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Bloody Ghost Girl Haunts This Old Amusement Park In Texas

In 1984, children and families in El Paso, Texas rejoiced. Magic Landing, which was a large amusement park, opened its doors to the public on the fourth of July. Many incidents are said to have taken place at Magic Landing, but only one that has been officially recorded. The Freak El Paso Accident of 1985 In 1985, […]

Blooming Grove: Phantom Dead Strike Fear at Lone Oak Cemetery

Blooming Grove, Texas is home to the Lone Oak Cemetery. While small, the Lone Oak is a historic cemetery, with graves that date back to the mid 1850s. This cemetery is considered a historic treasure within the community. One of the Oldest Cemeteries in Blooming Grove Recently, a few residents have started to suspect that […]

These 7 Haunted Ruins In Texas Will Terrify You To The Core

Are you in search of the strange and paranormal? Dozens of haunted historic ruins decorate the vast Texas landscape. These buildings, once homes and public service buildings, have lost their original purpose and now decay with time. But not all of these ruins are empty… These seven Texas ruins are considered to be the most haunted. How many of […]

Does a Praying, Dead Nun Haunt La Lomita Chapel in Mission?

In 1899, a small section of land in Mission, Texas was designated as part of a grant to the Oblates of Mary Immaculate church organization. The Oblates wanted to use the land as a part of their headquarters. As a result, a modest, white church was constructed and was called the La Lomita Chapel. The […]

Spirit of an Outlaw Visits the Gonzalez Restaurant in Ballinger

The Gonzalez Restaurant has been serving and feeding the Ballinger, Texas community since 1973. The vibrant, festive restaurant offers up delicious and traditional Tex-Mex cuisine – a staple to any respectable Texan diet. But great food is not all this restaurant is known for. Good Food and Legendary Tales… Gonzalez has also become a legendary […]

Luling: Are There Malicious Spirits Near the San Marcos River?

The long and winding San Marcos River cuts through many territories of Texas, including a town called Luling. Starting from the San Marcos Springs, the San Marcos River is home to many endangered and threatened species. It is also a natural recreational point of interest for various water sports and fishing. The New Luling Ghost […]

Haunted Wichita Falls: The Lady in Black at Witch’s Gate

There is a house just shy of Wichita Falls, Texas that locals know as The Witch’s Gate. This large estate has seen plenty of tragedy in its time. In 1975, Jim Keith was murdered inside the home by a man who wanted to steal his antique clock collection. A Wichita Falls Murder Scene Jim’s brother Kenneth managed […]

Haunted Elgin: The Mortuary Spirit at Quoffer’s Pub

For many years, Quoffer’s Pub served the citizens of Elgin, Texas whenever they were in need of frivolity and a cold pint of beer. Labeled as a decent enough dive bar, Quoffer’s offered a respectable amount of beers on topic and unassuming company, ready to celebrate the end of another hectic work week. Quoffer’s Pub has […]

10 Creepy Waterfront Trails in Texas Perfect for A Haunted Hike

Texas is home to rodeos, BBQ, and waterfront trails, ideal for escaping the busy nuances of everyday life. But scattered among these picturesque trails are forests and lakes with a dark history. What occurred in these state parks and natural springs is unknown to historians, but today these trails are most decidedly haunted. Ten Creepy Waterfront Trails in Texas […]

Haunted Sweetwater: The Ghostly Intruder of Mulberry Manor

In 1913, a man by the name of Thomas Trammell built a house for his wife in Sweetwater, Texas. It is believed that the couple enjoyed what is known as Mulberry Manor for ten years, until the building became a Sanatorium in 1923. Naturally (or maybe not so naturally), many lives were spared and lost at […]

10 Most Haunted Campgrounds in Texas

S’mores, campfires, sleeping bags…. several things come to mind when camping in a lush Texan campground. But perhaps what doesn’t come to mind is that campgrounds are sometimes home to not only family memories, but family fear. These ten Texas campgrounds are notoriously haunted by spirits, and not all of them are friendly. The 10 Most […]

The Legend of Drunk Tom’s Ghost in Wichita Falls

During the early 20th century, a man by the name of Joseph Kemp rallied the town of Wichita Falls to build a man-made lake and reservoir. Lake Wichita began at 2,200 acres, but has decreased in size due to the building of a dam and spillway in 1995. Since the early 1900s, the lake and its […]

