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Strange Orbs On This Brawley Street Will Force You To Question Your Sanity

While many people believe that the presence of orbs in photographs are insects, or dust particles, there are those who believe these circular balls of light are spirits. Some of those people live in Brawley, California. And in Brawley there is a road where orbs are a common occurrence. Some locals have witnessed unexplained lights […]

A Kind Old Man Swears Bigfoot Lurks At This Florida Campground

Many Americans acknowledge that thousands of senior citizens have flocked to Florida over the last couple of decades. It’s mild temperature and seasons make it an ideal location for aging Americans. The small town of Wewahitchka is no exception. Walk on the Wild Side The area has many parks, freshwater lakes, and lots of wildlife […]

The Dolls Inside This Haunted Modesto Costume Shop Come Alive At Night

Daydreams and Nightmares is a much beloved costume and Halloween store, located in Modesto, California. From seasonal décor and props, to high quality costumes and supplies for makeup artists, locals swear up and down by this one of kind establishment. The One Stop Halloween Shop in Modesto Dana, the much respected owner of the store, […]

Lonely Dead Girl Wants To Meet You At This Texas Apartment Complex

Kingsgate Village seems like an ordinary apartment complex in Houston, Texas. Compact apartments are stacked side by side, and on top of each other on a square property. But unlike most apartment complexes in the area, Kingsgate is supposedly haunted. Rumor has it that residents have caught glimpses of a little girl wandering about the […]

Is The Best Burger in Tampa Really Worth Seeing a Terrifying Ghost?

Mermaid Tavern is a charming and artsy establishment in Seminole Heights, Tampa. The menu changes with the season, but customers rave about their unique burgers and craft beers. On the surface, the blue-walled tavern has delighted guests with its glass interior, mermaid-themed chairs, and outdoor seating area. Mermaid Tavern appears to be the perfect place for […]

9 Haunted Florida Oceanfront Restaurants That Are Guaranteed To Spook You

From fresh seafood to authentic American cuisine, oceanfront restaurants in Florida have something for every palate. Even the most finicky eaters can rest assured of satisfying their food craving with delicacies from both the land and water. But what you may not know is that some of the finest eateries on the Atlantic Ocean are […]

Terrifying Witch Seeks Revenge On Predators At This Florida State Park

As the seasons shift and change, many Florida residents enjoy exploring the natural beauty that is the St. George Island State Park. The park provides a serene, and beautiful landscape to enjoy time with friends or significant others. But what most Florida natives don’t realize is that the land itself is shrouded in a mysterious, […]

Indian Ghosts Seek Revenge For Terrible Treatment At This Texas Park

For students in Austin, Texas, it is commonplace to learn about the horrific Indian Massacre that took place in Shoal Creek Park many many years ago. Elliot (Name changed for privacy), a local freelance photographer, recalls hearing the stories in high school and feeling ashamed of his ancestors. “It was awful, the way Native Americans […]

Only The Murderous Spirits Remain From This Former Haunted Texas Mansion

There once stood a small mansion in Slate Shoals, Texas. Built among the slate hills that the town is named after, the Slate Shoals Mansion saw many families come and go before the house was destroyed. In the early 2000’s a fire burned the house to the ground. Only a few chimneys stand as testament […]

Ghost Of A Young Woman Rests In Open Graves At This California Cemetery

Established in 1855, the Manzanita Cemetery is the oldest burial ground in Placer County. Located in Lincoln, California, a strange legend has developed around the cemetery. It is said that during the late 1800s, Lincoln was the site of a large wildfire. The Untouched Burial Grounds of Lincoln This wildfire supposedly wiped out a majority […]

Who Is Responsible For The Black-Eyed Children At This Florida Beach?

Every couple years there’s a storm that is on the verge of making history. For people with Astraphobia, the crippling fear of storms, it seems that every storm is on the brink of destroying everything and everyone they love. Fifty-four year old Nancy (Name changed for privacy), a resident of Ormond Beach, has always been […]

Are These Texas Apartments Built On An Old Forgotten Graveyard?

