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Calabasas: Ghostly Nightmares Haunt The Sagebrush Cantina

Imagine sitting down to eat a hearty meal only to find yourself looking across the table into the eyes of a tormented spirit. Some patrons of the Sagebrush Cantina Restaurant and Saloon in Calabasas, CA., have experienced just that. Sagebrush Cantina might be known for its great food and friendly wait staff, but the spirits lurking […]

Beaumont: The Old Oak Tree That Can Raise The Dead

Welcome to Beaumont, California. There is nothing new in our culture about the idea of the “common tree” in a township. From a place where the teenagers go when they’re not in school to drink and learn as much about sex as possible, to the mysterious domain of local legends, the common tree is a staple in […]

San Bernardino: The Horrific Paranormal Secrets of Fort Irwin

Nestled in the Mojave Desert in the north of San Bernardino County, Fort Irwin is an active major training area. By training there, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and the whole cast of the war movie ‘Fury’ may have re-introduced the name of Fort Irwin National Training Center in today’s popular culture. However, the area that houses […]

Death Valley: The Haunting of the Amargosa Opera House

Welcome to Death Valley Junction, home of the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel. The hotel is open for business, and vi itors can stay in one of the reasonably-priced rooms of a hotel where famous people such as Red Skelton have lain their heads. You are apt, in your visit, to see any number of murals, all […]

Diamond Bar: A Failed Experiment Haunts Brea Canyon Rd

Welcome to Diamond Bar, California, home of Brea Canyon Road. Have you ever been driving along at night, when all of a sudden you looked out to the side of the road – or perhaps just caught it in your peripheral vision – and there was something there? Something which shouldn’t be there…perhaps shouldn’t even exist? […]

Carlsbad Lagoon: A Sinister Siren Who Lures Her Victims

With summer finally here, it’s time for a little R&R. And if you’re in Carlsbad, nowhere can be as tempting as Carlsbad Lagoon. Perfect for paddle and motorized watersports, it’s one of the best places to enjoy wakeboarding and waterskiing. Even if you’re not into these activities, you can simply lay back and soak up some sun. […]

Long Beach: The Ghost of the Queen Mary is Clairvoyant

Welcome to Long Beach, California. If you’re going to take in the sights, why not visit the Queen Mary? It’s a dry-docked ocean liner that once sailed for the Cunard Line. Since 1967, she has sat in port, and is now a tourist attraction as a historical landmark. Of course, she is famous for other things as […]

This Spirit’s Neverending Trip Home Stops in Julian

The valley of Vallecito used to provide welcome respite to those who traveled through the inhospitable Colorado Desert near Julian, a trip that was historically dubbed “The Journey of Death”. Unfortunately for anyone seeking sanctuary now, the haunted Vallecito Stage Station County Park is plagued by ghosts who lost their lives to the area, and these spirits aren’t known […]

Temple City’s Haunted Intersection: Garibaldi and Baldwin

Temple City may be the fifth safest city in California, but it has a few spots people would think twice before stepping into. One of these spots is the Garibaldi and Baldwin Intersection. The southwest corner of this intersection is as calm as the rest of the city during day. But come nightfall, it’s engulfed by the […]

She Awaits: Don’t Visit Palos Verdes’ Vanderlip Mansion Alone

Stately perched on 99 Vanderlip Dr., Palos Verde, Vanderlip Mansion is a private community that was built by American banker and journalist Frank A. Vanderlip. The first thing you’ll come across as you edge closer to the property is a robust gate that surrounds the large property. Thing is, the gate isn’t used to fend people […]

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Southern California

When it comes to haunted places, graveyards and cemeteries usually take first place. With so much death in one place, there is something creepy and mysterious about these locations. The paranormal activity of each place on this list will surely make you a believer in ghosts. 10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Southern California Paranormal activity is something that can […]

