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Sinister Ghost Will Invade Your Mind at the Ruins of the Old Arcadia Mill

During the 19th Century, the town of Milton centered around a mill. The Arcadia Mill was water powered, and brought in a lot of commerce to the town at one point. Over time, newly developed industrial technology made the mill obsolete. Milton’s Haunted Ruins: The Arcadia Mill It was abandoned and deteriorated over time. Now […]

An Evil Spirit Lurks At These Crumbling Ruins In Florida

During the 1830s, a sugar and saw mill were built on some open land in what is now New Smyrna Beach, Florida. As indicated by the name, the mill was used to process refined sugar granules from raw sugar cane in the nearby fields. War and Strife at New Smyrna Beach For five years business […]

Terror In Florida: Is A Dead Girl Back From The Grave?

There are many legends that center around the state of Florida…and the unassuming town of Graceville has one of the creepiest ones by far. The story goes that there once was a little girl in town who had a horrible habit of sleepwalking at night. Her parents did their best to keep her safely in […]

Don’t Stroll On These 10 Haunted Beaches In Florida Or You May Regret It

When looking for great locations for a vacation, the beaches in Florida should be high up on your list of places to take into consideration. There’s much to do and see, whether you’re an avid shell collector, a lover of water sports or looking for a relaxing spot to recharge your batteries. Little known to […]

There Is a Ghost That Will Creep You Out At the Russ House

Built in 1895, Russ House has been the site of many historical events, including the Battle of Marianna. Many soldiers died on the site a few decades before the house was built. Furthermore, Joseph Russ Jr., the man who built the house, committed suicide there during the Great Depression. A Combination of Creepy Evidence Today, […]

10 Paranormal Things To Do In Orlando This Weekend (No Theme Parks!)

Do you need to get out of the house? Are you looking for things to do in Orlando this weekend besides theme parks? Look no further than these ten amazing locations scattered throughout the city. Not only are these places fun…they’re haunted. So if you’re feeling bored this weekend, and you have a penchant for […]

Drowned Boy Attacks Woman at the Jones Road Creek in St. Cloud

A relatively new legend has been circulating in St. Cloud, Florida. Locals have been overheard discussing the small creek off of Jones Road. Many believe that a little boy drowned in the creek during the ’80s and has haunted the area ever since. The St. Cloud Haunted Creek Nobody seems sure of who the boy […]

Tampa: Suicidal Ghosts Leap Off the Sulphur Springs Tower

Long ago, before Tampa, Florida was fully established, a lighthouse served as a landmark in the area. This lighthouse was said to have aided pirates navigating the coastline. It’s unclear when this lighthouse was destroyed, but a water tower was put in its place in 1927. One of the First Structures of Tampa The Sulphur […]

The 10 Best Colleges in Florida To Spot A Ghost

Wondering, “Which college should I go to in Florida?” Well, you could draft a list of colleges and weigh their pros and cons. But some things just aren’t listed in college brochures. One thing that doesn’t make it to these glossy pages is the stories of past students, faculty, and others who can still be […]

Prepare To Be Terrified: Demon Lurks In The Winter Haven Woods

Woods have always been an ideal location for horror movie scenes—but for the folks of Winter Haven, Florida it may no longer be entertaining. JPV Woods, a large area of vegetation and foliage in town, has developed a reputation for being haunted, though nobody can seem to figure out why. Many Native Americans perished where […]

Sanderson: The Confederate Ghost on the Olustee Battlefield

The Civil War is considered the bloodiest part of American history. During this war, Confederate and Union soldiers fought for their lives and freedom during several battles. The Battle of Olustee in Sanderson, Florida is considered to be the second bloodiest. Florida in the Civil War Fought on February 20, 1864, it was the only […]

These 10 Genuinely Haunted Forests In Florida Will Terrify You

Florida may be the Sunshine State, but once the sun sets and darkness takes hold, excited cheers turn into shrill screams. From Lake Okeechobee to Round Cypress Head and all the way to the May-Stringer House, Florida has many haunted locations that’ll send chills down your spine. Let’s face it – nothing is as terrifying […]

