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Burney: Child Ghost Haunts Black Ranch Road

The town of Burney, California, has a history tainted by death and destruction. The area itself used to be known as “the valley where Burney died” after a settler who died there in the 1850s, and it’s located at the base of an extinct volcano. Worse, a dead child haunts the nearby Black Ranch Road. The Girl in […]

Is Dunlap Cemetery the Most Haunted Graveyard in California?

The tiny town of Dunlap is often overlooked by tourists to California, but underestimating the terrors of Dunlap Cemetery could lead to a visitor’s demise. Typical tourists flock to places like Hollywood and Venice Beach. But those with a love for truly terrifying towns know Dunlap all too well. The terrors of this final resting place […]

The Child’s Ghost That Haunts This Watsonville Memorial Just Wants Somebody To Play With

These days, the Veteran’s Memorial Building nestled on East Beach Street in Watsonville is used primarily as a community centre and venue for hire. A sterile facade unnerves passers-by but gives away nothing about the nightmarish horror lurking behind those looming doorways. Like all veteran memorials, the Watsonville Veteran’s Memorial Building was erected to honor those […]

They Say The Missing Children of Mount Hamilton Were Kidnapped by Cannibals

The Grandview Restaurant is located in Mount Hamilton, California. This classy yet comfortable restaurant boasts a breathtaking view overlooking the city. As it turns out, this magnificent view isn’t quite the only thing about the Grandview that’s breathtaking. The Scorching Past of Mount Hamilton The history of the Grandview began back in 1884 when it was first […]

What Hides in the Dark Corners of Eureka’s Fort Humboldt?

Spread on a generous stretch of land on 3431 Fort Ave, Eureka, Fort Humboldt State Historic Park is a history lover’s haven. It’s one of the landmarks that withstood time as well as several wars between European Americans and Native Americans in the mid-1800’s. It’s also the eternal resting place of several entities, many of which […]

Don’t Anger The Ghost Of Iceland Skating Rink In Sacramento

If there’s one thing you can’t get enough of in Sacramento, it’s having chills run down your spine as you visit its most haunted locations. And one of these places is the Iceland Skating Rink. Opened in 1940, the oldest rink in the city has a prominent ghost who’s been known to make rounds before dawn at […]

Beware What Lurks In The Shadows At Scotty’s Castle

Scotty’s Castle is located in Death Valley, California. Originally, it was a mansion that Walter Scott had built for himself back in 1922. However, when he and his dog passed away in 1954 there were buried in the foothills of the building, and it’s said that his spirit never left the property, and he’s still accompanied by […]

The Martinez House: The Original Sacramento Murder House

Exuding a sinister aura at H and 22nd St, Sacramento, the Martinez House is the stuff of your worst nightmares. On the outside, it looks exactly like one of the settings of a horror movie. But on the inside, there are innocent spirits trapped by evil entities, reliving the day they left this world over and over […]

Bloody Ghost in a Frilly White Dress Spotted on Hecker Pass / Hwy 152

Nestled between Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties in California, west of Gilroy and east of Watsonville, is a mountain pass known as Hecker Pass. U.S. Highway 152 runs right through it. And they say that if you drive on that stretch of road late at night, you would do well not to stop on your […]

The Mistress Witch of Soledad’s Lips Are The Same Color As Your Blood

In sunny Soledad, California, you might be interested in taking a look at the old (and as yet not restored) Los Coches Adobe. It’s an old hotel and resting place for the stagecoach line, which in years of yore used to run from San Francisco to Los Angeles. If you’re a history fan, you might be […]

They’re Serving Nightmares At The Clayton Club Saloon

If a thirst for a good strong drink every now and then is one of man’s most ingrained (pardon the pun) vices, then surely tending bar is one of his oldest professions (not the oldest, of course – that distinction belongs to a decidedly different, if related, set of tastes.) From ancient inns to taverns, […]

Paranormal Activity Near The Boiling Springs at Mt. Lassen

What would you do if I told you there was a place you could visit in California — a lake, where the water appears to boil? Well, there is such a place, and it’s called Boiling Springs Lake and it’s located at Mt Lassen at the Volcanic National Park. It’s quite the sight to see, especially after […]