San Diego: Spirits Terrorize Gaslamp Museum

San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is home to many entities. The Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House in particular. William Heath Davis founded the area, first known as New Town, and this section of San Diego developed quite a nasty reputation. Visit San Diego’s Most Haunted Museum, if You Dare Once considered a Red Light district, the sixteen […]

Borrego Springs: Trio of Spirits Haunt Yaqui Well

The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is a 600,000 acre park located in Borrego Springs, California. This large state park is one of the few in California that allow visitors to camp throughout the entire 600,000 acres. Anza-Borrego also has 12 different campsites for those looking for basic camping amenities, which vary from site to site. Among these […]

Los Angeles: Sinister Lady In Black Haunts Hotel Alexandria

Once the heart of Los Angeles’ social hub in the 20th century… …it was THE luxury hotel before the Baltimore Hotel opened its doors. However, what once welcomed Hollywood’s elite and political figures is now… A desolate building with figurative and literal ghosts. From The Lady In Black to all of the other spirits staying here, it’s […]

A Newsworthy Haunting at the Bakersfield Californian Building

The Bakersfield Californian Building is an historic press building located in Bakersfield, California. The media always has enemies, and the Bakersfield Californian newspaper is no exception — although its foe is more supernatural than political. It has been the site of countless paranormal encounters since its construction in 1926 and especially since the death of the newspaper’s owner […]

Haunted Brea: Lost Souls Spotted on Carbon Canyon Road

Like most state highways, Carbon Canyon Road, located near Brea, California, has had its share of accidents. Unlike other highways, souls lost on Carbon Canyon Road never leave. Carbon Canyon Road is part of the California Freeway System, and is also known as California State Highway 142. It is eligible for the State Scenic Highway System, but […]

The Spirits of These Neglected Sisters Still Wander Highway 91 At Night

You know that feeling when you realize that you’ve forgotten something, but it’s too late to do anything about it? That split second when you’re watching the car door slam shut, just as you notice your keys are still inside… When you forget about a pizza in the oven, and by the time you smell the smoke, […]

You Can Feel The Shadow People Watching You From The Bushes On Thompson Creek Trail

Ask a local about Thompson Creek Trail in Claremont and they’ll sing the praises of this urban trail. Suitable for all skill levels, the 2.2-mile trail is rich with fresh, woodsy smells and pleasant views that can make you marvel at Mother Nature’s creativity. Despite all this, and the fact that it’s nestled in a residential area, the […]

The Ghosts That Haunt Castle Park Have Blood Coming Out Of Their Mouths

If you happen to be in Riverside, California this summer – and you’re the type of person who enjoys going to theme parks – you might want to check out Castle Park. Here you can check out things like the Castle Park Railroad, the Fireball, and the Screamin’ Demon. Speaking of which: you might just want […]

Real Spooky Stories: Beyond the Gravestones

Today we will hear Mark P.’s extraordinary story that will send shivers down your spine. He speaks of his close encounter with spirits at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cypress, California. Proceed at your own risk… Real Spooky Stories: Here’s What Happened At Forest Lawn Cemetery in California “I’ve tried explaining what had happened to me over […]

Sand Canyon Road Is Haunted By Teenagers Who Died in a Tragic Car Crash On Prom Night

Many people drive down Sand Canyon Road in Santa Clarita every single day. Some of them have reported getting goose bumps, feeling strange breezes, hot spots, and other weird things while travelling down this road. They return with stories more blood-curdling than the hot sun beating down on you as you try to make sense of what just happened. Sand […]

Strange Things Have Been Happening in Malibu’s Solstice Canyon

On the whole, if you want to visit a haunted house – in California or anywhere else for that matter – you’re going to probably need to find some place old. Haunted houses exist from the nineteenth and even eighteenth centuries all over the country, and many of them have open access to the public. Once in a […]

