Town. Though it became renowned for having abundant gold reserves, it was equally infamous for its lawlessness as gamblers, stage robbers, and gun-fighters made their way to town. After a fire destroyed much of the town in 1932, Bodie […]

The Haunted Picnic Table #29 at Griffith Park

Stretched over 4,210 acres, Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America. It’s a paranormal enthusiast’s favorite exploring spot as it reportedly has a terrible curse, a number of ghosts, and a creature which witnesses described as a long humanoid that takes huge strides, has a bent back and long neck, and […]

Welcome (NOT) to the Whaley House

California has its share of haunted buildings, but none of them have as dark a past as the Whaley House. Located on 2476 San Diego Ave in San Diego, the Greek Revival style residence is a beauty, earning acclaim as the finest new brick block in Southern California when it was completed in 1857. However, it’s been […]

The Many Ghosts of the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is world-renowned as one of the most haunted locations in California, if not the world. The decommissioned passenger liner is now owned by the City of Long Beach, and is permanently docked at the port there. The Queen Mary was drafted into service during World War II, where she was nicknamed ‘The Grey Ghost’, […]

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