San Jose: Ghostly Hands Will Grab You at Dottie’s Pond

The Santa Teresa County Park in San Jose, California is a sight to behold. The park is open to the public, and is operated by the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department. The park itself is a hikers dream land (or a living nightmare if you like haunted hikes), as it consists of over 18 unpaved miles […]

The Hybrid Haunting of Chualar Road

  Is it possible that we limit the scope of our imagination and understanding when it comes to the ghost world? Could it be that the book-and movie-inspired haunted stories we carry around in our heads of what the paranormal world looks and sounds like are actually much narrower (and maybe even less scary) than what […]

True Scary Stories: The Real-Life Ghosts of Alcatraz

If you like true ghost stories then get ready… Because Backpackerverse, and Paranormal California, reader Charlie, tells us about his real – and frightening – ghost sighting at Alcatraz. True Scary Stories: The Real-Life Ghosts of Alcatraz “Hello, my name is Charlie Seldon. I’m a long-time reader, and I wanted to write to tell you about the ghosts […]

Waterfront Comics: The Most Haunted Place in Suisun City?

If you were into nerd things before it was cool to be a nerd you already know this: The ultimate destination vacation of the geeky among us is and has always been the comic book store. If you need to be told what this is, then you haven’t watched enough episodes of The Big Bang Theory […]

10 Sonoma County Hiking Trails with Insane Paranormal Activity

Sonoma County hiking trails are known for beautiful forests, meandering paths, and breathtaking views. However, those beautiful hiking trails are also known for something else: Insane paranormal activity. If you get lost on one of those winding paths, you have no idea what you will find or how it will affect you. More than one hiker has reported hearing deafening screams hanging in the […]

Haunted Springville: Spooky Things Afoot at Sequoia Dawn Apartments

If you ever happen to be moving to Springville, California, and you’re in need of a place to live, you might take a look at the Sequoia Dawn Apartments. The rates are good, the residents are mostly friendly older folks who make excellent neighbors, and it has the benefit of being something of a historical site […]

Your True Nightmare: Blood Albinos of Hicks Road

Dionne Warwick once asked if you (the listener to her song) knew the way to San Jose. The truth is, there are a number of roads that lead into and out of that particular area, but only one of them is likely to give you the kind of creeps that could send you packing for another […]

10 Most Haunted Hiking Trails in Santa Clara County

If you love Bay Area hikes and revel in the paranormal, plan a trip to one of these haunted hiking trails in Santa Clara County. From ghosts to cryptids, there are many things awaiting hikers as they explore these trails. At times, these entities take the initiative, inviting those wandering close by and claiming their lives in the […]

Horrific Spirits Lurk At This Haunted California Castle

If you ever happen to be in Ione, California, you might stop and take a tour of the Preston School of Industry. This giant building, shaped like a castle of old, sprawls over a vast courtyard in magisterial glory, belying its former status as a reform school. Here, in addition to the revival of pre-Gothic Roman architecture […]

You Will Know Terror At The Calvary Catholic Cemetery

There are few things in life less modern than a cemetery. The basic concept hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, the clientele tends to be comprised mainly of those whose generation has been passed by the break-neck pace of society’s march toward progress, and in general one doesn’t expect there to be anything particularly hip and […]

The Witches of Reeds Creek in Red Bluff California

Just outside of Red Bluff, California, there’s a spot where a little body of water known as Reed’s Creek meets the Sacramento River. This little area sports a small beachfront opposite a quiet residential neighborhood, and the beach narrows the Sacramento River somewhat as it divides that section of town. Nothing but a quiet little stretch of […]

Beware Oakland’s Deadly Lake Merritt Monster

Plan on visiting Oakland anytime soon? Great. If you happen to go downtown, you might find one of the city’s prettiest (and oddest) features – Lake Merritt. Actually a tidal lagoon, Merritt has the distinction of being the United States’ first official wildlife refuge, an honor bestowed upon it in 1870. This scenic body of water, which covers 140 […]

10 Most Insanely Haunted Places In San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has a centuries-long history with ghosts, ghouls, and all types of entities that have the power to frighten even the bravest of people. After all, wouldn’t you cower at the thought of being grabbed firmly in the dark despite knowing that there isn’t a single living soul there? And wouldn’t your heart skip […]

Who Else Wants To Hike Fern Canyon And Spot Bigfoot?