Many spirits are claimed to be in El Paso, Texas. It seems that if one person has an odd encounter, word spreads like wildfire, and the place, from that point on, is considered incredibly haunted. But there are some other places where hauntings just can’t be denied. One of those said places is the Kennedy […]

How Could a Ghost at a California Lake Convince People To Kill Their Friends?

Oroville, a lake located in Butte County, California, is often frequented by young adults, looking for a cheap and easy way to spend a day with friends by the water. Megan (Names have been changed for privacy), a nearby high school student, had just received her license and decided to surprise her friend Monica, by […]

Does the Devil Himself Live in This Florida State Park?

While many people flock to Florida to enjoy their white, sandy beaches, there is no denying that the sunshine state has many lush parks scattered throughout the state. One of those parks is the Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park in Keystone Heights. Gold Head consists of over two thousand acres of lakes, sand […]

The Sad Ghost of a Murdered Little Boy Haunts This Texas Mine

While the San Miguel Lignite Mine in Christine, Texas isn’t that old as far as mines go, it has recently developed a rather notorious reputation. According to local rumors, two teenaged boys decided to break into the mine a few years ago. As they explored, they began to discuss a pretty girl at school. Murder […]

9 Haunted California Oceanfront Restaurants That Are Guaranteed To Spook You

There’s so much you can see and do in California. Yet for a food lover, nothing can be as exciting as discovering the offerings of the state’s famous restaurants. From American cuisine to seafood and all the way to fusion dishes, there’s definitely something to appease everyone’s palate. But if you really want to make […]

Vengeful Poltergeist Bullies Workers At This Texas Office Complex

Every once in awhile, residences and public buildings become subjected to strange, paranormal phenomena. Doors open and close, messes are made when no one is around. Not long ago, an office complex on Briarhills Parkway in Houston became haunted by a dark entity. Is an Entity Causing Trouble for this Houston Based Building? A handful […]

Malicious Dark Shadows Have a Mind of Their Own at This Florida Cemetery

In 1958, construction began on the Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery in Doral, Florida. The initial construction took two years to complete, and mass was first held on Memorial Day in 1960. Since that time, the cemetery has continued to be an important part of the Doral community. Photographing the Dead From Catholic mass to […]

Only The Ghosts of Children Can Find This Hidden Waterfall in California

The Hidden Falls Regional Park, located near Auburn, California, is a 1,200-acre place that offers numerous recreational activities for visitors throughout the year. The park has over 30 miles of trail as well as two observation decks with waterfall views, picnic areas, and swimming and fishing access. The most known paths in the park are […]

This Haunted Texas State Park Has a Secret Sinister Past

Bastrop State Park is known for being surrounded by the Lost Pines Woods, which are estimated to date back to the Pleistocene era. Only a few years ago, the park suffered floods and forest fires. As a result, the park is currently in a state of rebirth – new trees are planted in certain areas, […]

There’s Nothing Worse Than A Ghost Who Ignores You At This California Park

Before becoming the known Wilder Ranch State Park, this portion of Californian land standing on the Pacific Ocean coast went through a big number of hands and men who fought intensely for its ownership. The story goes far back to 1839, when the Governor of Alta California, Juan Bautista Alvarado, gave the land to the […]

Ghost Hands Will Reach For You Under This Old Florida Bridge

During the 1830s, the town of Marianna was the site of a horrific tragedy. Legend has it that a woman named Elizabeth Bellamy lived in a farmhouse nearby. On the day of her wedding, Elizabeth woke up, proceeded with her morning ablutions and then put on her wedding dress. A Heart Breaking Marianna Legend Not […]

Ritualistic Witches Workshop Found At This Paranormal California Park

When most people think of Kenwood, California, their mind naturally wanders to Sugarloaf Ridge. The state park holds a diverse set of natural formations, including a large waterfall, breathtaking canyons and Sonoma Creek. People who pine for adventure enjoy hiking up Bald Mountain, where you can catch glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge if the […]

