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Haunted Orlando: Suicidal Girl Haunts the Evans High School Auditorium

In 1955 Maynard Evans High School was built in Orlando. This public high school served the local community, in particular students from Pine Hills. Comprised of 2,500 students, from the outside Evans would appear like an ordinary public institution for education. They Can Try to Change the Past in Orlando… But this school has a […]

Haunted Bonifay: Is There an Angelic Spirit at the Waits Mansion?

The Wait’s Mansion is a large, Mediterranean style home located in Bonifay, Florida. George Orkney Waits was a successful businessman of the saw mill industry. Waits had the house built for him and his wife during the 1920s, when he took over managing a mill in the area. One of the most beautiful and historic […]

7 Trails in Florida You Must Take If You Love the Paranormal

Ghost hunters and horror enthusiasts alike are flocking to trails and hikes all over the nation. Why? Because unlike haunted houses and public buildings, these state parks and natural treasures cannot be rid of paranormal activity by way of a spiritual cleansing or exorcism. Of all of the trails that are in Florida, the seven below are […]

The Phantom Hands at Florida Southern College in Lakeland

Florida Southern College, which now resides in Lakeland, is the oldest four year private college in the entire state. First founded in 1883, this prestigious and private institution moved three times before settling into its present day location in 1922. Many Floridians attend Southern for an outstanding education. In the bright light of day, cheerful students rotate […]

10 Florida Taquerias That Make Tacos As Good As Your Mom’s

Do you need a reprieve from your standard fare of seafood? Then check out the taqueria’s on this list. Not all of them are super well-known, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing. Even if you’re a taco junky, there’s probably a few options here that you’ve yet to try. From al pastor, carne asada, […]

Death Prophecies From the Ghost Light of Frostproof

The small town of Frostproof, Florida may not have much in the way of entertainment…but it does have its own local legend. Dating back to the mid 1950s, townsfolk of Frostproof have reported seeing a mysterious and unexplainable light hovering over Bereah Road. Residents claim that if you drive to the intersection of Bereah and Country […]

10 Most Haunted Campgrounds in Florida

Campgrounds, especially those in Florida, provide an excellent environment for inexpensive family vacations, romantic weekend getaways, or just a simple way to sleep beneath the stars. But like all other places, campsites are open to the people and places that were there before, and some of them are haunted as a result. Below are the […]

Bowling Green Man Fears Ghost at Hardee Correctional Institution

The Hardee Correctional Institution in Bowling Green is not for the faint of heart. This high level security prison is home to thieves and murderers alike, serving their time for the crimes they committed. But what most people don’t realize is that prisons are the very places that are likely to become haunted. The Roughest […]

10 Abandoned Buildings in Florida Haunted by Black-Eyed Kids

Scattered amongst fabulous beaches and tourist attractions, Florida is also home to many abandoned buildings. While city officials perpetually clamor to have these structures demolished, many remain, gathering dust. But lately reports of several buildings being occupied by bizarre looking children have been turning up. Today we examine those buildings, and the black-eyed monsters who inhabit them. […]

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads in Florida

When tracking down ghosts and haunted locations in Florida, most people visit the most obvious of places—cemeteries, hotels, historically registered buildings. But what about the very roads Floridians travel on to get to these said destinations? A haunted destination does not need to have brick and mortar in order to have paranormal activity. The roads […]

The Headless Man of Seahorse Key

Many Florida natives grew up hearing tales of the haunted Seahorse Key. Part of the larger Florida Keys off the Gulf of Mexico, the Seahorse is named for its curved formation that most resembles a seahorse. According to local legend, the infamous pirate Jean LaFitte had believed Seahorse Key to be the perfect location to hide his […]

Fort Lauderdale: Home to the Crying Ghost of Cooley’s Landing

In 1826, a man named William Cooley moved to New River, which is present day Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Cooley supported his family by starting an arrowroot plantation, and later becoming involved in local legislation and administration. In 1835 he became involved in a case where a handful of white settlers were accused of killing a local Creek […]