Fern Canyon is an amazing place that a lot of people visit when they want to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Can you imagine going to a narrow canyon in which the walls are blanketed in ferns and moss? This place is such a natural wonder that even Steven Spielberg, the famous film director, decided […]

Something Sinister Under the Surface of Lake Elizabeth

Lake Elizabeth is a man-made lake which can be found in Fremont, California. The lake itself is eighty-three acres and relatively shallow as far as lakes go and the area around it is calm and beguiling. It seems like the sort of place where it’d be nice to take the kids on a day-trip, feed the geese […]

3 Mysterious Entities Haunting Cosson Hall

Despite its exciting name, Treasure Island is home to multiple historical landmarks, including the World’s Fair site, a naval station, and air facility. It’s also where some of the eeriest abandoned places in California are, such as Cosson Hall. Opened in 1969, this asterisk-shaped building was once the barracks of young male sailors stationed on the island. […]

The Bloodthirsty Ghosts of Cherokee Cemetery

Most cemeteries are places where we leave the dead behind. Markers or stones are put up to signify the dead’s memories and legacies. Sometimes however those who have passed on don’t truly pass on.  Bloodthirsty Ghosts Spotted at Cherokee Cemetery Some burial grounds are plagued by the spirits and ghosts of those who are unable, or unwilling, […]

10 Most Haunted Campgrounds in Northern California

When camping in Northern California, getting scared out of your wits by haunted campgrounds is definitely not on the agenda for most people. Camping is supposed to be a serene, peaceful affair. Meet up with friends or family, or just go off alone, and enjoy nature. The mountains are beautiful, and the weather is crisp and […]

The Heartbreaking Haunting of the Presidio Pet Cemetery

Tucked away in a forgotten corner of the old Presidio in San Francisco lies a secret place. A creepy place. A haunted place, you could say. It’s a pet cemetery. You’ve probably read a novel or seen a movie about such places, about what can lurk within. And as we all know, there’s a grain of […]

Fear the Forbidden History of The Round Room

Down in Grass Valley, past the fairgrounds and the city dump, lies an abandoned old water tank. It’s known as the Round Room, since it is so, well, round and room-sized. The tank lies in the middle of a field at the base of Wolf Mountain, at the end of a short hike down a dirt driveway. […]

Beware Colma: The Town of the Dead

It’s ironic how Colma welcomes guests with the motto “It’s great to be alive in Colma.” After all, the City of the Silent, as it has come to be called, is haunted by the meager 1,700 people living in it. Considering the fact that it’s home to 17 cemeteries and 1.5 million burials, it’s a miracle […]

The Mind-Shattering Mysteries of the Sutro Baths Ruins

On the west side of San Francisco lies something all but unknown in California. Ruins! Actual stone ruins. Crumbling stairs and decrepit old edifices the likes of which are almost never seen in the US. The ruins of the Sutro Baths look something you’d find on a Greek Isle or in the French countryside. They appear far […]

The Angry Entities of the Santa Cruz Memorial

Nestled on Ocean Street, Santa Cruz Memorial Park is a serene land that offers many of its current residents the eternal peace they seek after death. Pass by it during day and you’ll feel a sense of calm thanks to the white tombstones and rich foliage. However, the cemetery transforms during night, sending chills down the spines […]

Beware the Corn Masked Creature of Big Sur

As any ghost hunter knows, most hauntings are subtle. At the Fernwood Campground in Big Sur, that is not the case. Most spirits don’t just walk around in plain sight scaring people. It might be because of the difficulty of influencing the mortal plane, or they might just be shy. In Big Sur, though, there is a […]

Do You Dare Venture Into the Old Sacramento Tunnels?