Violent Paranormal Visions Haunt A Texas Hotel For This Reason

During the 1920s a hotel was built for a rancher named Alfred Gage in Marathon, Texas. This fifteen room hotel has been beautifully restored and remains open for service. Many people passing through Marathon, fall in love with the authentic western style of this unique hotel. However, rumor has it that the Gage Hotel has been subject […]

Beware The Bloody Hanging Ghost At This Florida Theater

The Falk Theatre, once known as the Park Theatre, is a live concert and performing arts center in Tampa, Florida. The theater first opened its doors in 1928. For many years, Falk was used to film movies and vaudeville shows. The Most Engaging Theater of University of Tampa The theater slowly evolved its purpose, and […]

Did An Otherworldly Priestess Cure This Texas Man’s Mysterious Illness?

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. For nineteen year old George L. (Name changed for privacy), this is certainly the case. His encounter with the supernatural continues to baffle experts in the field. “I think it was about a year ago when my cousins moved to Marshall, Texas,” he informed me. “I was bummed at […]

California Teen Chased By Eerie Ghost at a Local Skating Rink

Adolescence can be quite an ordeal. Some children grow up with a strong sense of independence, a strong sense of self. But for most young teens, their biggest desire is to become friends with the most popular kids in school. Shrouded in Tales… For Sacramento sophomore Natalie (Names changed for privacy), that was the case. […]

Haunted Doll Drives Poor Girl INSANE At This Texas Apartment Complex

When looking at residential hauntings, many have a tendency to appear in apartment complexes. Temporary housing facilities see many people come and go throughout the years, and many are home to the elderly or sick who cannot or do not wish to invest in a permanent, costly home. All of these factors make apartment complexes more […]

Merciless Ghost Of Jealous Woman Threatens Visitors To California Cemetery

While many cemeteries are automatically associated with creepy trees, somber statues and eerie headstones, Sunnyside Cemetery in Long Beach exists far and beyond any of these stereotypes. Not only does this cemetery play host to hundreds of burials, but it also hosts many events for the local community. The Most Unusual Recreational Center in Long […]

Does The Ghost of a Suicidal Marine Haunt This California Base?

As World War II was underway, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps decided a large training base on the west side of the country was needed. By February 1942, the Marine Corps purchased 122,798 acres of land, which had been called Rancho Santa Margarita y Los Flores prior to that. Camp Pendleton was built in […]

Texas Man Falls In Love With Ghost From Local Urban Legend

Rio Frio is the home of a most ghastly tale. On the banks of the Frio River, the ghost of a woman is said to roam, crying for what will never be. As terrifying as this spirit is, some locals believe the story of how this ghostly woman came to be is even more terrifying. […]

Why Does An Angry Spanish Ghost Haunt This Florida State Park?

Ybor City is a historic section of Tampa that has met with many unfortunate fates. Once a blooming, industrial sections of the city, Ybor was once considered one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the world. However, many of the little city’s inhabitants grew sick with Tuberculosis during the early 1900s and passed away. A […]

The Tortured Spirits In This Florida Distribution Center Deserve Better

Many years ago, there was a company that operated out of Winter Haven, Florida. Scotty’s was a massive distribution center where hundreds of employees worked amongst the shelves in the warehouse. One day an employee was operating a forklift as he navigated around the massive building. Winter Haven Death Toll But something went terribly awry. […]

These 8 Urban Legends In Florida Will Keep You Awake At Night

Sun, Surf and Sand – these are the three factors that make Florida one of the exciting travel destinations in the U.S. Or so you would think. There’s another ‘S’ factor that may tempt you to plan a trip there sometime soon: Supernatural. From spooky trees to blood-filled rivers and all the way to flesh-eating […]

Haunted California Restaurant Is The Only Place In Town To Meet The Devil

For many American families, tradition is a very important and powerful thing. Kyle (Name changed for privacy) and his parents live in Sierra Madre, California, and while they don’t have any cultural traditions, there is one tradition they keep up with every single year. “I’m not sure quite when it started, but for as long […]