Student Saved by Compassionate Spirit at Broward College in Davie

In 2002, tragedy struck Broward Community College in Davie, Florida. Twenty year old Moriah Pierce was shot to death on campus, by her ex-boyfriend. Michael Holness and Moriah had dated for a year before the student decided to terminate the relationship. The Murder-Suicide in Davie Michael had always been known as a quiet guy, but everything seemed […]

The Wiccademous Grave Witch of Fernandina Beach

A long time ago, long before the building of the nearby high school in Fernandina Beach, Florida, the town seemed to encounter a social threat. Legend has it that during the 1600s, a local girl was suspected of witchcraft. Such accusations were taken very seriously during that time in American history. True Florida Terror: The Wiccademous Grave […]

The Ghost Lights of Heard Bridge Road in Fort Meade

Like a few other corners of the United States, Fort Meade, Florida is home to a strange and natural phenomenon. It’s been said that people have been seeing unexplained lights floating over Heard Bridge Road since the early 1950s. The Strange Phenomenon Over Heard Bridge These bizarre lights have been deemed “ghost lights” as no one […]

Ghost of a Businessman Haunts His Home in Fort Lauderdale

In 1901, a year after he had married a local teacher named Ivy, businessman Frank Stranahan built a trading post on the New River located in Fort Lauderdale. Having developed the reputation of being a fair trader to the Seminole Indians, Frank’s business and property continued to prosper. By 1906 the need for a larger trading […]

Key Largo: Ghost Sightings At The Carysfort Reef Lighthouse

For over a century, the Carysfort Reef Lighthouse was used as a beacon to aid sailors in Key Largo. There are many lighthouses in Monroe County, but this is one of the most haunted ones. Originally constructed in 1825, the Carysfort is the oldest functioning screw-pile lighthouse in United States history. While the lighthouse was deactivated […]

The Bloody Faced Spirit of Sunset Senior Highschool in Kendale Lakes

Many students have come and gone from the halls of Sunset Senior High School in Kendale Lakes, Florida. Many rumors of ghosts have sprung forth over the years concerning the school—it’s auditorium in particular. It’s been said that a spirit, donning a cap and gown, can be seen wandering the large room at night. The Most […]

The Demonic Force that Resides at Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University was established in Saint Leo, Florida in 1889. Associated with two monasteries and a Benedictine convent, Saint Leo is the oldest Catholic college in the state of Florida. Steeped in religious history as it is, when rumors began to spread about an unholy visitor on campus, it is said that many students avoided […]

The White Apparition of The Jupiter Lighthouse

In 1853, the Jupiter, Florida community realized a large stretch of the inlet was not marked with light for approaching boats. With the Cape Canaveral lighthouse on one side, and the Hillsboro Lighthouse on the other, they decided it was time for one in Jupiter. Work was slow going, due to the Third Seminole War, but […]

Haunted Marianna: The Ghostly Priest of St. Luke’s Church

Today, facts and stories from the Civil War are taught in history classes all across the nation. But very few people know that certain battles during that bloody war have given birth to the strangest of hauntings. The Battle of Marianna took place in Marianna, Florida. The Innocent Soldier of the Battle of Marianna Much like […]

Haunted Milton: Corpse That Summons Demons on Nichols Creek Road

In Milton Florida, there is a man who is convinced his house is haunted. Florida native Michael Wright believes his home on Nichols Creek Road is also the home of many spirits. And they don’t seem to want to leave anytime soon. Satanic Rituals Abound in Milton Frightened, but also curious, Wright has reported that the entities […]

Haunted Fellsmere: Demonic Entity Lurks at Town Hall

In 1905, the town of Fellsmere was established on the east coast of Florida. Being a new settlement without a lot of people, not a lot of public buildings were necessary. Along with a general store and post office, a local schoolhouse was built for the children of the town. The Town Hall Haunting As time passed, […]

Ghosts Lurking In This Florida Antique Shop Will Whisper Your Name

When asked about Reddick, Florida, many locals will be the first to tell you that it is a wonderful place to live. Filled with numerous shops like the Antique Emporium, events and sunshine, it is a town unlike any other. But in the back of their minds, the area’s dark past still lurks. Remembering the Branum Family […]