10 Abandoned Buildings in Texas Haunted by Black Eyed Children

There’s a good reason why abandoned buildings are often in scenes from horror films. Their vacant, dilapidated appearances, their discarded furniture. Everything about these locations promotes a feeling of creepiness. But throw some black eyed children into the mix, and you’re in for a really horrible time. Below are ten abandoned Texas buildings where these kids with black eyes […]

The Freaky Dimmit County Courthouse Poltergeist in Carrizo Springs

On January 5, 1991, a horrible crime took place in Carrizo Springs, Texas. Two men charged into Sherriff Ben “Doc” Murray’s home, attacked him and wound up shooting him in the face. Both men were convicted and will each remain in prison for the rest of their lives. But ever since the murder, Carrizo Springs has not […]

San Marcos: Beware The “Nightmare Man” of Thompson Island Bridge

There is a small island located in San Marcos, Texas. The San Marcos River forks around what is known as Thompson Island. Before the Civil War, a cotton gin was operated on the island with much success. However, post war the gin sat abandoned, and the island was slowly overtaken by the cypress trees. For the last […]

Paranormal Activity at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville

While Sam Houston’s final resting place is in Huntsville, Texas, the former General, Senator and Governor had traveled all over to ensure the rights of Native Americans, railroads and general prosperity. The Sam Houston Memorial Museum is located where Sam Houston finally succumbed to pneumonia in 1863. The steamboat house, in which Sam lived and […]

Paranormal Portrait Found at the Littlefield House in Austin

In 1893, a new house was constructed in Austin, Texas. Civil War veteran George Littlefield was looking to begin a new chapter of his life for himself, as well as for his wife, Alice. The house was built on the campus of University of Texas. When Alice passed away in 1935, she left the house […]

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads In Texas

There are certain similarities between a lot of haunted places in Texas, and certain assumptions that people often make when it comes to these locations. One can assume that the place is antiquated. You don’t hear about very many hauntings in newer locales, but that could simply be because they haven’t had a chance to collect […]

Haunted Lubbock: Is the “Memphis Man” Legend Actually Real?

Lubbock, Texas is full of buildings and other places which locals believe to be haunted. Entire books have been dedicated and written on this single town, revealing all of the spirits that still linger there. But which of these stories are true? And which are merely legend? The Local Legend of Lubbock According to skeptics, the legend of […]

10 Evil Places In Texas That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

Breakfast burritos, country music, the Alamo… many cultural and historical facets come to mind when one thinks about the state of Texas. From days of the first frontier, to Mexican/Anglo influences, the Lone Star state has become a melting pot of culture, ethnicity, and unique lifestyles. But as Texans don their cowboy boots and go about […]

The Pale Swimming Ghost at Fabens Old Port of Entry

In 1928, a port of entry was created in Fabens, Texas. Officially declared the Fabens Port of Entry, the facility served as an access point between Mexico and the United States. Ten years later, a bridge was built at the port entry for faster processing. Is There a Hidden History at Fabens Old Port of Entry? Many […]

10 Scariest Haunted Houses In Texas (True Halloween Terror)

Interested in discovering the scariest attractions; the scariest haunted houses in Texas to visit this Halloween? You’re in the right place so keep reading. As summer comes to a close, many seasonal changes are quickly approaching. The transition into fall means something a little different to everybody: for youth, it signifies the beginning of another school year, for […]

Marfa Ghost Lights: Strangest Paranormal Mystery In Texas?

In 1957, a journalist described a set of mysteriously, seemingly otherworldly lights visible off of Route 67 in Marfa, Texas. Hereby known as the Marfa Lights (also called the Marfa Ghost Lights), Americans far and wide have come to view this strange phenomenon. Marfa Ghost Lights History While the July issue of Coronet Magazine had the […]

Shafter Lake: Transparent Woman Haunts Ghost Town

In 1875, Major General William Shafter was leading his troops through rural west Texas when he came upon a small, shallow salt water lake, which he called Shafter Lake. After the discovery, a local businessman convinced a couple of businesses to develop a town around the lake. By 1907 the town had become quite crowded and […]