Headless Dead Baby Can Still Cry at This Old Texas Cemetery

Llano County, Texas is the home of a little known tragedy. According to local legend, it all began in the early 1850s. Local settlements were warring with the Native Americans who lived nearby, until one tribe decided to seek revenge. Violence in Llano A couple of Native Americans snuck into one of the settlements in […]

Everyone Knows This Rural Texas Home Is Haunted By A Dead Kid

Those in the Paris, Texas community have grown up hearing about an evil house off of FM 195. This abandoned house is said to be haunted, but many are not sure by what. These rumors are spread from generation to generation, and many speak of the house as though they have been there. But for Tony R. (Name […]

Beware The Shape-Shifting Ghost On This Old California Road

There is a local legend in El Centro, California. Many believe that many years ago, a girl was killed on Dogwood Road. The Legendary El Centro Car Crash It is believed that she was involved in a car crash and never made it to the hospital. Many El Centro residents know of this story. But one such local, Terry […]

Why Is The Angel Of Death Obsessed With This Texas Hotel?

The Beckham Hotel was established in Mineola, Texas during the 1880s. Since the hotel has opened its doors many guests have stayed there, but not all of them got to leave. It’s believed that several deaths had occurred at the Beckham, from a woman falling down the hotel stairs, to a man who committed suicide in […]

This Is The Only Restaurant In Florida Where You Can Meet Lucifer Himself

There are certain corners of the world where the devil likes to roam. Some of these places fall on ley lines—natural areas where the Earth’s electromagnetic field seems to operate differently. Other places are known for historical tragedy and depravity. Where the Devil Roams And others seem entirely random. One such seemingly random place is […]

Historic Florida Ghost Doesn’t Realize How Terrifying Her Presence Is

Among the houses on the Daytona Beach coastline, one house, in particular, stands out among the rest. Lillian Place, a sprawling yellow Victorian home, was built in 1884. Today, the house is the oldest home located beachside in Daytona. The Infamous Daytona Beach Ghost, Lucille It’s magnificent interior and exterior architecture makes it an ideal location for […]

Ghost Scared All Of The Animals Away From This California Zoo

Long ago, long before the Griffith Park Zoo in Los Angeles was even created, there was a wealthy land owner named Don Antonio Feliz. Feliz lived with his sister, and his niece, Dona Petronilla who happened to be born blind. It is said that Feliz dearly loved his niece, and intended to leave his wealth […]

This Texas Lake Is The Epitome Of A Paranormal Hotspot

There is a lake in Woodway, Texas where true evil seems to lie. While out of towners like to visit Rainbow Lake for its refreshingly cool water and recreational possibilities, many locals have avoided this area for years. Why? The Scariest Place in Woodway Over time, residents of Woodway have begun to report paranormal activity […]

Unexplained Paranormal Suffering Is Normal At This California Mansion

In 1856, Gold Rush businessman Sheldon Fogus settled in Sacramento and built what is now known as the Leland Stanford Mansion. A few short years later, Leland and Jane Stanford purchased the property and had it extensively remodeled. The mansion first grew in the public eye when Leland served as Governor of California in 1862. […]

These 8 Urban Legends In Texas Will Keep You Awake At Night

In Texas, you go big or you go home. This applies to everything in this state, including its urban legends. Yes, urban legend in Texas are known to be the most terrifying across the country. From roads you shouldn’t travel to a revengeful headless spirit, there’s just so much you should fear while moving around […]

Naked Ghosts of Soldiers Haunt This Historic Texas Aircraft Carrier

The USS Lexington is an aircraft carrier that served for 48 years, making it one of the longest serving ships in the world. Docked permanently at 2914 North Shoreline Boulevard in Corpus Christi, Texas, it was decommissioned in 1991. What makes the USS Lexington so special is that the Japanese claimed that they sank it […]

Demon Stalks Hikers Along The Eastern Continental Trail In Florida

While more adventurous folk look to the Appalachian Trail as a means of challenging their physical and mental stamina, the Eastern Continental Trail, which spans from Key West, Florida all the way to Belle Isle, is another rigorous course in which to test one’s mettle. The trail itself is 5,400 miles and typically takes the […]

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