Hideous Creature Sleeps at St. Paul’s Church in Key West

The first St. Paul’s was built in October of 1909. However, this Key West church seemed pre-destined for destruction. The Church endured two fires and a violent hurricane, with each event having destroyed a majority of the buildings on the property. The third and final St. Paul’s Church opened its doors in 1919. As if St. Paul’s […]

Haunted Tampa: Paranormal Terror at the Biglow-Helms Mansion

The Biglow-Helms Mansion is located in Tampa, Fl and was built in 1908. The house was built and owned by Silas Biglow until it was purchased by Dr. John Sullivan Helms in 1919. Upon purchasing this large house, Dr. Helms turned it into the Bayside Hospital. The Historical, Haunted Biglow-Helms Mansion in Tampa In order to accommodate […]

Webber International University Students Attacked by Ghost

All-girl’s Camilla Hall at Webber International University in Babson Park is haunted by a ghost with malicious intentions. Webber International University was the first business school for women, although since opening their doors in 1927, they have expanded to take on both male and female students from 48 different countries. They may have also taken a wraith into their […]

Haunted Palmetto: The Hanged Man of Palm View Cemetery

Like all graveyards, Palm View Cemetery in Palmetto, Florida, houses the dead. A local rumor claims that a specter hangs from a tree near the entrance to the graveyard on dark, spooky mornings, around 3am. He warns visitors away, and if they don’t heed his words, he offers them a choice. Run or stay. Live or die. Meeting The Hanged […]

Haunted Chokoloskee: The Wraith of Smallwood Trading Post

In 1906, Ted Smallwood opened a shop that functioned as a general store and trading post. It was supposed to serve the community. Now a museum and time capsule of the bygone pioneer age, it also serves the dead. An Outlaw Killed in Chokoloskee Rumors are abundant about notorious outlaw, Edgar Watson. Chokoloskee locals say he had a bad temper […]

Inmates Are Haunted By Their Victims At The Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello

 Prison is a frightening place for a lot of people. No one likes the idea of being cut off from society. But Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, Florida scares people for a much more supernatural reason. Madness In This Monticello Prison Many inmates and guards at Jefferson Correctional Institution believe the building attracts hauntings. Maybe this is because of […]

Ghost of Dead Wolves Terrify Local Man at Brooks Bridge

In 1965, engineers in the U.S. Army Corps began constructing a new bridge over the Santa Rosa Sound at Fort Walton. The 1935 bridge connecting Route 98 to Okaloosa Island had begun to malfunction and needed a quick replacement. But little did the engineers know what this new bridge, due west from the old one, would stir […]

A Myriad of Horrors Haunt This Old Florida Cemetery

The city of Coral Gables holds the oldest cemetery south of the Miami River in Florida. Pinewood Cemetery hosts many families within its grounds, including the final resting places of pioneers that once lived in Dade County. Over the years, Pinewood has been neglected by Coral Gables. Is Coral Gables Haunted? Vandals desecrated headstones, and foliage began […]

Pensacola: The Dead Rise at St. Michael’s Cemetery

St. Michael’s Cemetery in Pensacola Florida has withstood the test of time. The King of Spain declared this space an official cemetery in 1807. His intention was to have the eight acre plot of land be a designated resting space for those of the Catholic Church. However, many sects of religion live on at St. Michael’s, and […]

Clermont’s Creepiest Dwelling: The Harden House

In a sweet little Dutch Colonial in Clermont Florida, people tend to use the front stairs. It’s not a conscious decision, but there is something disturbing that tickles the nape of their necks on those back stairs, and not in a good way. It’s a shame John Harden didn’t have that sixth sense, but it’s too late […]

Ghost Of Killer Will Whisper Your Name At This Fence In Florida

Daytona Beach, like most of Florida, is known for its warm weather, and as the name suggests, its beach. But there’s more hiding in this tourism mecca than souvenirs. Wander along one particular Daytona Beach fence and hear the whispers of the dead, quietly begging for mercy. Rumor has it that a woman killed her small daughter at a […]