Sacramento, the capital of California, has buried some dark secrets. Literally. The Old Sacramento Tunnels, as they are known, are home to history both mundane and bizarre. In 1861-1862, it suffered the worst rainstorm in the recorded history of the state. The state government fled the city for fear of drowning, and steamboats traversed the streets, […]

Prepare to Be Insanely Terrified: The Antioch Gates of Hell

Along the isolated, deserted Empire Mine Road in Antioch, there is a haunted place known as the Gates of Hell. Yes, that’s right. There is a literal gate on the side of the road, and the locals call it the Gates of Hell. These are modern times, and it’s not quite the gargoyle encrusted stone edifice that the […]

10 Most Haunted Hiking Trails Near San Francisco

At night, exploring haunted hiking trails, alone. Hiking in a haunted place can be a thrill or a terror. This is the choice you face – hike on in the face of fear and the paranormal? Or, should you turn around for the comfort of your own, familiar surroundings? Your answer to this question determines your mindset as […]

The Sanger River Road Witch

Scary legends and urban myths are everywhere, and nowhere more than in sleepy little towns like Sanger, CA. Who didn’t grow up telling stories of the strange white-garbed woman in the haunted house up the road, or of the weird cries coming from a shadowy spot in the park?The frightening thing, though, is that the old adage […]

A Myriad Of Horrors Haunt This Old California Cemetery

Up in the hills of Placerville, lies the Pioneer Cemetery. The beautiful multi-colored trees and scenic views of the landscape belie the dark power that lurks amongst the graves. Over the years, many people from all walks of life have breathlessly spoken of the “lady in burgundy”. Gliding gracefully through the cemetery grounds, a tall woman dressed […]

The Gruesome Ghost Terrorizing J’s Amusement Park

Amusement parks are meant to be places of happiness and fun. Everything is expertly engineered and constructed to give guests the best time possible. Of course, they’re also full of heavy machinery and bored employees, and with partying thrill seekers taking a few too many chances. When things go wrong at an amusement park, they can go […]

Have You Been to Sunnyvale’s Haunted Toys”R”Us?

Toys”R”Us is “The World’s Biggest Toy Store”. It’s where kids of all ages exclaim “I don’t wanna grow up” when faced with shelves on shelves of playthings. However, like Disney, Toys”R”Us has a little darkness entwining with all the glee and cheer. In fact, the store located on 130 East El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California has been […]

A Friendly Spirit in Black Diamond

Spirits abound across California. It’s a very large state with an eventful history, and it’s no wonder restless souls appear so often. Some wish us harm, but others do not. Black Diamond was formerly a coal mining town and is now a Regional Preserve in Contra Costa County. In the 1800s, Black Diamond was home to about […]

The Legend of Stow Lake Ghost

A popular spot for picnics, strolls or cruises in a pedal or rowboat, Stow Lake is the largest body of water at Golden Gate Park. Dating all the way to 1893, it gave the people of San Francisco the chance to escape from the city to a more peaceful, natural setting. However, it can also stop your […]

The Terrors Haunting East 8 Mile Road

Located in San Joaquin County, Stockton, California, The East 8 Mile Road may seem like another road. However, it has attracted many paranormal enthusiasts and para psychologists through the paranormal activities taking place there, most of which are possibly caused by the three ghosts thousands of people have sighted while traveling on this spooky road. The Terrifying […]

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mansion, today known as the Winchester Mystery House, is almost too well-known as a center of paranormal activity in San Jose, California. After all, the place’s whole raison d’être these days is to host an endless parade of ghost tours and spooky sleepovers. Sometimes, though, mainstream attractions are popular for a reason. The Winchester […]

Beware These 10 NorCal Hikes: In The Darkness The Evil Is Absolute

There is no place scarier than this. At night, in the woods, the darkness is absolute. You can’t see your hand in front of your face – but you know something is there. Maybe you’re out camping, maybe you got caught after dark on a hike that went longer than you expected. Maybe you’re trying to find a […]

The Creepy Ghost Woman of Alcatraz

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, looming like a crypt off the coast of San Francisco, California, is infamous as one of the most haunted sites in the United States. Alcatraz was active as a federal prison from 1934-1963, and was home to about 1,545 unwilling men during that time. Twenty-eight prisoners died on the island, with eight murdered […]

10 Most Haunted Places Near San Francisco

Beautiful San Francisco is known for its quaint towns, popular beaches, boats, and summer fun. But it has a much deeper and often disturbing history of hauntings; paranormal encounters, murders, kidnapping, rapes, and sexual violence that’s creepy, chilling, and often grotesque. Outsiders think of San Francisco as a place to shop, bike, and explore, recharging before […]

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