10 Amusement Parks In Florida With Insane Paranormal Activity

If you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy your weekend, why not scope out some of the best amusement parks in Florida? Unlike your standard amusement parks, such as Disneyworld, these parks offer up something entirely unique… Scattered between their rides, slides and obstacle courses are spirits. Yes, all ten of the amusement parks […]

Paranormal Orlando: Angry Spirits Can’t Move On at Rouse Cemetery

This Orlando based cemetery was first established in 1871 by the Drawdy family. The family decided to set aside two acres of their land to create a family cemetery. Pioneers within the local community were also permitted to be buried there. The Rouse family purchased land leading up to the cemetery, and decided to expand […]

These 10 Evil-Infested Lakes In Florida Are Absolutely Terrifying

Sick of battling the crowds along the beach shorelines? There are plenty of lakes in Florida that offer a variety of recreational activities. Are you or someone in your family interested in the paranormal? We have compiled ten best Florida lakes that are notoriously haunted. So, grab the sunblock, your bathing suits and your crucifix, […]

10 Most Insanely Haunted Places to Visit in Jacksonville

While our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Matthew, we are compelled to share these frightening stories about the most haunted places to visit in Jacksonville. With a rich history, Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida with a variety of creepy destinations worthy of the most seasoned ghost hunter. Learn about […]

10 Scariest Haunted Things to Do In Tampa This Weekend

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are on the hunt for spooky things to do in Tampa this weekend. But instead of going to a cheesy scary movie, or an overly-priced and predictable haunted house, why not visit places that are actually haunted? These restaurants, parks and attractions have all developed a reputation […]

10 Most Haunted RV Parks In Florida

Each year, thousands upon thousands of people like to pack up their kids and the family dog and spend a week at various RV parks in Florida. While most offer an array of standard amenities, such as free wifi and access to showers, there are certain parks that definitely provide more bang for your buck. Today we […]

The 10 Best Florida Restaurants To Eat At And Spot A Ghost

Do ghosts and quality cuisine interest you equally? Want a little spook to go with your spoon this season? Then be sure to check out these ten best restaurants in Florida that are most certainly haunted. Not only does each provide a fresh and fabulous take on dishes, new and old…but each of these restaurants also […]

10 Most Insanely Haunted Places To Visit In Florida

Whether you’re a long time Florida resident in need of something fun to do this upcoming weekend, or you’re a guest and want to see all the state has to offer, look no further than the ten places that make up this list. Not only do these various theaters, hotels, and attractions offer up many […]

St. Augustine: Beware The Shadow Men of Sanksville Cemetery

Sanksville, formerly known as Bakersville, is just outside of St. Augustine, to the west. Nobody is sure when Bakersville was first established, but many agree that the Bakersville Cemetery was proposed shortly after the Civil War. The earliest marked headstone dates back to 1869, although many grave markers on the property are unmarked. The Post […]

Haunted Homestead: Dead Children Appear at South Dade High School

South Dade High School first opened its doors in 1953, in the town of Homestead, Florida. The new facility was built with consolidating populations from Homestead and neighboring Redland. From outside appearances, it looks and feels like any other high school. However, many students, past and present believe the school’s auditorium is haunted. Rumor has […]

Ghosts of Freeport: A Dead Girl’s Request at Black Creek Cemetery

Black Creek Cemetery has been a burial and memorial park in Freeport, Florida since the 1800s. The cemetery was established next to a small church on the site, but the chapel was demolished several years ago. Today, a new, more modern church sits where the old one once stood. A local legend is centered around […]

Visit These 7 Haunted Florida Towns at Your Own Risk

Amongst Florida’s legendary beaches and alligators are towns so charming, it’s amazing they aren’t more well known. When places such as Orlando and Daytona Beach are overrun with summer vacationers, these seven towns provide a laid back, and ever charming atmosphere for a relaxing vacation away from home. Occasionally, these towns gather media attention due […]

Black Eyed Spirits Haunt Lakeside Hospital in Orlando

In 1962, Mercy Hospital opened in Orlando, Florida. This psychiatric hospital was run by the Roman Catholic Church at the time. It operated successfully for many years, until it was sold to American Medical International in 1981. Financial Strife for the Orlando Based Facility A decade later, the hospital switched hands again and was purchased […]

Beware The Malevolent Ghost Boy at the Cuban Club in Tampa

The Cuban Club was built in Tampa in 1917. Originally used as a community center for Cubans who had immigrated, today the site is rented out for private events. This building is so well known for being haunted that popular paranormal investigation shows, such as Ghost Hunters, have visited in the hopes of capturing substantial evidence. […]

Was A Woman Rescued From Predators By A Rosewood Massacre Ghost?