The Witch Tower of Presidio Park Is Filled With Evil Spirits

In this edition of True Scary Stories,  Backpackerverse and Paranormal California reader, Yisus Tayler Cordova, recounts his terrifying experience with evil inside the Witch Tower at Presidio Park in San Diego, Ca. Are you ready to be afraid? True Scary Stories: The Witch Tower of Presidio Park “It all started a couple of months ago […]

The Ghost of A Small Boy Still Haunts This Thousand Oaks University

Welcome to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, home of Mount Clef Hall, a multi-level dormitory that has served as home to students of the university for decades, during their matriculation years. It is also quite probably haunted. Mount Clef Hall in Thousand Oaks Is Quite Likely The Site Of A Haunting According to local stories told among […]

Tribal Warrior Spirits Don’t Like Visitors On Trabuco Creek Road

If you want to visit an area in California with a fascinating historical background, you can do no better than to take a trip to see the unincorporated township that exists in Trabuco Canyon and pay a visit to Trabuco Creek. The site of multiple failed tin-mining operations throughout the nineteenth century, Trabuco Canyon is […]

Unexpected Guests Haunt The Halls of La Quinta Resort and Club

Welcome to the La Quinta Resort and Club, in beautiful La Quinta, California! Built in the 1920’s, this set of luxurious bungalows is a great place to stay and relax, or it can be the site of that next business meeting you’ve been planning for a while. Beware, though; you may also encounter the paranormal along the […]

The Heroic Ghost Who Haunts The Paso Robles Inn Seeks Closure

In Paso Robles, California, there is a hotel which people – both employees and guests – claim is haunted. Surprise, surprise, right?  In this day and age, one is hard-pressed to find a hotel that hasn’t been declared haunted at least by a few people. Stories of hotels having ghosts in them are as common as the […]

Bakersfield: Sinister Woman In White Haunts Central Park

So, you’re thinking about visiting Central Park in Bakersfield, California? Well, you may want to think again, because there have been numerous reports of a woman in white that haunts this park, and it’s said that she’s not a friendly spirit, either. A lot of you are probably wondering how the woman in white came to be. Who […]

Spooky Stories: The Evil Clown That Haunts Ortega Highway

Welcome to another edition of Spooky Stories. This story was sent in to us by an adrenaline junkie named Joshua H., but something tells us he’s going to enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle from now on because he’s lucky to be alive after what he encountered. Joshua and his friend came face to face with […]

City of Torrance: Strange Doings at Zamperini Stadium

Nothing is better in the world of spooky tales than a story about revenge. Welcome to the city of Torrance in sunny California, home of Zamperini Stadium. According to local residents of the area, a woman and her two children were murdered just outside this stadium on their way home from a football game, years ago. According […]

Haunted Simi Valley: The Meat-Head of Sycamore Park

It’s been awhile since we heard anything from Bigfoot, right? The Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch – it seems like a lot of people lost interest in the whole thing right about the time a few years ago when that guy claimed to have a dead one in a fridge. Remember that? Nothing kills a good legend like […]

Haunted El Centro: Ghost of Dogwood Road Wants Revenge

  Ever picked up a hitchhiker? If the answer is yes, chances are you like to walk (or drive) a little on the wild side. How about this: Ever pick up a hitchhiker, and then realize partway through the ride that she’s a ghost? Now that is a walk on the wild side. And if rumors are to […]

Darkness Beckons You Within Forest Lawn Cemetery

There are some things in this world which simply should not be messed with. Sometimes it’s apparent when something should not be touched. It’s just a bad idea… Beware The Dark Spirits Within Forest Lawn Cemetery Picture yourself in the middle of the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cypress, California. Now imagine it’s the middle of the night. Now imagine it’s the […]

Haunted Bakersfield: Paranormal Activity at Kern Realty Building

  If you’re ever in Bakersfield, California, and want to find yourself in a scary situation, just take a little walk down 18th Street around dusk. As the sun goes down and all the dark things of the world begin to come out, you’ll pass by 2128, a house and realty building built back in 1911. Don’t […]