Malevolent Haunting at the Martin House in Panama City

The Martin house in Panama City, Florida was built in the early 1900’s. This beautiful house is currently owned by Rock-Tenn, a paper mill that has been around for 90 years. Malevolent Haunting at Martin House in Panama City, FL The paper mill currently uses the Martin house as a place to hold meetings and host […]

Fort Pierce College Students Terrified By Ghost

Students at Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce have long been visited by the presence of a spirit roaming their theater. Students claim that when he appears to them he is shrouded in a blue mist. One account states that when the ghost appears, the temperature in the room drops a significant amount, leaving the witness […]

The Ghost Of A Dead Actor Haunts This Popular Club In Florida

Welcome to the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida, a place which the Travel Channel has named one of its ten most haunted places. And rightly so, considering the murders and suicides which have happened here. Originally founded in 1902 as a club for Cuban immigrants (most of whom were in the cigar-making industry) Cuban Club – […]

Shiloh Cemetery: A Haunting Off The Beaten Path

Remember the Stephen King novel (or movie Pet Sematary)? Remember how there was the regular cemetery, and there was the one that was behind that one, further out in the back of the beyond? Remember how you had to know it was there to find it, pretty much? That’s kind of how Shiloh Cemetery is. There’s a place […]

Haunted Clearwater: Creepy Things Happen at Crabby Bill’s

If you’re ever in Clearwater, Florida, make sure to check out Crabby Bill’s Seafood. You’re sure to get a great meal, and if you’re lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on how you look at it) you might also get a good scare. Crabby Bill’s Seafood in Clearwater, you see, is widely reputed to be haunted. […]

Beware The Ghost Lurking In This Florida Bathroom

The town is St Petersburg, Florida. The building is a Romanesque octagon built during a revival of that particular style between 1927 and 1929. Its name is Comfort Station One, and it is quite possibly the most beautiful public restroom ever built. It may also be the most haunted public restroom ever built. You may want to consult […]

The Bone-Chilling Hauntings of The Arcadia Opera House

What does one think when they imagine an opera house? They think of a simple place to see theater and be entertained. Nothing else really comes to mind, unless maybe they’re huge theater buffs. Then there is Arcadia. The Arcadia Opera House, in Florida, is used today as a museum and antiques shop. Built in 1906, it now […]

West Palm Beach: Terror At The Riddle House

Welcome to West Palm Beach, Florida, where sits the old Riddle house, an Edwardian house that dates back to 1905. Originally, this house was a funeral parlor – a creepy start, to be sure. But if that weren’t creepy enough (and let’s face it, we can stand a little more creepy than that, right?) an employee of the […]

Don’t Get Too Close To The Tomoka Lights at Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach, in Florida, is known for Tomoka State Park, which is a great place to visit sometime, if you have the weekend off and are looking to catch a little sun. It’s also a great place to visit if you happen to be looking for paranormal and/or extraterrestrial activity. Welcome to the state park from […]

10 Scariest Haunted Attractions in Florida

Many would say Florida is a paradise, but it definitely has its dark side. On one hand, the Sunshine State is home to fantastically beautiful beaches, wild nightlife, and of course the magic of Disneyworld and other tourist haunts. Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Florida at one point in their life, whether it’s to see the Magic […]

Robert the Doll: The Terror of Key West

Ever heard of Robert the Doll? Does the idea of haunted dolls thrill you? If you said yes, you’re in for a treat. Because you’re about to discover a real life terror. One that has inspired horror movies over the last couple of decades, and countless tales dating back much further… Robert the Doll History What’s creepier […]

10 Most Haunted Hikes in Florida

Want to go on the most haunted hikes in Florida? Remember to go with someone else and not all alone. Florida is a huge state, and all kinds of strange things have happened on its beaches, in its small towns, and in the Everglades. You might see several unexplained things on your treks, if you […]

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