In 1923, a massacre occurred in Rosewood, Florida. At this time Fannie Taylor was a young woman, and she was in the middle of a tumultuous affair. During that year she and her lover, who was an unidentified white male, got into an argument and he beat Fannie. The Most Horrific Event in Rosewood History […]

Haunted Palm Bay: One Woman’s Near-Fatal Encounter With A Shadow

During the 1980s, a company called General Development Corporation purchased several miles of land in Palm Bay, Florida. Their intention was to build a large community of houses on the land. The company started by paving a winding series of streets, which equated to about 200 miles total. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in 1991. […]

The Stalking Spirit In The Ashes of Lakeside Rodeo in Holiday

In 2002 a small tragedy struck Holiday, Florida. While nobody was seriously hurt, the Lakeview Rodeo was burned to the ground in a raging fire. Before it met its untimely demise, the rodeo was a local hot spot in the community. The Raging Fire in Holiday, Florida Many Holiday residents went there for drinks, conversation and line-dancing. […]

10 Unique Restaurants in Florida that the Locals Love

You’ve spent your day at the beach and are in need of sustenance. Maybe you’re from around here, maybe you’re just visiting. Either way, try something different than the same ‘ol. Not sure where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered. Even if you’re a local, you’ve probably missed some of these gems. Discover the tried and true […]

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Florida

Are you itching for a night of paranormal intrigue? Florida is home to hundreds of cemeteries – historic and current alike. What’s even better? Many of those cemeteries are known to be haunted and extensively documented as such. If you’d like to spend some time outdoors, and on the hunt for ghosts, then these ten […]

These 10 Florida Ghost Towns Are the Perfect Ghost Hunting Destinations

Weeds run ragged, dilapidated houses, and no one in sight. These are what one typically sees and experiences when visiting a Florida ghost town. Whether abandoned due to financial crises, or large scale natural disasters, ghost towns are scattered throughout our nation. But some of them are not as empty as you may think. These Ten Florida Ghost […]

The Building of Death in Historic Key West

Captain Tony’s Saloon in Key West first opened in 1852. However, over a century would pass before it became known as Tony’s. The building’s original purpose was an icehouse as well as the city morgue. The Building of Death in Historic Key West It is said that people were hanged from the tree that grows inside the […]

7 Small Towns in Florida With Outdoor Activities & Paranormal Events

Most people move to small towns for the solitude, the slower lifestyle and the charm. Some just want to spend a bit less for property and get a bit more. But what about moving to a town that is known for both it’s outdoor activities AND its paranormal activity? Hiking, camping, fishing with a healthy dose of […]

Wauchula: Dead Babies Cry for Help on the Bloody Bucket Bridge

The town of Wauchula, Florida is shrouded in a horrific and intriguing legend, and it all starts and ends with Bloody Bucket Bridge. Before the Civil War, a slave in the area acted as the local midwife. Some speculate that this woman was concerned with how many babies each family could actually afford to provide […]

The Spirits of Dead Criminals Still Haunt The Old St. Augustine Jail

St. Augustine is one of Florida’s most beautiful and historic places to visit. In 1891 the area was in desperate need for a jail, so Mr. Flager, a local businessman, had one built. While the exterior of the jail was built to emulate the grace of the Victorian era, very violent criminals and activities were contained inside […]

10 Haunted Places in Florida Perfect for A Paranormal First Date

When most people think about the components needed for the perfect first date, a fancy meal and candlelight often come to mind. But what about those nontraditional folk out there? What if your crush’s idea of a good time is watching The Exorcist for the 1000th time? These Florida paranormal hotspots are ideal locations for a first date […]

Haunted Orlando: Suicidal Girl Haunts the Evans High School Auditorium

In 1955 Maynard Evans High School was built in Orlando. This public high school served the local community, in particular students from Pine Hills. Comprised of 2,500 students, from the outside Evans would appear like an ordinary public institution for education. They Can Try to Change the Past in Orlando… But this school has a […]

Haunted Bonifay: Is There an Angelic Spirit at the Waits Mansion?