A Myriad of Horrors Haunt This Old Texas Cemetery

The local cemetery in Slaton, Texas has developed a bizarre reputation during the last few years. Beyond its historical significance, its been said that the cemetery has been home to a lot of paranormal activity. Many Slaton residents who have come to the cemetery to visit loved ones have reported a strange floating light that hovers […]

Haunted Brownfield: Evil Girl Reigns in Coleman Park

Brownfield, Texas is home to Coleman Park—a magnificent recreational attraction that boosts a lake, walking trails and several soccer, baseball, and softball fields. Established during the pioneer days of the 1600’s, Coleman Park has stood as a witness to several changes and historical events in Brownfield…and not all of them have been positive. The Forgotten Tragedies […]

Haunted Abilene: Beware The Shadowmen of The Whitten Inn

The Whitten Inn is located in Abilene, Texas. Residents of the town do not seem to recall when the building was first constructed. The Whitten has been a part of the town for as long as they can remember. Unfortunately, the much rumored haunting of the Whitten Inn has been a relatively new development. Entity Frightens Guests at […]

Haunted Conroe: Evil Girls Haunt Huntsman Chemical Plant

Like a few other facilities of its nature, the Huntsman Chemical Plant in Conroe, Texas was once the site of a small explosion. While one man is believed to have died in the freak accident, the facility persevered, and the Huntsman Corporation is still in business to this day. However, rumor has it that when employees […]

Fort Worth: The Haunting of the W.E. Scott Theatre

Stylishly dominating 3505 West Lancaster Avenue, the W.E. Scott Theatre is a versatile 500-seat performing arts venue. It was made possible by William Edrington Scott, a member of the Tarrant County’s founding families who left behind $3 million in trust to develop Fort Worth’s Cultural District. Stepping inside the W.E. Scott Theatre, you’ll be welcomed by […]

The Dead Entertain The Living At This Old Texas Theatre

In 1930, a large and much anticipated attraction hit El Paso, Texas. The Plaza Theatre, which was then a movie house, opened its doors to the public and became a hotspot for the local community. After several decades of declining business, and a near brush with a demolition crew, the Plaza Theatre still lives and is […]

Amarillo: The Haunting of the Jackson Square Apartments

On September 28th, 2015, Amarillo lost a historic building that had been an eyesore for quite some time: Jackson Square Apartments. Erected in 1926 as the Palo Duro Apartments, this place was lined with the pictures and lists of its residents over the years. However, time wasn’t kind to the building, making many of those who lived […]

Haunted San Antonio: Sinister Shadows at Comanche Lookout Park

Comanche Lookout Park is located in San Antonio, Texas. This park is merely 96 acres, but does have the fourth highest point In Bexar County, a gorgeous view and an extensive history. With an elevation 1,340 feet, Native Americans were able to use this hill as a vantage point for hunting and warfare. The Spooky Past […]

Haunted Alice: Patient Recalls Ghosts of P&S Hospital

At hospitals, old souls depart this world and new souls enter it on a daily basis. But what happens when a person dies and decides not to leave? This strange occurrence became reality at the P&S Hospital in Alice, Texas. During the 90s, doctors and nurses would experience paranormal activity in the OR Suite. Unplugged bell devices […]

Haunted San Antonio: Beware The Donkey Lady Bridge

San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful city filled with skyscrapers and a busy city life. Below the bright lights and loud city noises lays a serene country bridge that crosses over the Medina River. While the seclusion and beautiful natural scenery are a great distraction from everyday life, this bridge is known for a much more horrifying reason. […]

Haunted Laredo: The Dead are Checked In at the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel

The city of Laredo was founded in 1755, when the area was still deemed a Spanish Colony. After several years of strife over territory, Laredo became an official part of the United States and was declared a city in 1852. The people of Laredo are a superstitious lot. In fact the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel—which is […]

10 Scariest Haunted Attractions in Texas

People in Texas are tough. Real tough. They’ll stick with a fight till the end, and they won’t give up on a job until it’s done or until they are dead. Sometimes, they won’t even give up then! It’s a pretty well-known fact that there are tons of haunted attractions in Texas. Ghosts are common around here, because […]

10 Most Haunted Hikes in Texas

Are you interested in the most haunted hikes in Texas? Want to experience the terror of coming face to face with children possessed by spirits? Think you’re brave enough to take a night hike at White Rock, home of the White Witch? The great state of Texas has a rich history of paranormal activity, and that includes haunted hikes […]

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