True Scary Stories: Terrors Lurking on Griffith Park Trails

In this edition of True Scary Stories, reader Jenny R. tells us about the terrifying paranormal activity she encountered on the trails at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, Ca. Read on…if you dare… Griffith Park: Where Real-Life Horror Stories Take Place “Dear Backpackerverse, Seeing as how I live in Los Angeles, I decided to do a […]

Beware The “Baby Watcher” At This California Healthcare Center

The Hillman Healthcare Center in Tulare, California is a division of Tulare Regional Medical Center. It’s a clinic that’s dedicated to assisting residents in the area with primary and specialty medical assistance. The cause sounds very noble, as the health care facility tries to provide people with affordable health care in a world in which health care […]

Real Scary Stories: “I’ll Never Go Back To Cara Way!”

In this edition of Real Scary Stories, Backpackerverse, and Paranormal California, reader Lenny, tells us about his recent terrifying encounter at Cara Way in San Diego, CA. “Dear Backpackerverse, I wanted to write you guys after seeing the article you did on Cara Way in San Diego. I went there two nights ago, and I’m […]

Haunted Garden Grove: Grave Goings On at the Stanley Ranch Museum

Garden Grove, California is home to the Stanley Ranch Museum. Which in turn is home to the relocated (as of 1980) original Walt Disney Studio Garage…among other things. The Stanley-Ware House, well over a century old, is the centerpiece of the museum, and has the interesting distinction of having been moved five hundred feet from its original […]

Haunted Riverside: The Dire Ghosts of March Air Force Base

There’s a place in California called March Air Force Base, also known as the “March ARB” From the heavy-duty bombers to the lightning-quick jets, this base does brisk business, and it does it military-style. On base, if you were to visit, you would find Building 2300. These days, it is the on-site AMDS (American Military Dental Association) building, […]

Chills at the Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery

Welcome to Rosemead, California. Home of the Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery. Since 1846, when the original owner of the land upon which this chilling historical site is built first stumbled on the two graves which would become the cemetery on display today, Savannah Memorial has been the final resting place for countless people, including – at […]

Haunted Riverside: The Dead Rise In Evergreen Cemetery

Did you know that you can die from the flu? That’s a frightening thought. What’s even more frightening is this statistic: somewhere in the neighborhood of five hundred thousand (half a million) people a year die from complications of the flu. Some of which are surely buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Riverside California. That’s a staggering thought, […]

Haunted La Jolla: No Laughing Matter At The Comedy Store

It is the Mecca of comedy – or at least one of them. Some of the most famous names in the world of stand-up have played there, and many of them continue to play there to this day. Everyone from the late Sam Kinison to Chris Hardwick has played The Comedy Store in La Jolla, California. The […]

Rancho Santa Fe: The Haunting Of Heaven’s Gate Suicide House

What do you do with a mansion you used to rent out for $7,000 a month – in the 90’s, no less – when thirty-nine people committed suicide in it? Ask Sam Koutchesfahani. He made the mistake in 1997 of renting his McMansion to the doomed suicide cult Heaven’s Gate, whose poison-taking and plastic bag-wearing antics turned […]

Haunted Colton: Paranormal Activity At Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Few things in life can compare with sitting down at the end of the day to a nice, juicy steak. Whether it’s your standard sirloin, or the all-out slow-cooked ribeye (keep that horseradish handy unless you’re a purist,) nothing beats a good steak made right at a genuine excellent steakhouse. Some steakhouses are apparently so good […]

Beware The 3 Terrors Haunting Mission San Miguel Arcangel

Mission San Miguel Arcangel is a famous California landmark that almost everyone has heard of. Many tourists visit this site, and if they haven’t yet, then they’ve likely heard about it, as it’s constantly listed among the greatest places to visit in the United States. The reason for the popularity of the site is that it’s […]

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