The Wait’s Mansion is a large, Mediterranean style home located in Bonifay, Florida. George Orkney Waits was a successful businessman of the saw mill industry. Waits had the house built for him and his wife during the 1920s, when he took over managing a mill in the area. One of the most beautiful and historic […]

7 Trails in Florida You Must Take If You Love the Paranormal

Ghost hunters and horror enthusiasts alike are flocking to trails and hikes all over the nation. Why? Because unlike haunted houses and public buildings, these state parks and natural treasures cannot be rid of paranormal activity by way of a spiritual cleansing or exorcism. Of all of the trails that are in Florida, the seven below are […]

The Phantom Hands at Florida Southern College in Lakeland

Florida Southern College, which now resides in Lakeland, is the oldest four year private college in the entire state. First founded in 1883, this prestigious and private institution moved three times before settling into its present day location in 1922. Many Floridians attend Southern for an outstanding education. In the bright light of day, cheerful students rotate […]

10 Florida Taquerias That Make Tacos As Good As Your Mom’s

Do you need a reprieve from your standard fare of seafood? Then check out the taqueria’s on this list. Not all of them are super well-known, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing. Even if you’re a taco junky, there’s probably a few options here that you’ve yet to try. From al pastor, carne asada, […]

Death Prophecies From the Ghost Light of Frostproof

The small town of Frostproof, Florida may not have much in the way of entertainment…but it does have its own local legend. Dating back to the mid 1950s, townsfolk of Frostproof have reported seeing a mysterious and unexplainable light hovering over Bereah Road. Residents claim that if you drive to the intersection of Bereah and Country […]

10 Most Haunted Campgrounds in Florida

Campgrounds, especially those in Florida, provide an excellent environment for inexpensive family vacations, romantic weekend getaways, or just a simple way to sleep beneath the stars. But like all other places, campsites are open to the people and places that were there before, and some of them are haunted as a result. Below are the […]

Bowling Green Man Fears Ghost at Hardee Correctional Institution

The Hardee Correctional Institution in Bowling Green is not for the faint of heart. This high level security prison is home to thieves and murderers alike, serving their time for the crimes they committed. But what most people don’t realize is that prisons are the very places that are likely to become haunted. The Roughest […]

10 Abandoned Buildings in Florida Haunted by Black-Eyed Kids

Scattered amongst fabulous beaches and tourist attractions, Florida is also home to many abandoned buildings. While city officials perpetually clamor to have these structures demolished, many remain, gathering dust. But lately reports of several buildings being occupied by bizarre looking children have been turning up. Today we examine those buildings, and the black-eyed monsters who inhabit them. […]

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads in Florida

When tracking down ghosts and haunted locations in Florida, most people visit the most obvious of places—cemeteries, hotels, historically registered buildings. But what about the very roads Floridians travel on to get to these said destinations? A haunted destination does not need to have brick and mortar in order to have paranormal activity. The roads […]

The Headless Man of Seahorse Key

Many Florida natives grew up hearing tales of the haunted Seahorse Key. Part of the larger Florida Keys off the Gulf of Mexico, the Seahorse is named for its curved formation that most resembles a seahorse. According to local legend, the infamous pirate Jean LaFitte had believed Seahorse Key to be the perfect location to hide his […]

Fort Lauderdale: Home to the Crying Ghost of Cooley’s Landing

In 1826, a man named William Cooley moved to New River, which is present day Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Cooley supported his family by starting an arrowroot plantation, and later becoming involved in local legislation and administration. In 1835 he became involved in a case where a handful of white settlers were accused of killing a local Creek […]

Student Saved by Compassionate Spirit at Broward College in Davie

In 2002, tragedy struck Broward Community College in Davie, Florida. Twenty year old Moriah Pierce was shot to death on campus, by her ex-boyfriend. Michael Holness and Moriah had dated for a year before the student decided to terminate the relationship. The Murder-Suicide in Davie Michael had always been known as a quiet guy, but everything seemed […]

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