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Ghost of Dead Boy Lures Children in This Florida Park

While many people from out of state tend to flock to Florida’s many picturesque beaches and resorts, those who live there try their best to enjoy the natural beauty of their state without dealing with tourism. For citizens who live in Fruitland Park, one of those lesser known beautiful landmarks is right in their backyard. […]

Susanville Terror: Evil Entity Lurks Inside This Haunted Bar

The St. Francis Bar and Grill is located in the heart of downtown Susanville. This classic style restaurant is housed in a historic building that was built many decades ago. Most Susanville residents have come to St. Francis at some point or other, accompanied by family members or friends. Is Susanville Haunted? Recently, residents of […]

Haunted San Antonio: Evil Lurks at the Huebner Onion House

Sometime during the early 1900s, a man named Joseph Huebner decided to build a house in San Antonio. Overtime, Huebner constructed a stagecoach stop for travelers to visit between destinations. When the house was put up for sale during the 1930s, Judge John Onion purchased the home. Abandoned History While the house still carries the […]

Albino Ghosts Want Your Blood At This Haunted Florida Playground

Florida is a state known for its varied and numerous outdoor parks, and the small city of St. Cloud, in Osceola County, has its own piece of green land with lakes and hiking paths where you can enjoy a great, family barbecue any weekend of the year. This area on the southern shore of East […]

Beware The Evil Entity Lurking In This Florida Barn

Micanopy is a sleepy town in Florida, sometimes even called “The Town that Time Forgot.” With old buildings and a population of less than a thousand people, the name is not surprising. Despite that, Micanopy has a charm of its own. With nearby trails like the Chacala Trail and a yearly art festival, Micanopy attracts […]

Haunted Crescent City: Beware The McNulty House Apparition

There are many historic homes in Crescent City, California. During the late 1800s many people flocked to the town in order to build their homes and begin their lives. The McNulty house was built in 1897, and was the home of Mr. McNulty and his wife, Lillian. A Dying Wish Lillian outlived her husband by […]

Texas Terror: Ghost of Murderer Haunts This Intersection

Known as the home for the infamous Witches Gate house, Wichita Falls is also the site of another spooky location, shrouded in legend. This location is not a house, but an intersection. Where Hammon and Hatton streets cross is said to be incredibly haunted. The Wichita Falls Hook Murders According to this story, many years […]

Beware The Haunted “Ghost Shack” At This Old Florida Cemetery

In 1853, the Sylvan Abbey Cemetery was built in Clearwater, Florida. Now called the Slyvan Abbey Memorial Park, the cemetery is home to the county’s oldest recorded burial. But history is not the only thing this memorial park is steeped in. The Clearwater Pitchfork Murders According to local legend a small, dilapidated shack is on […]

Ghostly Bodies Continue to Float Down This Old California Creek

During the early 30s, Mead Valley, California was home to much turmoil and strife. Racial tensions were high, in great part thanks to a local hate group/cult that allegedly met nearby. Intolerant and angry, the group met one evening to plan a horrendous crime. Over the next couple of nights they snuck around the streets of […]

This Fernandina Beach Park Is a Mecca For Life-Changing Paranormal Encounters

Perched on 2601 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, Fort Clinch State Park is a mecca for history and Pokémon lovers. It is home to a 19th-century brick fortress (and a bunch of rare Pokémon). Moreover, it offers a range of recreational activities such as surfcasting, pier fishing, and wildlife viewing. Locals and visitors alike are also […]

Don’t Underestimate The Evil That’s Hiding Under This Houston Bridge

Living and working in Houston, Texas can often be hectic. For those who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is the ideal retreat that’s still close to home. Rodney, a prominent local businessman took up exploring the arboretum last year after receiving a […]

Haunted Houston: Does a Demon Dwell at the La Carafe Bar?

A man named Nathaniel Kellum purchased land in Houston during the 1840s. In 1847, Mr. Kellum built the two story building known as La Carafe. Today, La Carafe is the oldest commercial building still in use within Houston. The Oldest Bar in Houston La Carafe first began life as a bakery. The Kennedy Bakery became […]

Hellish Spirits Want To Make You Choke On Your Ice Cream In Miami

Are you in search of the best ice cream in Miami? Be sure to check out the Azucar Ice Cream Company. But those who are faint of heart should be forewarned…Rumor has it that the ground this delicious ice cream parlor sits on is notoriously haunted. Ready For The Best Ice Cream in Miami? The […]

Terror in San Clemente: 4 Camping Spots Where Ghosts Will Speak To You

Nicknamed The Spanish Village by the Sea, San Clemente is constantly bustling with life. From top notch restaurants to exciting shopping outlets and all the way to surfer-friendly beaches, this quaint beach city has it all. But if you really want to discover the city, consider planning a San Clemente camping trip. Whether you prefer […]

Haunted Avalon: The Dead Captain of the Catalina Boat House Hotel

In 1912, a gentleman named Captain Joseph McAfee navigated his houseboat from Venice Beach to Avalon, California in the hopes of making it his new home. After he purchased a parcel of land, he faced a dilemma. He could build a house, but why bother when he had a perfectly good one on the bay? […]

Wicked Spirits At This Florida Lake Will Have You Questioning Your Sanity

North Central Florida is home to many pristine lakes perfect for a quick vacation, fishing, boating, and family outings. Located near the charming historic town of Hawthorne, Little Orange Lake is the jewel among these lakes. Midway along the western shore of the lake, there is a public boat ramp that one can use for […]

Art Imitates Death As Ghosts Appear At This Haunted Texas Museum

In 1965, a few residents of Midland, Texas believed their town was in need of their own museum. In the months following, the Junior League pledged their support of this endeavor, and with additional support from the Midland community, a new museum was underway. The Museum of the Southwest opened the following year. Today, it […]

This Historic Texas Building Will Leave You Breathless In Fear

Located in the heart of the historic district, the Amarillo Natatorium has evolved many times since it first became an establishment. When it was built in July of 1922, the Nat was the site of a large indoor swimming pool. It served the community for four years. The Amarillo Pool turned Roaring Dance Club In […]

The 10 Best Ghost Tours In Savannah, Georgia (Thrilling & Spooky)

Have a thrilling time on these spooky ghost walks in Savannah. Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America. It possesses a variety of haunted locations… …a cemetery with mass graves, rich voodoo history, dark shadowy streets and multitudes of apparitions and sinister paranormal activity. Get ready, because you’re about to discover the […]

10 Terrifying Paranormal Encounters At The Mono Hot Springs In California

Mono Hot Springs is a gem nestled in the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. It’s the ideal vacation spot if you seek some R&R, especially as it offers hot mineral baths, a spa, and therapeutic hot springs. It’s equally exhilarating for action lovers as it offers boating, hiking, fishing experiences, and much more. But what […]

If The Doll Comes To Life At This Llano Hotel, You Need To Turn And Run

During the 1990s the townspeople of Llano, Texas realized those traveling on the railroad were in need of a place to rest between destinations. Thus, in 1907 the Dabb’s Railroad Hotel was opened a short distance from the train station. During the days of the iconic wild west, prospectors, miners and outlaws would frequently seek […]

Grisly Apparitions Might Run You Off The Road On This DeBary Interstate

Most folks who live in DeBary, Florida live an ordinary life. Over the years, they have slowly forgotten the eerie tales that surround Interstate 4—a supernatural highway that crosses through town. These days, only school children speak about the headstones that were paved over, and the ghostly figures that appear along the road after the […]

The Dead Will Tell You Terrifying Stories At This Schulenburg Hotel

The Von Minden is a hotel in Schulenburg, built in 1927. The hotel is clad in charming, antique furniture, and retains a rich historic environment inside. But furniture and décor are not the only things that remain ancient and alive at the Von Minden. The Schulenburg Suicides Since the hotel has opened its doors, it […]

You Can Have A Terrifying Alien Encounter at This WEIRD Waterfall in Gainesville

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls ever formed in the United States. In fact, many Florida natives make yearly trips to visit these formations, including the Devil’s Millhopper site in Gainesville. But not everyone visits this particular waterfall because of its beauty… Hunting for Ghosts in Gainesville Phil (Name changed for […]

What You’ll Discover In These 6 Texas Ghost Towns Is Truly Creepy

Broken windows, discarded furniture and the empty shells of buildings are the tell-tale signs of a town long forgotten by its former inhabitants. Whether due to financial crises, or changes in technology, many towns scattered across the nation have been abandoned over the last two centuries. Frozen in time, ghost towns are eerie in their […]

Does Something Demonic Haunt the Fox Theater in Visalia?

On January 5, 1929 the local newspaper had a headline everyone in Visalia was talking about. In the midst of financial uncertainty and despair, something exciting was coming to town: the Fox Theater. The theater was completed the following year, complete with elaborate motifs and ornate detailing. A Trip to the Visalia Theater It was […]

A Ghost Will Whisper To You At This Haunted California Mansion

In 1912, senator Thomas Bard built his family a mansion in Port Hueneme. Bard mansion, also known as Berylwood, became an iconic part of the community, and remains so to this day. The space can be rented out for family or business related events. Former Home of a Port Hueneme Senator However, some people in […]

The Malicious Spirits At Lake Brownwood Will Try To Drown You Slowly

In Brownwood, Texas, Flatrock Park is the place to be. Every summer families flock to the park to enjoy recreational sports, the beautiful scenery, and a refreshing swim in Lake Brownwood. But Flatrock has been the site of many tragedies over the years. Vacation Turned Nightmare in Brownwood, Texas Several people have drowned in Lake […]

Violent Lake Creature Might Snatch Your Baby At This Haunted Austin Lake

Every year, tourists flock to Austin, Texas, hoping to temporarily experience what it is truly like to live in the deep south. Those who appreciate mother nature often find themselves at the River Place Nature Trail, relaxing by the park’s large pond, or hiking along the park’s trail. Those who do visit especially enjoy the […]

Your Sanity Will Slip Away When You Face The Evil At This El Paso Homestead

No paranormal adventure to El Paso is complete without stopping at the Magoffin Homestead. Built in 1875, it was home to Joseph and Octavia Magoffin. Joseph was a star member of the community. Not only was he the mayor four times, he was the county judge, founder of the Union Pacific Railroad, and the co-founder […]

The Ghosts At This Florida Pizza Joint Might Try To Slice You

Looking for a tasty and unique pizza joint while in Florida? Look no further than Moon River Pizza in Jacksonville. Not only does this place offer up fresh, homemade pies, but it’s said that ghosts like to linger outside the restaurant and cause mischief. Just ask Holly Williams (Name changed for privacy) and her family. […]

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